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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1381 new Development branch nemo Task normal OCE
#1398 LIM3 is not riproducibile nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1403 Use of uninitialised arrays leads to floating point exceptions nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1404 NEMO-wave coupling WG nemo Task normal Unscheduled OCE
#1416 ORCA2_LIM3 does not compile on Met Office IBM nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1423 ORCA2 LIM3 (new options) not restartable nemo Bug normal OCE
#1426 ROBUST-01(2015WP)/MERCATOR-6 online coarsening cbricaud Task normal 2018 WP OCE
#1430 create /branches/2015/dev_r4826_NOC_WAD acc Task normal OCE
#1436 Possible invalid call to oasis_get_freqs smasson Bug normal OCE
#1440 use of wrk_alloc( jpidta, jpjdta... nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#1462 CNRS- 5 : Offline with vvl cetlod Task normal 2015 release-3.6 OFF
#1465 bug in CORE bulk formulae code davestorkey Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1467 on the use of mikt/u/v... nemo Defect normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1473 Temporary development branch to improve performance without/with ice shelf mathiot Enhancement normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1474 update IO for VVL compatibility nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#1479 Compilation error related to bdyice_lim.f90 (NEMO3.6 revision 5127) crlod Bug normal OCE
#1480 wmask is undefined for OFFLINE together with rn2b nemo Bug normal OFF
#1481 Ineffective update by adjoint of energy- and enstrophy-conserving vorticity trend computation during most time steps (when the variable-volume scheme is not enabled) nemo Bug normal TAM
#1485 Unable to use add_key for multiple keys nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1492 LIM3 future bug fix: heat budget nemo Bug normal OCE
#1493 CNRS-4: Stochastic parametrization of the effect of unresolved scales in the equation of state nemo Task normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1520 Straight Boundary Segments from Namelist causes Memory Error Crash nemo Bug normal OCE
#1522 Bad MPP decomposition with key_nemocice_decomp nemo Bug normal OCE
#1527 SETTE agrif failed in an INTEL (r5331) pabouttier Bug normal OCE
#1530 Failed compilation of AGRIF configuration in SETTE on ADA nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1532 Merge of branch dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy into the trunk. nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#1534 Compilation failed on ORCA2_LIM due to a bad argument in iom.F90 nemo Bug normal OCE
#1537 wrong C preprocessor directives. nemo Bug normal OCE
#1540 Tracer conservation (2): Surface vertical velocity with source terms in hdivn nemo Bug normal OCE
#1547 Uninitialised values in lim_thd_dif nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1552 the depth over which runoffs are distributed is not update if that depth is estimated from the runoff file nemo Bug normal OCE
#1559 Uninitialized gcx and gcxb arrays with AGRIF causes eratic crash at startup nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1562 fldread bug gmainsant Bug normal OCE
#1566 ORCA1 strait corrections have the wrong indices nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1593 dev CNRS-9 & NOC-3 --- lateral diffusion (LDF): simplification and improvements nemo Task normal OCE
#1600 memory leaks in NEMO3.6 stable mocavero Defect normal OCE
#1607 out-of-bound references in agrif_lim2_update (lim2_vp case) in trunk and v3_6_STABLE nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 AGRIF
#1608 dev CNRS-9 & NOC-3 --- vertical physics (ZDF) & transport (TRP) : simplification and improvements nemo Task normal OCE
#1613 dev NOC-3 --- Non-linear free surface as default nemo Task normal 2015 simplification OCE
#1629 Documentation of v3.6 STABLE systeam Task normal Documentation doc
#1631 Merge Trusting branch into trunk prior MP2015 nicolasmartin Task normal 2015 WP env
#1633 Wrong time stamp in tidal forcing update nemo Bug normal OCE
#1634 wrong diagnostic of the mixed layer depth mathiot Bug normal OCE
#1639 Reactivate Trusting on trunk prior MP2015 nemo Task normal 2015 WP env
#1645 river coupling with BFM does not work in v3_6_STABLE cetlod Defect normal TOP
#1649 tra_qsr_mean: restartability issue and some questions cetlod Defect normal 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1654 Wrong / missing computations of ice albedo in coupled mode nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1663 restartability issue if ln_isfdiv = false mathiot Bug normal OCE
