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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#640 Add the possibility to read both of old/new format of the mesmask nemo Enhancement low OFF
#641 Improvment of namelist for PISCES model nemo Enhancement low TOP
#642 ORCA2_LIM: correct the est-west periodicity for runoffs & coef in the standard input file available in ORCA2_LIM_nemo_v3_2.tar nemo Bug low OCE
#643 Cleaning TOP routines nemo Enhancement low TOP
#644 Re-organisation of restart part of TOP component nemo Enhancement low TOP
#648 missing east and north bmask in obcini nemo Bug low OCE
#649 Read 3D files with fldread.F90 ( like Levitus), Mercator contribution nemo Enhancement low OCE
#650 Read 3D files (like Levitus) with fldread.F90 cbricaud Task low OCE
#654 change opa9.driver and opa9.card to do Interannual run with PeriodLength != 1 nemo Enhancement low OCE
#655 domwri.F90: files are not closed if nmsh > 3 smasson Bug low OCE
#656 trc_oce.F90 : wrong tabulated R-G-B attenuation coef nemo Bug low OCE
#658 OPA documentation phasing gm Task low OCE
#659 ldfdyn changes to allow mixed laplacian/bilaplacian lateral diffusion on momentum edblockley Task low OCE
#661 Improve PISCES model nemo Enhancement low TOP
#666 removed bad sed (used in developing phase) in opa9.driver nemo Defect low OCE
#668 lib_mpp and north fold condition nemo Bug low OCE
#669 Agrif update of ssh dupontf Bug low AGRIF
#670 LIM-3: small bug in latent heat of solid precipitation melting nemo Bug low LIM3
#671 mbathy(:,:) field is not initialised when going through the zgr_bat_ctl subroutine in partial cells rblod Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#672 Ticket example nemo Bug low OCE
#673 AGRIF and OBC rblod Bug low AGRIF
#675 Missing salt flux into the ocean when using vvl and sea-ice acc Bug low OCE
#676 open an fcm branch flavoni Task low OCE
#677 mpp reproducibility rblod Task low OCE
#678 LIM2 reproducibility problems nemo Bug low LIM2
#679 mpp scalability acc Task low OCE
#680 lateral ocean physics acc Task low OCE
#681 Providing OBS and ASM functionality rblod Task low OCE
#683 problem with file "read" only in opa9.driver nemo Enhancement low OCE
#684 Mid-year merge branch acc Task low OCE
#685 preparing branch to use FCM to compile nemo Task low env
#686 vvl and zco nemo Bug low OCE
#687 MERCATOR.5 — GLS Vertical scheme nemo Task low OCE
#689 OBC in nemo_v3_2_1 nemo Bug low OCE
#690 segmentation fault in prtctl.F90( nemo_v3_2_1) nemo Bug low OCE
#691 trcctl_my_trc.F90 : bug in compilation (nemo_v3_2_1) nemo Bug low TOP
#692 obc_par without key_agrif in nemo_v3_2_1 nemo Bug low OCE
#693 Merge of active and passive tracer advection/diffusion modules nemo Enhancement low OCE
#694 Encapsulate active and passive trends in one module nemo Enhancement low OCE
#695 Reorganisation of the initialisation phase nemo Enhancement low OCE
#696 update NVTK/fait_AA_make nemo Defect low env
#697 NVTK update to use nemo_v3_2 and IOMPUT nemo Enhancement low env
#698 Compiling NEMO with key_agrif option (pgf90) sga Defect low AGRIF
#699 Compilation error in SBC/sbccpl.F90 (LIM2 config) nemo Bug low OCE
#700 Improve CFC and Bomb C14 models nemo Bug low TOP
#701 Improve the merge TRA-TRC nemo Task low TOP
#702 Re-organisation of OFFLINE nemo Task low OFF
#703 GLS Vertical scheme Patrick Hyder Task low OCE
#704 EVP rheology in LIM2 gurvan madec Task low LIM2
