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#1718 2016 development branch: Parametrisation of tide water glacier melting assigned mathiot Task low Unscheduled
#1601 Add code for flux adjustment runs assigned mathiot Task low Unscheduled
#2293 agn assigned agn Defect normal Unscheduled
#2199 AGRIF-01_jchanut_small_jpi_jpj assigned jchanut Task normal 2019 WP
#2129 AGRIF-02_CMEMS_improve_global new rblod Task high 2019 WP
#2018 AGRIF-04(2018WP)_jchanut-TSTEPPING assigned jchanut Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2222 AGRIF-05_jchanut_vert_coord_interp new jamesharle Task low IMMERSE 2019
#1902 Agrif with timing control assigned jchanut Bug low
#2131 ASINTER-01_Guillaume_ABL1D new gsamson Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2155 ASINTER-02_Clementi_wave-mixing new emanuelaclementi Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2156 ASINTER-03_Masson_CurrentFeedback new smasson Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2157 ASINTER-04_Madec_waves new gm Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2159 ASINTER-05_Brodeau_Advanced_Bulk new laurent Enhancement high IMMERSE 2019
#2158 ASINTER-06_Brodeau_Wave_Bulk new laurent Enhancement high IMMERSE 2019
#1579 Assumption initial conditions are on z-levels when ln_sco = .true. assigned jamesharle Enhancement low
#2127 BDY boundary Forcing files not read correctly assigned sciliberti Bug low
#2288 BDY is not compatible with high order schemes new systeam Defect normal
#1180 Bottom grid points with unrealistically cold temperature in ORCA2_LIM reopened gm Bug low
#2298 Bug fixes to OBS and ASM found when reviewing the documentation assigned djlea Bug low
#2130 Bug in calculation of initial day when not starting from 00Z new systeam Bug low
#2310 bug in timestepping in OFF? new davestorkey Bug normal Unscheduled
#1858 bug when reading external data in BDY? assigned davestorkey Bug low
#2109 Changes to allow NEMO4-LIM3 (SI^3) to be used in UK Met Office coupled model assigned mathiot Enhancement normal
#1829 Changes to C06 for climate simulation and reanalysis reopened mathiot Task low Unscheduled
#1796 CICE interface modification for initial CICE output assigned timgraham Bug low
#2094 closea behaviour if closea_mask not present assigned mathiot Defect low 2019 WP
#2111 CMCC-01_sciliberti_BDYModel assigned sciliberti Task high 2019 WP
#2112 CMCC-02_sciliberti_BDYTool assigned sciliberti Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2193 CMCC-03_Clementi_Add Wave Diag new emanuelaclementi Task low 2019 WP
#1463 CNRS-13(2015WP) - Subduction diagnostics assigned cetlod Task low Unscheduled
#2279 code doesn't compile with key_floats new systeam Bug low
#2098 Compilation broken when using zdfric in 3.6 assigned francesca Bug low
#1900 Considering ocean column properties in NEMO-ICB module assigned gm Enhancement low
#2177 Deriving scale factors if ln_isfcav = true new systeam Enhancement low
#1723 diags KE with time_splitting assigned gm Bug high
#1759 diatmb.F90 : small error in z- and zps coordinate, wrong in s-coordinate assigned acc Bug low
#2140 DMP_TOOL modification new jenniewaters Enhancement low Unscheduled
#2052 ENHANCE-01(2018WP)_Romain-massfluxconvection assigned rbourdal Task normal 2019 WP
#2142 ENHANCE-02_Pierre Mathiot_ISF new mathiot Task high 2019 WP
#2143 ENHANCE-03_PierreMathiot_DomcfgTools assigned mathiot Task high 2019 WP
#1911 ENHANCE-04(2017WP) — MLF and RK3 time stepping assigned gm Task high Unscheduled
#2167 ENHANCE-04_AndrewC-reporting assigned acc Task high 2019 WP
#2175 ENHANCE-05_SimonM-Harmonic_Analysis assigned smueller Task high 2019 WP
#2043 ENHANCE-06(2017WP)_Gurvan-Bulk_improvements assigned gm Task high Unscheduled
#2015 ENHANCE-06 Repository cleaning (previously 2018WP) assigned nicolasmartin Task low Unscheduled
#2054 ENHANCE-07_crousset_LIM3adv_valorisation assigned clem Task low Unscheduled
#2176 ENHANCE-07_JamesH-sigma_under_ISF new jamesharle Task high 2019 WP
#2045 ENHANCE-08(2018WP)_Gurvan-Implicit_Drags assigned gm Task high 2019 WP
#2044 ENHANCE-09_Gurvan-GEOMETRIC assigned gm Task normal Unscheduled
#1959 ENHANCE-09_Jerome_freesurface(2017WP) assigned jchanut Task high 2019 WP
