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#2396 Bug in fabm running in coupled mode mathiot Bug normal TOP release-4.0
#2317 Wrong asselin correction due to runoffs for vertical scale factors - non linear free surface case jchanut Bug low DOM
#2446 ln_vorlat bug: fmask calculation ayoung Bug low DYN 4.0-HEAD
#2469 ENHANCE-10_acc_fix_traqsr WP item to improve performance of tra_qsr acc Task low TRA release-4.2
#2486 Fixing irregularities revealed by namelist integrity checks acc Defect low MULTIPLE 4.0-HEAD
#2504 Minor typo in sbc_blk_init that can lead to incorrect reporting of bulk formulation choice acc Defect low SBC release-4.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2441 Wave coupling only: not receiving coupling fields ayoung Defect normal SBC trunk
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