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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9 First NVTK environment integration under SVN somebody Enhancement lowest env
#60 cosmetic changes nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#64 dev_001_SBC: merge with the trunk's last changesets: #780, #782, #783, #784, #785, #788, #789, #793, #794 ctlod Enhancement lowest OCE
#67 dev_001_SBC: Merge of VALID directory with the trunk -r 731:HEAD nemo Enhancement lowest env
#72 Clean of comments nemo Enhancement lowest LIM3
#74 Modifications to build sea-ice restart files in using IOM interface nemo Enhancement lowest LIM3
#94 Add control prints in LIM 3.0 nemo Enhancement lowest LIM3
#210 svn ID nemo Task lowest OCE
#232 Optimization of dynspg_ts with key_vvl nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#269 Compilation problem in domzgr.F90 on Linux with PGI compiler. nemo Bug lowest OCE
#270 Print outs in sbcflx.F90. nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#272 libIGCM: create a branch associated to the libIGCM environment nemo Enhancement lowest env
#276 NEC compilation option related to f2003 noopt_ieee should be removed to avoid performances to decrease nemo Bug lowest OCE
#288 small inconsistency in sbcfwb nemo Bug lowest OCE
#295 For LIM 3.0, use 2 different names for the same parameter nn_ico_cpl and its argument name kico nemo Bug lowest LIM3
#302 USE lib_mpp in p4zprod.F90 nemo Bug lowest TOP
#330 update the nemo.driver to be able to manage 360 days run through nleapy ocean namelist parameter nemo Enhancement lowest env
#355 stpctl : use format I4 which is not enough for big configs ... nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#363 Bug if key_ldfslp defined but still unrotated diffusion for tracers nemo Bug lowest OCE
#400 nemo 3.1 LIM3 : useless akappa and alambd arrays ? nemo Enhancement lowest LIM3
#416 add in config.card possibility of rebuild from archive machine. nemo Enhancement lowest env
#463 update namelist in branches/libIGCM/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00 nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#490 suppress warning at compilation phase in lib_mpp nemo Defect lowest OCE
#491 suppress warning at the compilation phase in sbccpl and sbcana nemo Defect lowest OCE
#511 reduce the length of the solver.stat lines nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#536 Little incoherence in new variable names for nemo_v3_2_beta in comments of new namelist nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#545 syntax error in obcini.F90 nemo Bug lowest OCE
#550 bug when outputing diahth variabes without iom_put nemo Bug lowest OCE
#556 add in opa9.card example for climatology, using bulk_clio formulae nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#559 climatological run by default nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#561 ADD in namelist "AUTO", for debug. nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#572 added iodef.xml in libIGCM branche nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#573 added xmlio_server.def in libIGCM branche nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#594 update namelist in branches/libIGCM/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00 like ORCA2_LIM/EXP00 nemo Enhancement lowest AGRIF
#595 updated opa9.card with files for nemo_v3_2_beta nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#638 deallocate array in LOBSTER routines nemo Bug lowest TOP
#657 Proposition to declare a variable for character size nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#674 mistake in opa9.card (there is a O(letter) instead of 0 (zero)) nemo Defect lowest OCE
#756 change in namelist CORE bulk formulation by default, and change namsbc_core file names nemo Enhancement lowest env
#764 sbcfwb: control of option at the wrong place (Pb in MPP) nemo Bug lowest OCE
#766 share the deepest ocean level indices (mbkt, mbku & mbkv) among the whole code nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#784 suprressed key_trabbl, added key_zdftmx in cpp_ORCA2_LIM.fcm, update namelist nemo Defect lowest OCE
#787 little inconsistency in name of forcing files, in opa9.card nemo Enhancement lowest env
#789 Typo in sbcmod.F90 nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#805 mistake in some parameters of POMME namelist nemo Defect lowest env
#808 bad variable in in SETTE nemo Defect lowest env