#2126 ENHANCE-10(2017WP)_jchanut-ZTILDE2 reopened jchanut Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2315 ENHANCE-11_CEthe_Shaconemo_diags assigned cetlod Task normal 2019 WP
#2016 ENHANCE-11 Trusting-SETTE cooperation (previously 2018WP) assigned nicolasmartin Task normal Unscheduled
#2194 ENHANCE-12_SimonM-Tides assigned smueller Task high 2019 WP
#2055 ENHANCE-14_cethe_PISCES_LBC assigned cetlod Task normal Unscheduled
#1918 ENHANCE-17(2017WP) — Multi-Column Ocean scheme (MCO) assigned gm Task low Unscheduled
#1984 Error in the online momentum trend diagnostic assigned gm Bug normal
#1644 Few bugs in Trusting process assigned nicolasmartin Defect low
#1512 Function cpl_freq not consistent with OASIS interface assigned jamrae Defect low
#2217 HPC-01_Mike Bell_OpenMP new mikebell Task low 2019 WP
#2009 HPC-02_Epicoco_Single Core Performance assigned francesca Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2153 HPC-03_HPDAonlineDiag new epico Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2011 HPC-04(2018WP)_Mocavero_mpi3 assigned mocavero Task high 2019 WP
#2160 HPC-04_MCastrillo_HPDAonlineDiagGPU new mcastril Task low IMMERSE 2019
#2166 HPC-06_SimonM-extendedhaloes assigned smueller Task high 2019 WP
#2196 HPC-07_XXX_agrif_HPC_review new Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2195 HPC-08_XXX_fldread_with_XIOS assigned andmirek Task high 2019 WP
#2133 HPC-09_Maisonnave-ATOS-ESIWACE new emalod Task low Unscheduled
#2197 HPC-09_Mireck_OpenACC assigned andmirek Task high Unscheduled
#2198 HPC-10_Mike_Tiling assigned mikebell Task high 2019 WP
#2040 HPC-13_Mixed_precision_study-13.2_Implementation assigned mcastril Task normal 2019 WP
#1702 HPC-3(2016WP) - suppression of useless communications assigned mathiot Task low Unscheduled
#2051 Implementation of fresh water budget control for AGRIF configurations (here nn_fwb = 3 only) assigned jchanut Defect low
#2119 improved land-processor suppression new Enhancement low
#1877 Issues with NEMO tracer trends diagnostics to be used for CMIP6 assigned jcastill Enhancement normal
#1856 Issues with zero-sized arrays with bdy assigned gsamson Defect low
#2260 Issue with output GRAZ1 in pisces new systeam Bug low
#2300 jcat initialisation issue in icethd_do.F90 new systeam Bug low
#2258 KERNEL-02_Storkey_Coward_IMMERSE_first_steps new davestorkey Task high IMMERSE 2019
#2138 key_nemocice_decomp still needed? assigned smasson Enhancement low 2018 release-4.0
#2227 local modification of the Gib strait, Danish strait and other no more in DOMAINcfg ? new systeam Defect low
#1894 mass and heat budgets in NEMO assigned clem Enhancement low
#2135 Memory Bug requries compilation flag to zero all arrays to overcome in AMM15 assigned deazer Bug low 2018 release-4.0
#2214 minimize jpj for the domains of the last row new systeam Enhancement low
#2311 minor bug in code to do Euler timestep in dyn_nxt new davestorkey Bug low Unscheduled
#2265 Misleading minimum viscosity with Smagorinsky scheme ? assigned gm Defect low
#1928 Missing bits of code in triads reopened agn Bug low
#2294 Missing rewind on reference namelist for nambdy_tides new systeam Defect low
#2062 modification of Fcheck_archfile script assigned andmirek Enhancement low
#1927 Name pattern of icebergs restarts doesn't follow usual NEMO conventions assigned nicolasmartin Defect low
#1671 NEMO 3.6 to 3.7 migration guide assigned nicolasmartin Enhancement low
#2314 NEMO_SI3_decoupled new andmirek Enhancement low Unscheduled
#1516 New CNRS branch for PISCES quota model assigned aumont Task low Unscheduled
#1967 Noise on vertical velocities when using UBS momemtum advection scheme assigned gm Defect normal
#2237 no/partial/strong slip condition is actually free slip in one-point straits new davestorkey Bug low Unscheduled
#2268 OBSTOOLS doesn't compile new systeam Bug low
#2269 OBSTOOLS/sla2fb: old altimetry format assigned djlea Defect low
#2067 Open namelists in read only mode assigned andmirek Task low Unscheduled
#2308 Optimization of the communications in DYN new girrmann Task low IMMERSE 2019
#1675 Out of bounds index in loops - key_vectopt_loop assigned gm Bug low
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