#1664 dimensions were reversed in XIOS1 nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1672 Bug in the carbonate chemistry of PISCES nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1679 ROBUST-10 Evolution of NEMO CDE nicolasmartin Task normal 2016 WP env
#1683 SIMPLIF-1 : 2016 simplification & improvement gm Task normal Unscheduled OCE
#1686 Computed bbl diffusive coefficients & tracer conservation nemo Bug normal TOP
#1694 LIM3 bug: wrong value of fresh water budget sent to passive tracers (fmmflx) nemo Bug normal OCE
#1695 LIM3: ice thickness out of bounds at high resolution nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1696 ice-air coupling (LIM3). part1: snow blown by the winds nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1697 ice-air coupling (LIM3). part2: sublimation nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1742 BUG in TVD (FCT) with vvl (non linear free surface) in v3.6_stable (trunk) nemo Bug normal 2016 WP OCE
#1749 Reproducibility problem with flux form momentum advection jchanut Bug normal OCE
#1750 no-slip in AGRIF - nest boundaries in open ocean treated like coasts jchanut Defect normal AGRIF
#1755 variable partially uninitialized in traadv_tvd_zts nemo Bug normal OCE
#1758 namelist mangling: cfg does not always override ref nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 tools
#1766 Bugs in sbc_cpl nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1768 zdfric: momentum background viscosity propagates into tracer diffusivity nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1773 Restartabilty issues in TOP with vvl and/or diurnal cycle nemo Bug normal TOP
#1785 reproductibility with tke / dependence on the number of subdomains rbourdal Bug normal OCE
#1786 Missing deallocation of zav_tide in zdftmx.F90 acc Bug normal OCE
#1803 unallocated arrays nemo Bug normal OCE
#1804 BDY+tides do not work with ln_bt_fw=false nemo Bug normal OCE
#1813 north fold (MPP case) of I-point with F-pivot fails (e.g. ORCA05 + LIM2_VP) nemo Bug normal OCE
#1814 ENHANCE-01 New website nemo Task normal 2017 WP env
#1815 ENHANCE-03 New Users area in Trac nicolasmartin Task normal 2017 WP env
#1828 undefined rdttra in tranxt.F90 in dev_merge_2016 nemo Bug normal 2017 WP OCE
#1830 Problem with restart from another simulation nemo Bug normal OCE
#1832 TKE source for vertical mixing must be reduced under the sea-ice (TKE turbulent closure scheme) gm Defect normal OCE
#1834 Missing features in 3.6 stable nemo Defect normal OCE
#1837 Fix LIM2-VP for AGRIF nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1855 AGRIF reproducibility nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1857 ssh=0 in the corners with BDY gmattia Bug normal OCE
#1865 compiling trunk with key_agrif , now key_bdy has been removed jchanut Bug normal AGRIF
#1866 rnf_b and rnf are the same field in coupled mode - breaks restartability nemo Bug normal OCE
#1868 couple NEMO and CICE with OASIS andmirek Enhancement normal OCE
#1870 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF create restart files sciliberti Bug normal AGRIF
#1871 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF read mbathy and NOT bathy_level for agrif_create_restart sciliberti Bug normal AGRIF
#1875 Generation of 'nemo.exe' fails when both 'key_asminc' and 'key_zdftke' are defined nemo Bug normal OCE
#1877 Issues with NEMO tracer trends diagnostics to be used for CMIP6 jcastill Enhancement normal OCE
#1883 HPC-09_Gurvan — ZDF restructuration with reduced number of lbc_lnk call gm Task normal 2017 WP OCE
#1887 AGRIF tests failing with segmentation fault nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1917 TOP does not compile with AGRIF nemo Bug normal TOP
#1925 Update TOP modules for CMIP6 nemo Enhancement normal TOP
#1937 wrong heat budget of the leads in LIM3 clem Bug normal LIM3
#1941 TO DO list for the end of the 2017 merge party nemo Task normal 2017 WP OCE
#1943 HPC-02(2017WP)_Francesca Development of the NEMO hybrid parallel version based on MPI/OpenMP francesca Task normal 2018 WP OCE
#1954 Floating invalid in zdftmx gsamson Bug normal ZDF
#1963 CMIP6 / OMIP diagnostics of KE lateral/vertical dissipation and EKE to PE conversion when using EIV Defect normal OCE
#1964 CMIP6-OMIP diagnostics of KE lateral-vertical dissipation and EK-PE conversion with EIV Defect normal OCE
#1965 AGRIF3 Jerome-vvl jchanut Task normal 2017 WP AGRIF
#1970 AGRIF fails with two children grids presumable because of some XIOS error Bug normal AGRIF
#1973 Floating invalid in limvar.f90 and limthd_dh.f90 vancop Bug normal LIM3
#1974 Bug in PISCES : a pointer array in not deallocated Bug normal PISCES
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