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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1821 Develop optimisations for the GO6 and NOC MEDUSA branches timgraham Task low OCE
#1842 ROBUST-02(2017WP) enhancement in TEST CASES flavoni Task low OCE trunk
#1851 Fixes developed while debugging GO6-GSI8-MEDUSA frrh Task low TOP
#1882 Write restart file using XIOS andmirek Task low OCE release-3.6
#1920 default config in makenemo nemo Bug low env trunk
#1921 lines over 132 nemo Defect low OCE trunk
#1924 exit value for makenemo mchekki Defect low env trunk
#1983 faciltate SETTE tests by reducing number of compilations Enhancement normal env trunk
#2001 OpenMP in MO eORCA012 Task low OCE release-3.6
#2041 ENHANCE-04_Gurvan-RK3 gm Task low OCE trunk
#2043 ENHANCE-06(2017WP)_Gurvan-Bulk_improvements gm Task high OCE trunk
#2050 read namelists using single processor andmirek Task low OCE trunk
#2067 Open namelists in read only mode andmirek Task low OCE trunk
#2124 Unmasked avmu and avmv in GLS scheme for jk=jpk (with explicit bottom friction only) creates spurious mixing jchanut Bug low OCE release-3.6
#2133 HPC-09_Maisonnave-ATOS-ESIWACE emalod Task low LBC trunk
#2183 AGRIF-01_cbricaud-EWandNorthBC(2017WP) cbricaud Task high TOP trunk
#2184 VP_rheology vancop Task high SI3 trunk
#2185 VP_rheology vancop Task high SI3 trunk
#2201 Compilation failure (lib_mpp, iom etc) systeam Defect normal LBC trunk
#2203 Compilation compliant with MPI-2 standard smasson Defect low LBC trunk
#2206 adjustable array in lbc_nfd_ext_generic.h90 systeam Defect low LBC trunk
#2237 no/partial/strong slip condition is actually free slip in one-point straits davestorkey Bug low LBC
#2281 Regroup communication report systeam Bug low LBC release-4.0
#2282 Potential MPI deadlock if rimwidth>1 systeam Bug low BDY trunk
#2284 Bug in NST/agrif_top_update.F90 jchanut Bug low AGRIF release-4.0
#2293 agn agn Defect normal DIA release-4.0
#2309 print statements in iceberg model systeam Defect low ICB trunk
#2310 bug in timestepping in OFF? davestorkey Bug normal OFF release-4.0
#2311 minor bug in code to do Euler timestep in dyn_nxt davestorkey Bug low DYN release-4.0
#2318 bug in Smagorinsky formulation at 4.0 davestorkey Bug normal LDF release-4.0
#2343 minor bug to do with Euler timestepping in TOP davestorkey Bug low TOP trunk
#2378 numnul with Agrif systeam Defect normal AGRIF 4.0-HEAD
#2384 ORCA2_OFF_PISCES sette test systeam Defect low OFF trunk
#2389 adventures with OFFLINE, BDY and MY_TRC systeam Defect lowest OFF 4.0-HEAD
#2458 XIOS2.5 in coupled model systeam Defect low SBC release-4.2
#2460 write restart with XIOS in AGRIF andmirek Defect low AGRIF release-4.2
#2477 wrt_line on one CPU systeam Defect low MULTIPLE trunk
#2495 trunk/OCE won't compile without MPI (1-proc "nemo.exe") systeam Bug high LBC trunk
#2502 DOMcfg: improve reproducibility of the mathiot Defect low tools trunk
#2515 Inconsitency in checks for ORCA cn_cfg parameter acc Defect low MULTIPLE trunk
#2517 Activation of option to use ice restart file for initial ice conditions when ln_rstart = .false. acc Defect low SI3 release-4.0
#2520 Invalid Memory Access in tra_adv_cen systeam Bug low TRA release-4.0
#2532 Several bugs in diaptr hadcv Bug low DIA trunk

Status: new (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2140 DMP_TOOL modification jenniewaters Feature request low tools
#2314 NEMO_SI3_decoupled andmirek Feature request low SAS 4.0-HEAD
#2319 Create dev branch for PISCES-QUOTA improvments aumont Task low PISCES trunk
#2331 restructure ice_dyn_rhg_evp andmirek Defect low SI3 trunk
#2333 calls to iom_put andmirek Task low DIA trunk
#2452 integrate ABL in SETTE ORCA2_ICE_PISCES cfg gsamson Defect low CI trunk
#2467 ICB namelist confusing systeam Defect low ICB trunk
#2468 Improve ice-ocean momentum coupling systeam Task low MULTIPLE trunk
#2474 Bug(s) in the hpg_prj code? jamesharle Bug low DYN 4.0-HEAD
#2482 MO GO8 for GPU andmirek Feature request low MULTIPLE release-4.0
#2490 Bug(s) in the hpg_prj code? jamesharle Bug low DYN trunk
#2500 Memory usage of DOMAINcfg systeam Feature request low tools trunk
#2503 DOMcfg: careful review/cleaning needed after r13204 systeam Bug low tools trunk
#2512 Insufficient or incorrect information in zoom domain files to rebuild whole datasets when the zoom region spans more than one XIOS server and is written to multiple files. acc Defect low tools release-4.0
#2527 Add a symmetric operator for ocean viscosity techene Task low DYN trunk
#2529 Incorrect length for IOM "ptr" zoom domain hadcv Bug low IOM trunk
#2530 Missing/duplicate diagnostics in ldf_eiv_dia hadcv Bug low LDF trunk
#2531 Incorrect character length declaration in diaobs hadcv Bug low OBS trunk
#2533 avt_evd is undefined when enhanced vertical diffusion is not used hadcv Bug low TRD trunk
#2555 Proper fix for ENE and ENS in partial step Defect low DYN trunk
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