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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#525 ORCA2 potential error in ahm at the Equator nemo Bug low OCE
#526 Doctor naming of OPA namelist variables nemo Enhancement low OCE
#527 NVTK: correct a small bug when using many files into EXP_NAME direcotry nemo Bug low env
#529 recover the LIM3.0 restartability behavior nemo Bug low OCE
#530 move few modules into different (more approriate) directories nemo Enhancement low OCE
#531 remove the TKE profile of penetration case (2) for the parameter nn_htau nemo Enhancement low OCE
#532 update ORCA2_LIM and ORCA2_LIM_PISCES configurations namelist parameters nemo Enhancement low OCE
#533 NVTK: change nn_fwb and nn_sssr parameters value to ensure reproductibility nemo Enhancement low OCE
#534 update dependencies files BB_make for each configuration nemo Enhancement low OCE
#535 create the beta version tag nemo_v3_2_beta nemo Enhancement low OCE
#539 Naming problem in dianam nemo Bug low OCE
#540 A new file called "fort.17" appears nemo Bug low OCE
#541 update GYRE and ORCA2_LIM_PISCES iodef.xml nemo Bug low OCE
#542 Computation of redistribution among categories in LIM3 vancop Enhancement low LIM3
#543 NVTK: the cron dedicated to check jobs doesn't run properly on IBM-VARGAS nemo Bug low env
#544 agrif compilation for nemo_v3_2_beta nemo Bug low OCE
#546 Improvment of ORCA2_LIM_PISCES configuration in libIGCM nemo Enhancement low TOP
#547 wrong variable in namelist nemo Bug low OCE
#548 Not declared variables in obc_dta.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#549 mbathy with ln_sco and closed boundaries nemo Bug low OCE
#551 date.file is no more existing when using key_iomput smasson Defect low OCE
#552 mixup between level and output_level in iodef.xml files nemo Bug low OCE
#553 Update offline to take into account changes in mesh & mask files nemo Enhancement low OFF
#554 add OBC configuration nemo Enhancement low OCE
#555 output wind speed module nemo Enhancement low OCE
#557 Phase the Offline module dianam.F90 with the the Online's one nemo Enhancement low OFF
#558 Add a first guess of ORCA2_OFF_PISCES configuration in libIGCM nemo Enhancement low env
#560 add ln_ptrcomp in namelist nemo Enhancement low OCE
#562 lbc_blk sign for ua_e, va_e in bdydyn.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#563 hardcoded nlay_s vancop Bug low LIM3
#564 Improvement of dianam.F90 module in offline configuration nemo Enhancement low OFF
#565 Improvment of ORCA2_OFF_PISCES configuration in libIGCM nemo Enhancement low env
#566 Missing variable definitions in iodef.xml nemo Bug low OCE
#567 Improve PISCES diagnostics for IPCC AR5 exercise nemo Enhancement low TOP
#569 wrong value of positive attribute when using iom_put nemo Bug low OCE
#570 cleaning of logical units (use, flush and close) nemo Enhancement low OCE
#571 no need of subbasin when ln_diaptr = .false. nemo Bug low OCE
#574 New ORCA2_OFF_PISCES configuration in libIGCM with iomput activated nemo Enhancement low env
#575 slight bug when sending surface current in coupling interface nemo Bug low OCE
#576 avoid out of bounds access nemo Bug low OCE
#577 compute wind stress module directly at T-point nemo Enhancement low OCE
#579 make sure !CDIR commands are always on the first column nemo Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#580 cpl_oasis4 working... nemo Enhancement low OCE
#581 Bug on mask velocities in limupdate nemo Bug low LIM3
#582 dianam not working with all calendars nemo Bug low OCE
#583 [solved] problem with IOF in 1/12° configs smasson Bug low OCE
#586 danish strait for ORCA2 nemo Bug low OCE
#587 tilt in ssh in lim2 rheology nemo Enhancement low LIM2
#589 suppress nobis and nbiss nemo Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#590 move daymod public variables in dom_oce nemo Enhancement low OCE
