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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1428 2015 Met_Office_1 - Further updates to CICE interface mathiot Task low OCE release-3.6
#1404 NEMO-wave coupling WG nemo Task normal OCE trunk
#1392 control for asm or z-tilde mocavero Bug low OCE release-3.6
#1390 Unable to open initiales files in p4z_sed_init. cetlod Bug low TOP release-3.4
#1386 bug in ENE and ENS vorticity schemes with partial steps? gm Bug low OCE trunk
#1379 lines length over 132 nemo Defect lowest OCE trunk
#1378 Fix bug in return code handling in cpl_oasis3.F90 nemo Bug low OCE release-3.6
#1371 Uninitalised variables in diaobs.F90 nemo Bug normal OCE release-3.4
#1357 Enhancement to allow the bdytmask to be read before optimisation of the mpp layout occurs jamesharle Enhancement low OCE trunk
#1342 Surge modelling with NEMO rfurner Task low OCE release-3.6
#1329 Variuous changes from NEMOVAR consortium members. jwhile Enhancement low OCE release-3.6
#1328 Bias correcting SST observations in OBS avidard Enhancement low OCE release-3.6
#1327 Generalised vertical interpolation in OBS for s-coordinates. weaver Enhancement low OCE release-3.6
#1323 New development branch for surface wave components acc Task low OCE release-3.6
#1316 Add 0.2K temperature mixed layer depthdiagnostic nemo Enhancement low OCE release-3.4
#1315 bugs in sbcice_cice.F90 at NEMO 3.6 alpha davestorkey Bug low OCE release-3.6
#1250 Array bound warnings in prt_ctl_init when jpnij /= jpni*jpnj nemo Bug low OCE release-3.6
#1189 remove OBC module davestorkey Task normal OCE release-3.6
#1149 New branch for CNRS development on 2013 : On-line coarsening of ocean outputs nemo Task low OCE trunk
#1130 bug in PISCES - new iron chemistry nemo Bug low TOP trunk
#1103 mask send to IOM is wrong (ln_mskland=TRUE) nemo Bug normal OCE trunk
#1092 non-penetrative convection option does not work nemo Defect low OCE release-3.5
#1084 Zonal mean salinity not calculated in diaptr code charris Bug low OCE release-3.5
#1074 New branch for CNRS 2013 : Configuration setting clevy Task low OCE trunk
#1072 Calculation of griffies triads in ML gives NaNs where ML hits bottom George Nurser Bug low OCE trunk
#1062 issue with GRIDGEN tool nemo Bug low tools release-3.5
#1033 bug in diahth.F90 nemo Bug lowest OCE trunk
#984 bug in lib_mpp/closea due to key_mpp_rep nemo Bug low OCE release-3.4
#980 Bugs in Pressure Jacobian Horizontal Pressure Gradient (HPG) hliu Bug low OCE release-3.4
#946 syncing the netcdf file before the end of the model run nemo Enhancement low OCE release-3.4
#945 bash completion for makenemo vichi Enhancement low tools release-3.4
#943 output files are not netcdf4 as expected acc Defect low OCE release-3.4
#939 opa fails to execute in ubuntu architecture nemo Defect low OCE release-3.4
#938 annoying perl warning when building configurations nemo Defect low tools release-3.4
#901 diaharm cbricaud Bug low OCE release-3.4
#893 Is it possible to run ORCA05 with KPP closure scheme and MPI? nemo Defect normal OCE release-3.1
#871 Add faster rebuild to NEMO/TOOLS respository rblod Enhancement low OCE release-3.3
#837 wrong name of some output files nemo Bug low OCE release-3.3
#828 inverted comments in OPA namelists for the vorticity schemes options nemo Enhancement lowest OCE trunk
#807 ASSIM: bug in sshwzv.F90 wrong place for ssha update in vvl case gm Bug low OCE release-3.4
#729 New branch for Visbeck scheme for calculating eddy induced velocity coefficient acc Enhancement low OCE release-3.2
#671 mbathy(:,:) field is not initialised when going through the zgr_bat_ctl subroutine in partial cells rblod Enhancement low OCE release-3.2
#645 Pb in lib_mpp for nbondj = 2 rblod Bug normal OCE trunk
#637 big bugs on ORCA025 and ORCA12 grid on the north pole cbricaud Bug normal OCE release-3.4
#613 Problem with ORCA2 coordinates at NEMO vn2+ nemo Bug low OCE release-2
#612 Problem with ORCA2 coordinates at NEMO vn2+ nemo Bug normal OCE release-2
#589 suppress nobis and nbiss nemo Enhancement low OCE release-3.2
#579 make sure !CDIR commands are always on the first column nemo Bug low OCE release-3.2
#522 remove trcini and trcstp from OPA_SRC nemo Enhancement low OCE release-3.1
#521 style review of opa.F90 nemo Enhancement low OCE release-3.1
#201 simplified definition of the model time step nemo Enhancement low OCE trunk

Status: new (15 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2591 Rogue apostrophes in namsbc_cpl in namelist_ref systeam Bug low MULTIPLE trunk
#2581 icb speed limit and speeding ticket systeam Defect low ICB
#2579 PGI compiler does allow read values from namelist using buffers systeam Defect low DIA trunk
#2560 GLS Neumann Boundary Condition not Set and Velocity average to T point requires 0.5 factor systeam Bug low ZDF release-4.0
#2533 avt_evd is undefined when enhanced vertical diffusion is not used hadcv Bug low TRD trunk
#2531 Incorrect character length declaration in diaobs hadcv Bug low OBS trunk
#2503 DOMcfg: careful review/cleaning needed after r13204 systeam Bug low tools trunk
#2500 Memory usage of DOMAINcfg systeam Feature request low tools trunk
#2467 ICB namelist confusing systeam Defect low ICB trunk
#2452 integrate ABL in SETTE ORCA2_ICE_PISCES cfg gsamson Defect low CI trunk
#2333 calls to iom_put andmirek Task low DIA trunk
#2331 restructure ice_dyn_rhg_evp andmirek Defect low SI3 trunk
#2319 Create dev branch for PISCES-QUOTA improvments aumont Task low PISCES trunk
#2314 NEMO_SI3_decoupled andmirek Bug low SAS
#2140 DMP_TOOL modification jenniewaters Feature request low tools
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