#705 LIM3+coupled mode: Compilation error in sbccpl.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#706 "weekly file" option in fldread nemo Task low OCE
#710 sbc_ana: emp/emps drift with time nemo Bug low OCE
#712 index not declared in ldfdyn_c1d.h90 nemo Bug low OCE
#713 AGRIF problem -- reads zero ICs salinity nemo Defect low AGRIF
#714 bad if-condition in obcrad nemo Bug low OCE
#715 Definition of obctmsk in obcini.F90 depending on a IF-condition nemo Bug low OCE
#716 dimension declarion in obc_oce.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#717 Improve the merge TRA-TRC nemo Task low OCE
#718 updates to BDY module rblod Task low OCE
#719 minor bugfixes in the coupled interface nemo Bug low OCE
#721 Create a branch for 2010 Paris developments nemo Task low OCE
#723 sshn_b not initialized with key_dynspg_ts nemo Bug low OCE
#724 commit of idl tools for post processing for ORCA2_LIM configuration nemo Enhancement low env
#725 Atmopsheric pressure forcing: 2010 task Mercator 4 nemo Task low OCE
#726 Error in Qsr when using key_vvl nemo Bug low OCE
#727 wrong cpu ranking of iom_put files (coupled mode only) nemo Bug low OCE
#728 cannot create NetCDF files larger than 2Gb smasson Bug low OCE
#730 diurnal cycle of qsr from daily values smasson Enhancement low OCE
#732 day restart defined and written at the same time step nemo Bug low OCE
#733 Development branch for the merge of ukmo, mercator and nocs 2010 developments acc Task low OCE
#734 branch for v3.3 beta nemo Enhancement low OCE
#735 restart and gls nemo Bug low OCE
#736 loop in flather nemo Bug low OCE
#737 bug in sbcfwb nemo Bug low OCE
#738 rau0 nemo Bug low OCE
#739 typos in TRP/trctrp_ctl.F90 nemo Bug low TOP
#740 options improvement in makenemo script nemo Enhancement low env
#741 lim_dia works in MPP nemo Enhancement low LIM3
#742 suppress tke_old nemo Bug low OCE
#743 choose one option for mpp rep nemo Enhancement low OCE
#744 typo in trcdia nemo Bug low TOP
#745 shift in time in fldread nemo Bug low OCE
#746 compilation error for lim2 nemo Bug low OCE
#747 fldread indexing error for interpolation on the fly sga@… Bug low OCE
#749 Remove diagap from v3.3 beta nemo Defect low OCE
#750 Remove diahdy from v3.3 beta nemo Defect low OCE
#752 first draft for new NVTK : SET TEsts for nemo (SETTE) nemo Enhancement low env
#754 Added NetCDF4 chunking and compression support to v3.3beta acc Enhancement low OCE
#757 LIM-2 - bulk CLIO bug in surface ice stress (sbcblk_clio.F90) nemo Bug low OCE
#758 ORCA1 support and alternative vertical levels acc Enhancement low OCE
#759 diaptr (heat & salt transport): rewriting including dynamical allocation + DOCTOR names nemo Enhancement low OCE
#760 Re-organisation of 1D vertical configuration nemo Enhancement low C1D
#763 suppression of obsolete grid point type ('S' & 'G') in the north fold treatment nemo Enhancement low OCE
#765 Creation of LBC directory, move of istate.F90 in DOM nemo Enhancement low OCE
#767 BUG: in zdfbrf.F90 and dynbfr.F90 (also impact dynspg_ts.F90) nemo Bug low OCE
#768 warning at run time step when using old TKE scheme due to the namelist parameter rn_bshear associated the the default TKE scheme cetlod Bug low OCE
#769 useless (?) parameter nn_dynhpg_rst to ensure restartability when using implicit HPG nemo Enhancement low OCE
#770 Added ORCA1 option to ldfdyn_c3d.h90 acc Enhancement low OCE
#771 Bug in traldf_iso.F90 in the AR5 diagnostics nemo Bug low OCE
#772 compilation without key_ldfslp nemo Bug low OCE
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