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#57 use (:,:) instead of (ji,jj) in the computation of p_qla(:,:) field in sbcblk_core.F90 nemo Bug normal OCE
#58 apply (1. - frld) to tprecip(:,:) field when computing emp(:,:) final field ctlod Bug normal OCE
#62 problem in the computation of dqla_ice(:,:), fr1_i0(:,:) fr2_i0(:,:) fields in CORE bulk formulae ctlod Bug normal OCE
#63 dev_001_SBC: problem in the computation of p_dqla(:,:), prf1(:,:) p_fr2(:,:) fields in CORE bulk formulae ctlod Bug normal OCE
#68 NVTK: correct bugs related to the launch of jobs nemo Bug normal env
#69 bug in calculating the Richardson number in zdfkpp.F90 gm Bug normal OCE
#70 Change fait_AA_make nemo Enhancement normal env
#71 introduce LIM3 new sea-ice model nemo Enhancement normal LIM2
#73 tradmp.F90 never called when using AGRIF because lk_tradmp is set to FALSE in agrif-user.F90 nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#77 LIM3 optimization and parallelisation nemo Enhancement normal LIM3
#78 BUGS lim_rhg in LIM3 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#81 Correct lines which do not compile on IBM nemo Bug normal LIM3
#82 To ensure the restartability with LIM 3.0 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#83 change the starting/ending FCF do loop indices and change jptra to jp_cfc nemo Enhancement normal TOP
#84 change the starting/ending LOBSTER do loop indices nemo Bug normal TOP
#85 bug in computation of ocean volume in case of degrad option nemo Bug normal TOP
#86 initialisation of CFC : add the key_cfc to take it into account nemo Bug normal TOP
#87 suppression of trb=trn to ensure restartability of passive tracer models nemo Bug normal TOP
#88 include the USE of the PISCES module - p4zprg - in the main program of passive tracer model nemo Bug normal TOP
#89 move all the files in directory TOP_SRC/PISCES to TOP_SRC/PISCES_SMS nemo Enhancement normal TOP
#90 rename the directory TOP_SRC/PISCES_SMS to TOP_SRC/PISCES nemo Enhancement normal TOP
#91 include the new version of PISCES SMS model nemo Enhancement normal TOP
#92 remove unused modules nemo Enhancement normal TOP
#93 update the fait_AA_make and fait_config scripts to take into account the new TOP architecture nemo Enhancement normal env
#95 Use of tags to identify a specific NEMO release ctlod Defect normal OCE
#97 dev_001_SBC: use correct component (ztio_v(:,:) instead ztio_u) when computing ice_ocean stress zvtau(:,:) at U-point nemo Bug normal OCE
#100 dev_001_SBC: add the TURB_CORE_2Z() function to compute drag coefficents using air temperature & humidity data referenced at 2m instead 10m ctlod Enhancement normal OCE
#106 AGRIF with time-splitting nemo Enhancement normal AGRIF
#107 AGRIF with time-splitting nemo Enhancement normal AGRIF
#108 AGRIF with ice nemo Enhancement normal AGRIF
#112 dev_001_SBC: Step II: adapt new SBC to LIM 3.0 component ctlod Enhancement normal OCE
#113 merge dev_001_SBC branche with the trunk to include the New Surface Module package nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#115 ldf coefficient ctlod Enhancement normal OCE
#118 trazdf_imp and key_ldf_slp nemo Bug normal OCE
#119 restart with agrif nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#121 remove the sdvt(:,:) variable which is not initialized at all but is used in the computation of the friction velocity ust2s(:,:) nemo Bug normal OCE
#124 trcrst.F90 : division by zero in at the end of trc_rst_wri nemo Bug normal TOP
#125 Re-organisation of ocean namelists to improve readability nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#126 Implementation of the BDY package nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#127 Arrays goout of bounds nemo Bug normal OCE
#129 Use of F95 signed zero causes incorrect results nemo Bug normal OCE
#131 move the set to zero of qsr(:,:) (when more than 50% of sea-ice) from sbcblk_clio.F90 into sbcice_lim.F90 necessary for the freeze(:,:) array when making restarts nemo Bug normal OCE
#132 Runoff not defined in traadv_cen2 nemo Bug normal OCE
#133 AGRIF vs SBC nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#155 Implementation of a new coupling interface smasson Enhancement normal OCE
#182 update trcstp.F90 routine according to new TOP re-organization cetlod Bug normal TOP
