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#1463 CNRS-13(2015WP) - Subduction diagnostics cetlod Task low OCE trunk
#1601 Add code for flux adjustment runs ayoung Task low OCE trunk
#1829 Changes to C06 for climate simulation and reanalysis ayoung Task low OCE release-3.6
#1908 ROMS wetting and drying scheme mikebell Task low OCE trunk
#1911 ENHANCE-04(2017WP) — MLF and RK3 time stepping gm Task high OCE trunk
#1918 ENHANCE-17(2017WP) — Multi-Column Ocean scheme (MCO) gm Task low OCE trunk
#1959 ENHANCE-09_Jerome_freesurface(2017WP) jchanut Task high OCE trunk
#1967 Noise on vertical velocities when using UBS momemtum advection scheme gm Defect normal OCE release-3.6
#1971 with new equation of state (TEOS10) input files in T and S need to be changed, according to the new equation of state (TEOS10) clevy Defect normal OCE trunk
#2015 ENHANCE-06 Repository cleaning (previously 2018WP) nicolasmartin Task low env trunk
#2016 ENHANCE-11 Trusting-SETTE cooperation (previously 2018WP) nicolasmartin Task normal env trunk
#2036 SEAICE-05_crousset_coupled_interface clem Task normal OCE trunk
#2044 ENHANCE-09_Gurvan-GEOMETRIC gm Task normal OCE trunk
#2046 PUBLI-03_SFlavoni-advectionscheme-analysis flavoni Task normal OCE trunk
#2049 VALID-04_SFlavoni_Overflow_Lock flavoni Task high OCE trunk
#2054 ENHANCE-07_crousset_LIM3adv_valorisation clem Task low OCE trunk
#2055 ENHANCE-14_cethe_PISCES_LBC cetlod Task normal OCE trunk
#2375 Check useless lbc_lnk in icb code mathiot Feature request low ICB release-4.0-HEAD
#2491 output time step in istate rblod Defect low TOP trunk

Status: new (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2140 DMP_TOOL modification jenniewaters Feature request low tools
#2314 NEMO_SI3_decoupled andmirek Feature request low SAS 4.0-HEAD
#2319 Create dev branch for PISCES-QUOTA improvments aumont Task low PISCES trunk
#2331 restructure ice_dyn_rhg_evp andmirek Defect low SI3 trunk
#2333 calls to iom_put andmirek Task low DIA trunk
#2452 integrate ABL in SETTE ORCA2_ICE_PISCES cfg gsamson Defect low CI trunk
#2467 ICB namelist confusing systeam Defect low ICB trunk
#2468 Improve ice-ocean momentum coupling systeam Task low MULTIPLE trunk
#2474 Bug(s) in the hpg_prj code? jamesharle Bug low DYN 4.0-HEAD
#2482 MO GO8 for GPU andmirek Feature request low MULTIPLE release-4.0
#2490 Bug(s) in the hpg_prj code? jamesharle Bug low DYN trunk
#2500 Memory usage of DOMAINcfg systeam Feature request low tools trunk
#2503 DOMcfg: careful review/cleaning needed after r13204 systeam Bug low tools trunk
#2512 Insufficient or incorrect information in zoom domain files to rebuild whole datasets when the zoom region spans more than one XIOS server and is written to multiple files. acc Defect low tools release-4.0
#2527 Add a symmetric operator for ocean viscosity techene Task low DYN trunk
#2529 Incorrect length for IOM "ptr" zoom domain hadcv Bug low IOM trunk
#2530 Missing/duplicate diagnostics in ldf_eiv_dia hadcv Bug low LDF trunk
#2531 Incorrect character length declaration in diaobs hadcv Bug low OBS trunk
#2532 Several bugs in diaptr hadcv Bug low DIA trunk
#2533 avt_evd is undefined when enhanced vertical diffusion is not used hadcv Bug low TRD trunk
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