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#1911 ENHANCE-04(2017WP) — MLF and RK3 time stepping gm Task high OCE trunk
#1959 ENHANCE-09_Jerome_freesurface(2017WP) jchanut Task high OCE trunk
#2049 VALID-04_SFlavoni_Overflow_Lock flavoni Task high OCE trunk
#1967 Noise on vertical velocities when using UBS momemtum advection scheme gm Defect normal OCE release-3.6
#1971 with new equation of state (TEOS10) input files in T and S need to be changed, according to the new equation of state (TEOS10) clevy Defect normal OCE trunk
#2016 ENHANCE-11 Trusting-SETTE cooperation (previously 2018WP) nicolasmartin Task normal env trunk
#2036 SEAICE-05_crousset_coupled_interface clem Task normal OCE trunk
#2044 ENHANCE-09_Gurvan-GEOMETRIC gm Task normal OCE trunk
#2046 PUBLI-03_SFlavoni-advectionscheme-analysis flavoni Task normal OCE trunk
#2055 ENHANCE-14_cethe_PISCES_LBC cetlod Task normal OCE trunk
#1463 CNRS-13(2015WP) - Subduction diagnostics cetlod Task low OCE trunk
#1601 Add code for flux adjustment runs ayoung Task low OCE trunk
#1829 Changes to C06 for climate simulation and reanalysis ayoung Task low OCE release-3.6
#1908 ROMS wetting and drying scheme mikebell Task low OCE trunk
#1918 ENHANCE-17(2017WP) — Multi-Column Ocean scheme (MCO) gm Task low OCE trunk
#2015 ENHANCE-06 Repository cleaning (previously 2018WP) nicolasmartin Task low env trunk
#2054 ENHANCE-07_crousset_LIM3adv_valorisation clem Task low OCE trunk
#2375 Check useless lbc_lnk in icb code mathiot Feature request low ICB release-4.0-HEAD
#2491 output time step in istate rblod Defect low TOP trunk

Status: new (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2495 trunk/OCE won't compile without MPI (1-proc "nemo.exe") systeam Bug high LBC trunk
#2140 DMP_TOOL modification jenniewaters Feature request low tools
#2237 no/partial/strong slip condition is actually free slip in one-point straits davestorkey Bug low LBC 4.0-HEAD
#2314 NEMO_SI3_decoupled andmirek Feature request low SAS 4.0-HEAD
#2319 Create dev branch for PISCES-QUOTA improvments aumont Task low PISCES trunk
#2331 restructure ice_dyn_rhg_evp andmirek Defect low SI3 trunk
#2333 calls to iom_put andmirek Task low DIA trunk
#2384 ORCA2_OFF_PISCES sette test systeam Defect low OFF trunk
#2452 integrate ABL in SETTE ORCA2_ICE_PISCES cfg gsamson Defect low CI trunk
#2467 ICB namelist confusing systeam Defect low ICB trunk
#2468 Improve ice-ocean momentum coupling systeam Task low MULTIPLE trunk
#2474 Bug(s) in the hpg_prj code? jamesharle Bug low DYN 4.0-HEAD
#2482 MO GO8 for GPU andmirek Feature request low MULTIPLE release-4.0
#2490 Bug(s) in the hpg_prj code? jamesharle Bug low DYN trunk
#2500 Memory usage of DOMAINcfg systeam Feature request low tools trunk
#2502 DOMcfg: improve reproducibility of the mathiot Defect low tools trunk
#2503 DOMcfg: careful review/cleaning needed after r13204 systeam Bug low tools trunk
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