#195 LIM-3 a damping option should be added for regional configurations NEMO team or others? Enhancement normal LIM3
#196 TOP namelists NEMO team - christian Enhancement normal TOP
#197 namelist style in OPA, LIM2 and LIM3 nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#202 Bug in key_vvl with ln_trazdf=T and OBC, BDY or AGRIF zoom nemo Bug normal OCE
#208 fait_AA_make and co nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#224 obc nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#235 Incorrect sign used when applying empold correction to freshwater budget nemo Bug normal OCE
#237 Undefined behaviour writing to ocean.output from multiple pes nemo Bug normal OCE
#248 New trends diagnostics organization in TOP nemo Enhancement normal TOP
#252 impossible to run 2 years in a row nemo Bug normal OCE
#258 Problem with the name of input restart file "" nemo Task normal OCE
#263 Allocatable arrays in fldread nemo Bug normal OCE
#274 compiltation issues of the 1D configuration in release v3 ctlod Bug normal C1D
#275 1D stability issues with surface boundary conditions ctlod Defect normal OCE
#286 Activate sea surface height in LIM3, improves its stability nemo Enhancement normal LIM3
#287 add surface tilt in EVP rheology of LIM3 nemo Enhancement normal LIM3
#292 incorrect calculation of icycle in dynspg_ts.F90 nemo Bug normal OCE
#294 Problems with the update of fluxes in sbcflx.F90 when running with surface relaxation. nemo Bug normal OCE
#296 obcdta_bt out of date nemo Bug normal OCE
#312 The biological trends variables are not initialized when restarting nemo Bug normal TOP
#315 undefined passive tracers horizontal derivatives at the first time step nemo Bug normal TOP
#329 vvl and time splitting cbricaud Bug normal OCE
#346 bug correction on the wind module computation for LIM 3.0 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#354 ORCA-LIM3 MPI problem? vancop Defect normal LIM3
#365 wrong scale factors used in bdyvol nemo Bug normal OCE
#372 problem with netcdf syncing nemo Bug normal env
#387 introduce iom_put and the use of the new ioserver nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#389 entry point for VVL nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#390 scale factors for VVL nemo Bug normal OCE
#394 ssh time stepping for VVL nemo Bug normal OCE
#397 rewritting domvvl nemo Bug normal OCE
#398 re-introduce time stepping in VVL case nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#420 update ioserver + change NVTK to properly use it nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#429 VVL reorganisation nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#434 mesh_zgr inconsistency when using zps nemo Bug normal OCE
#435 wrong index uslpml & vslpml in ldfslp.F90 (v3.2 & v3.3beta) nemo Bug normal OCE
#436 Implementation of CICE and UM coupling code as part of S0.1 and S0.3 nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#439 Array index out of bounds in limsbc.F90 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#443 Coordinates cannot be read under AGRIF nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#464 Hard coded number of ice categories vancop Bug normal LIM3
#465 River coding in NEMO shelf rachel.furner Enhancement normal OCE
#474 time splitting on velocity rblod Enhancement normal OCE
#505 Correct 3 bugs in LIM-3 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#507 wrong scale factors in VLL nemo Bug normal OCE
#528 Bug in dtatem and dtasal with key_vvl nemo Bug normal OCE
#538 bug in ice-ocean surface stress with nn_ico_cpl = 2 nemo Bug normal OCE
#568 Bug in dynspg_flt with vvl and vector invariant form nemo Bug normal OCE
#578 receive wind stress module in coupled mode nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#585 impact of HF wind in TKE nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#588 bfr stability nemo Bug normal OCE
#604 iom_put for scalar values nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#612 Problem with ORCA2 coordinates at NEMO vn2+ nemo Bug normal Unscheduled OCE
#630 iomput with AGRIF nemo Defect normal AGRIF
#635 misplaced modification of fstravs in trczdf_iso.F90 nemo Bug normal TOP
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