#828 inverted comments in OPA namelists for the vorticity schemes options nemo Enhancement lowest Unscheduled OCE
#836 default scheme in dynadv_ubs nemo Defect lowest OCE
#1033 bug in diahth.F90 nemo Bug lowest Unscheduled OCE
#1069 AMM12 restartability problem nemo Defect lowest OCE
#1098 DOM/domzgr.F90 nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1196 Missing definition of Agrif variables for Time splitting nemo Bug lowest AGRIF
#1215 remove obsolete option in sbcfwb (fwb=3) nemo Defect lowest OCE
#1224 Missing nn_timing flag in traldf_lap.F90 nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1225 Euler first time step as a namelist option nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#1228 Add time splitting block in namelist nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#1247 bug in limdia nemo Bug lowest LIM2
#1379 lines length over 132 nemo Defect lowest Unscheduled OCE
#1396 add LIM3 in SETTE nemo Enhancement lowest LIM3
#1459 Code lines above 132 characters (source & after pre-processing) nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#1517 Internally Calculated Vertical Grid Spacing -- Print out and Doing inconsistent nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1519 Tidal Harmonics not Written Out Correctly nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1556 Call to Agrif_ParentGrid_To_ChildGrid() causes failure if no child grid nemo Bug lowest AGRIF
#1575 Missing precipitation output without ice nemo Defect lowest OCE
#1638 C1D_PAPA: correct chlorophyll data name in namelist_cfg nemo Defect lowest OCE
#1647 GYRE_XIOS config nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1648 Remove useless bmask after free surface simplification nemo Task lowest 2015 WP OCE
#1669 Testing NotificationWorkflow plugin nemo Enhancement lowest env
#1676 namobc removed from name-lists nemo Task lowest OCE
#1680 Minor bug in denitrification coef in PISCES nemo Bug lowest 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1693 Erroneous call to timing_start in DMP_TOOLS/src/zoom.F90 timgraham Bug lowest OCE
#1735 mesh_mask flavoni Enhancement lowest OCE
#1744 Unmasked wind along j-direction in dynzdf_imp nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1762 makenemo with SAS or OOO nemo Defect lowest Unscheduled OCE
#1763 line over 132 in lib_mpp nemo Defect lowest Unscheduled OCE
#1765 Undefined variables in dummy subroutines nemo Defect lowest OCE
#1772 restart date bug fix for 3.6 stable deazer Bug lowest OCE
#1788 C1D_PAPA with TOP do not compile lovato Bug lowest Unscheduled TOP
#1820 clios variable too short in ctl_nam subroutine timgraham Defect lowest OCE
#1862 ierr not initialised correctly in case with no lateral diffusion timgraham Bug lowest OCE
#1936 missing test in SETTE for SAS restart_ice files nemo Enhancement lowest env
#2389 adventures with OFFLINE, BDY and MY_TRC systeam Defect lowest Unscheduled OFF
#12 computation of horizontal divergence needed to calculate vertical velocity somebody Enhancement low OFF
#13 Update modules for passive tracers transport trends computation somebody Enhancement low TOP
#14 update of iron aggregation computation somebody Enhancement low TOP
#15 correction of flux feeding formulation somebody Enhancement low TOP
#17 add tmask_i in global sum somebody Enhancement low TOP
#19 remove unused variables somebody Enhancement low TOP
#25 Namelists updated for new SBC somebody Enhancement low OCE
#26 launch properly jobs interactively somebody Bug low env
#27 Modifications related to the re-organization of new SBC namelist somebody Enhancement low OCE
#28 remove the output of qla, qsb and qlw for CORE forcing somebody Enhancement low C1D
#29 transfrom nn_sss, nn_sst into nn_sssr, nn_ssstr respectively and add the unit conversion of deds factor somebody Bug low OCE
#30 remove the "mask multiplication" (1- frld()) applied to field tprecip when computing emp field in limsbc.F90 and change CALL flx_blk_albedo into CALL blk_albedo somebody Bug low OCE
#31 move the CALL ice_init line into sbcice_lim.F90 module and remove it from opa.F90 somebody Bug low OCE
#32 PRIVATE/PUBLIC specifications in iom.F90 somebody Bug low OCE
#33 Error in the lance_batch.ksh script when substitue $LAUN variable somebody Bug low env
#36 make modifications closer to the initial GYRE forcing somebody Enhancement low OCE
#45 merge solsor and solsor_e somebody Enhancement low OCE
#46 Improve traadv_tvd performance somebody Enhancement low OCE
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