#591 avoid using undefined values in lbc_lnk when cd_mpp present nemo Bug low OCE
#592 Suppress bottom boundary condition on tke nemo Defect low OCE
#593 mpp bug in freshwater budget control only option nn_fwb=3 nemo Bug low OCE
#596 nlay_i instead of nlay_s in a loop nemo Bug low LIM3
#598 make sure taum > 0 in coupled model nemo Bug low OCE
#599 NVTK: bug at the job launch process if REF_TAGV variable is empty nemo Bug low env
#600 NVTK: ins_make script under NVTK/INSTALL/MODIPSL_FILES is no more up-to-date nemo Bug low env
#601 use integer in calendar to avoid truncation error nemo Bug low OCE
#602 supress useless variables in phycst cetlod Bug low OCE
#603 updated namelist (like in trunk ORCA2_LIM; use integer in calendar, see ticket:601) nemo Enhancement low OCE
#605 alternate direction for LIM advection nemo Bug low LIM2
#606 emp conversion to m/s smasson Bug low OCE
#607 physics sbccpl (bugfix of pqsr_ice + energy due to iceberg melting) nemo Bug low OCE
#608 Bug in initialisation of variables in PISCES model nemo Bug low TOP
#609 Update OFFLINE component nemo Enhancement low OFF
#610 implement AR5 diagnostics nemo Enhancement low OCE
#611 useless use un limthd nemo Bug low LIM2
#613 Problem with ORCA2 coordinates at NEMO vn2+ nemo Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#614 Improvement NEMO standard configuration nemo Enhancement low OCE
#615 NEMO Simulations with IPSL/libIGCM environment nemo Enhancement low env
#616 Remove directory PARAM in libIGCM config nemo Enhancement low env
#617 remove tailing blanks in xml files nemo Bug low OCE
#618 out of bounds in limrhg_2 nemo Bug low LIM2
#619 out of bounds in diaptr nemo Bug low OCE
#620 Run PISCES model with libIGCM environment on IDRIS computers nemo Enhancement low env
#621 wrong vector optimisation nemo Bug low OCE
#622 NVTK: allow a more general path to find the ioserver executable in any case nemo Enhancement low env
#623 mislabelled ice velocity fields in output.abort files nemo Bug low LIM2
#624 Create new branch for milestone S3.3-f AGRIF and sea-ice sga@… Enhancement low AGRIF
#625 About limtrp and limtrp_2 somebody Enhancement low LIM2
#626 heat content/lateral accretion in limthd_lac vancop Bug low LIM3
#627 compilation for the ES2 rblod Enhancement low OCE
#628 dummy function for agrif_root nemo Defect low OCE
#629 LIM3 restartability nemo Bug low LIM3
#631 proposal to modify behaviour of interpolation on the fly code in fld_read sga@… Enhancement low OCE
#632 weekly forcing files (Mercator contribution for 2009) cbricaud Enhancement low OCE
#633 num_sal hardcoded in limrst.F90 gm Bug low LIM3
#634 wrong sign for vertical velocity used to advect floats in floblk.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#636 creation config tools nemo Enhancement low tools
#639 Misread initial biological data files nemo Bug low TOP
#640 Add the possibility to read both of old/new format of the mesmask nemo Enhancement low OFF
#641 Improvment of namelist for PISCES model nemo Enhancement low TOP
#642 ORCA2_LIM: correct the est-west periodicity for runoffs & coef in the standard input file available in ORCA2_LIM_nemo_v3_2.tar nemo Bug low OCE
#643 Cleaning TOP routines nemo Enhancement low TOP
#644 Re-organisation of restart part of TOP component nemo Enhancement low TOP
#646 coriolis parameter in limrhg_2.F90 nemo Bug low LIM2
#648 missing east and north bmask in obcini nemo Bug low OCE
#649 Read 3D files with fldread.F90 ( like Levitus), Mercator contribution nemo Enhancement low OCE
#650 Read 3D files (like Levitus) with fldread.F90 cbricaud Task low OCE
#654 change opa9.driver and opa9.card to do Interannual run with PeriodLength != 1 nemo Enhancement low OCE
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