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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2596 VLD-01_ClaireLevy_ORCA2_ICE_PISCES new clevy Task high 2021 WP
#2605 KNL-01_Sibylle_RK3_stage1 new techene Task high IMMERSE 2021
#2600 HPC-02_Daley_Tiling new hadcv Task normal IMMERSE 2021
#2607 HPC-03_Mele_Comm_Cleanup assigned francesca Task normal IMMERSE 2021
#2608 HPC-04_Mele_Loop_Fusion new francesca Task normal IMMERSE 2021
#2634 KNL-02_Jerome_RK3_stage1_tsplit new jchanut Task normal IMMERSE 2021
#2462 restart read write with XIOS assigned andmirek Task low
#2482 MO GO8 for GPU assigned andmirek Task low Unscheduled
#2508 TOP-05_Ethe_Agrif new cetlod Task low 2020 WP
#2536 MY_SRC of ISOMIP+ new systeam Defect low
#2541 management of usr_*.F90 new systeam Defect low
#2562 Debug mode on HEAD v4 failed new systeam Defect low
#2611 NEC SX Aurora porting new systeam Defect low
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