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#675 fixed Missing salt flux into the ocean when using vvl and sea-ice acc acc

In tra_sbc (trasbc.F90), when running with the vvl option, the salinity trend due to the surface boundary condition is set to zero. The dilution/concentration effect due to water exchange at the surface is supposedly accounted for by using the "true layer thickness" in the non-linear free surface case. However, it is emp that is used for the layer thickness computation not emps. Therefore the contribution due to the formation/melting of sea-ice and any SSS restoration that is not converted to a freshwater flux (nn_sssr=1) will be lost. This omission will eventually be corrected by the reformulation of the heat and mass fluxes underway in ticket #665. Until that work is complete, the missing trend can be added by replacing line 136:

zsa = 0.0e0


zsa = (emps(ji,jj) - emp(ji,jj)) * zsrau * sn(ji,jj,1) * zse3t

#679 fixed mpp scalability acc acc

Create branch DEV_1879_mpp_sca to introduce mpp scalability improvements. These changes introduce code to minimise the use of the mpi_allgather operation during the north-fold exchanges. PRACE investigators found significant performance gains with similar changes when using large numbers of processors. See also

#680 fixed lateral ocean physics acc acc

Create branch for enhancements to the lateral ocean physics related to the NOCS NEMO team 2010 action (NOCS.6)

See also wiki:ticket/680?

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