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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2 bugfix in the wind stress computation when using seaice somebody Bug normal OCE
#11 replace qt by qns somebody Bug normal OCE
#16 correction of aggregation of small into large particles somebody Bug high TOP
#18 correction of prepocessing syntax somebody Bug highest TOP
#20 trunk: change the second ztrdu(:,:,:) field into ztrdv(:,:,:) when calling trd_mod subroutine for the planetary vorticity trend in dynvor.F90 somebody Bug normal OCE
#21 No check of variable names when reading input data files somebody Bug normal OCE
#22 obcsurftot not initialized in obcini somebody Bug highest OCE
#23 iom_rstdimg.F90 : bug in restart name somebody Bug normal OCE
#24 Bug in iom_open with key_dimgout : mask_xxxx.dimg pb smasson Bug normal OCE
#26 launch properly jobs interactively somebody Bug low env
#29 transfrom nn_sss, nn_sst into nn_sssr, nn_ssstr respectively and add the unit conversion of deds factor somebody Bug low OCE
#30 remove the "mask multiplication" (1- frld()) applied to field tprecip when computing emp field in limsbc.F90 and change CALL flx_blk_albedo into CALL blk_albedo somebody Bug low OCE
#31 move the CALL ice_init line into sbcice_lim.F90 module and remove it from opa.F90 somebody Bug low OCE
#32 PRIVATE/PUBLIC specifications in iom.F90 somebody Bug low OCE
#33 Error in the lance_batch.ksh script when substitue $LAUN variable somebody Bug low env
#34 Bad time step for re-initialization of ssx_m() arrays somebody Bug normal OCE
#35 ssst_m() array must be in ° Kelvin instead of °Celcius in the Thermodynamics part of limthd.F90 somebody Bug normal LIM2
#37 Add CALL day(-1) sequence to initialize the calendar somebody Bug normal OCE
#38 Use the previous version TURB_CORE_1Z from the reference which keep same results somebody Bug normal OCE
#40 Bug witj agrif in dicvcur.F90 rblod Bug normal AGRIF
#50 Compilation error in MPI related to the initrc.F90 module ctlod Bug highest TOP
#51 Problem for the restartability of the GYRE_LOBSTER configuration ctlod Bug low TOP
#54 use M_K variable to use appropriate makefile name depending the target somebody Bug low env
#55 allow good date when perfoming restarts nemo Bug normal OCE
#56 Remove useless CALL day(nit000) in opa.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#57 use (:,:) instead of (ji,jj) in the computation of p_qla(:,:) field in sbcblk_core.F90 nemo Bug normal OCE
#58 apply (1. - frld) to tprecip(:,:) field when computing emp(:,:) final field ctlod Bug normal OCE
#59 correct wrong sign of lbc_lnk on scalar variables in limwri.F90 ctlod Bug low LIM2
#62 problem in the computation of dqla_ice(:,:), fr1_i0(:,:) fr2_i0(:,:) fields in CORE bulk formulae ctlod Bug normal OCE
#63 dev_001_SBC: problem in the computation of p_dqla(:,:), prf1(:,:) p_fr2(:,:) fields in CORE bulk formulae ctlod Bug normal OCE
#66 missing continuation sign & in the computation of dqla_ice(:,:) in flx_core.h90 ctlod Bug high OCE
#68 NVTK: correct bugs related to the launch of jobs nemo Bug normal env
#69 bug in calculating the Richardson number in zdfkpp.F90 gm Bug normal OCE
#73 tradmp.F90 never called when using AGRIF because lk_tradmp is set to FALSE in agrif-user.F90 nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#75 Add sxyice(:,:,:) and sye(:,:,:,:) missing fields in sea-ice restart files to ensure the restartability ctlod Bug low LIM3
#78 BUGS lim_rhg in LIM3 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#79 small bug in limthd_lac, LIM3 nemo Bug low LIM3
#80 Use ctlopen subroutine to open sea-ice namelist file nemo Bug highest LIM3
#81 Correct lines which do not compile on IBM nemo Bug normal LIM3
#82 To ensure the restartability with LIM 3.0 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#84 change the starting/ending LOBSTER do loop indices nemo Bug normal TOP
#85 bug in computation of ocean volume in case of degrad option nemo Bug normal TOP
#86 initialisation of CFC : add the key_cfc to take it into account nemo Bug normal TOP
#87 suppression of trb=trn to ensure restartability of passive tracer models nemo Bug normal TOP
#88 include the USE of the PISCES module - p4zprg - in the main program of passive tracer model nemo Bug normal TOP
#97 dev_001_SBC: use correct component (ztio_v(:,:) instead ztio_u) when computing ice_ocean stress zvtau(:,:) at U-point nemo Bug normal OCE
#98 Bound the latent heat flux over sea-ice to avoid negative values (CLIO bulk) nemo Bug low OCE
