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#2577 fixed timing in SAS systeam clem

The timing in SAS does not give the elapse time per time step. It only gives the end of run summary.

Fix: add these lines to nemogcm.F90

      REAL(wp)::   zstptiming   ! elapsed time for 1 time step

            IF( ln_timing ) THEN
               zstptiming = MPI_Wtime()
               IF ( istp == ( nit000 + 1 ) ) elapsed_time = zstptiming
               IF ( istp ==         nitend ) elapsed_time = zstptiming - elapsed_time


            IF( lwp .AND. ln_timing )   WRITE(numtime,*) 'timing step ', istp-1, ' : ', MPI_Wtime() - zstptiming

#2571 fixed SETTE fails to detect modified reference configurations in working copies smueller smueller


While SETTE correctly labels results from tests of modified working copies with local modifications in the ./src and ./tests subdirectories (revision number with affix +), it fails to detect local modifications in the ./cfgs subdirectory.


Due to an inadvertently misspelt subdirectory name (cfg instead of cfgs) at both source:/utils/CI/sette/ and source:/utils/CI/sette/, subdirectory ./cfgs is not tested for local modifications by SETTE.


The subdirectory name cfg at source:/utils/CI/sette/ and source:/utils/CI/sette/ should be changed to cfgs.

#2569 fixed cpp keys not correctly modified by SETTE gsamson gsamson


when changing USING_XIOS and ADD_NOSIGNEDZERO variables values in param.cfg, these modifications are not always taken into account in SETTE simulations.


as it is coded now in and, we can only delete the "key_iomput" cpp key and add the "key_nosignedzero" cpp key, but it is not possible to add the first one and remove the second one.


update both ADD_KEYS and DEL_KEYS variables when modifying cpp keys to correctly compile nemo with makenemo add_key / del_key options

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