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#1584 utrd_zdf and vtrd_zdf are velocities minus momentum trends TRD diagnostics assigned gm Bug high
#2153 HPC-03_HPDAonlineDiag diagnostics new epico Task high
#1829 Changes to C06 for climate simulation and reanalysis diagnostics assigned ayoung Task low
#2344 issues with 3D momentum trends diagnostics and split-explicit time-stepping trends, diagnostics, new davestorkey Defect low
#2348 2D vorticity trend diagnostics need to updated to use XIOS trends, diagnostics, new davestorkey Defect low
#2368 HPC-10_mcastril_HPDAonlineDiagGPU diagnostics, GPU, offload, performance, HPC, new mcastril Task low
#2529 Incorrect length for IOM "ptr" zoom domain diaptr, set_grid_znl new hadcv Bug low
#2530 Missing/duplicate diagnostics in ldf_eiv_dia ldftra, ldf_eiv_dia new hadcv Bug low
#2531 Incorrect character length declaration in diaobs diaobs, obs_settypefiles new hadcv Bug low
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