#101 Bug in zdfkpp? nemo Bug low OCE
#102 dev_001_SBC: apply the sea-ice velocity mask tmu(:,:) to the mean ocean velocities [uv]i_oce nemo Bug low OCE
#105 MPI implementation in AGRIF/modmpp.F nemo Bug low AGRIF
#109 Bug in namelist ORCA2 v2.3 with key_flx_core - will be irrelevant with new SBC module nemo Bug low OCE
#116 MPI bsend nemo Bug low OCE
#118 trazdf_imp and key_ldf_slp nemo Bug normal OCE
#119 restart with agrif nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#120 correct the name of a dummy subroutine in limitd_me.F90 nemo Bug low LIM3
#121 remove the sdvt(:,:) variable which is not initialized at all but is used in the computation of the friction velocity ust2s(:,:) nemo Bug normal OCE
#124 trcrst.F90 : division by zero in at the end of trc_rst_wri nemo Bug normal TOP
#127 Arrays goout of bounds nemo Bug normal OCE
#129 Use of F95 signed zero causes incorrect results nemo Bug normal OCE
#130 Hardwired arguments in call to prihre in domzgr::zgr_zps cause out-of-bounds errors ctlod Bug low OCE
#131 move the set to zero of qsr(:,:) (when more than 50% of sea-ice) from sbcblk_clio.F90 into sbcice_lim.F90 necessary for the freeze(:,:) array when making restarts nemo Bug normal OCE
#132 Runoff not defined in traadv_cen2 nemo Bug normal OCE
#133 AGRIF vs SBC nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#135 change key_cfg_1d to key_c1d and key_passivetrc to key_top cetlod Bug low C1D
#148 call the routine sbc_ice_lim with the right arguments if key_lim3 not activated cetlod Bug highest OCE
#153 minor compilation bugs nemo Bug low OCE
#154 lwp logical in wrong place in LIM3 limtrp.F90 ctlod Bug low LIM3
#156 TOP : trcdmp module : mis use of ndmp and nmldmp (instead of ndmptr nmldmptr) molines@… Bug low TOP
#157 add a missing USE lib_mpp in initrc.F90 nemo Bug low TOP
#160 nemo trunk : CPP syntax error (ifort compiler) in various modules nemo Bug high OCE
#171 re-organization of TOP initialization and outputs phases cetlod Bug low TOP
#178 trunk: remove the treshold step of qsr in LIM 2.0 when there is more than 50% of sea-ice since it is useless nemo Bug low LIM2
#179 trunk: avoid warning message at compilation step when not using BDY package and duplicated lines zhdiv(ji,jj) = 0.e0 nemo Bug low OCE
#181 local computation of freezing point in trcadv_cen2.F90 routine cetlod Bug highest TOP
#182 update trcstp.F90 routine according to new TOP re-organization cetlod Bug normal TOP
#186 trunk: correct syntax in an IF statement of jobs nemo Bug low env
#187 trunk: solve one compilation error and one warning message when key_noslip_accurate is active nemo Bug low OCE
#189 trunk: make the CALL sbc_rnf() before the CALL sbc_ssr() since rnfmsk(:,:) array is used in sbcssr.F90, so it must be filled nemo Bug low OCE
#192 trunk: remove characters ^M at lines end nemo Bug low TOP
#194 LIM-2 damping option nemo Bug low LIM2
#198 trunk: add prints for the tracer.stat file in BIO_xxx.ksh scripts nemo Bug low env
#199 sbcblk_core.F90 : division by 0 in blk_ice_core nemo Bug highest OCE
#202 Bug in key_vvl with ln_trazdf=T and OBC, BDY or AGRIF zoom nemo Bug normal OCE
#203 minor bug in tranpc.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#206 Bug in indices nemo Bug low LIM3
#209 Bug in domvvl : wrong e3u e3v and e3f scale factors + change name of mut to ee_t nemo Bug high OCE
#211 compilation error when key_trddyn is active related to the dynamics advection flux formulation nemo Bug low OCE
#215 trunk: change the name of a variable zntotime into totime which already exists nemo Bug low OCE
#216 daymod reorganization nemo Bug highest OCE
#218 fldread able to switch between several files nemo Bug highest OCE
#221 trunk: correct passive tracers restart files name in NVTK job job_GYRE_LOBSTER.ksh nemo Bug low env
#226 zdfddm.F90 old bug not corrected ... nemo Bug low OCE
#227 wrong interpolation for Levitus climatologies ctlod Bug low OCE
#230 do while loop never done in sbcrnf.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#231 Forward time stepping in dynspg_ts nemo Bug low OCE
#233 bottom friction issue... nemo Bug low OCE
#235 Incorrect sign used when applying empold correction to freshwater budget nemo Bug normal OCE
#236 emps should be set in sbcflx nemo Bug low OCE
#237 Undefined behaviour writing to ocean.output from multiple pes nemo Bug normal OCE
#238 Increase of avmb / avtb in zdf_tke_init nemo Bug low OCE
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