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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#669 Agrif update of ssh dupontf Bug low AGRIF
#670 LIM-3: small bug in latent heat of solid precipitation melting nemo Bug low LIM3
#672 Ticket example nemo Bug low OCE
#673 AGRIF and OBC rblod Bug low AGRIF
#675 Missing salt flux into the ocean when using vvl and sea-ice acc Bug low OCE
#678 LIM2 reproducibility problems nemo Bug low LIM2
#682 bug in diaar5 nemo Bug normal OCE
#686 vvl and zco nemo Bug low OCE
#688 OBC + AGRIF in nemo_v3_2_1: requires fixes nemo Bug high OCE
#689 OBC in nemo_v3_2_1 nemo Bug low OCE
#690 segmentation fault in prtctl.F90( nemo_v3_2_1) nemo Bug low OCE
#691 trcctl_my_trc.F90 : bug in compilation (nemo_v3_2_1) nemo Bug low TOP
#692 obc_par without key_agrif in nemo_v3_2_1 nemo Bug low OCE
#699 Compilation error in SBC/sbccpl.F90 (LIM2 config) nemo Bug low OCE
#700 Improve CFC and Bomb C14 models nemo Bug low TOP
#705 LIM3+coupled mode: Compilation error in sbccpl.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#707 obcdyn_bt is asking for an unknown module nemo Bug normal OCE
#708 unset index in obcfla nemo Bug normal OCE
#710 sbc_ana: emp/emps drift with time nemo Bug low OCE
#712 index not declared in ldfdyn_c1d.h90 nemo Bug low OCE
#714 bad if-condition in obcrad nemo Bug low OCE
#715 Definition of obctmsk in obcini.F90 depending on a IF-condition nemo Bug low OCE
#716 dimension declarion in obc_oce.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#719 minor bugfixes in the coupled interface nemo Bug low OCE
#723 sshn_b not initialized with key_dynspg_ts nemo Bug low OCE
#726 Error in Qsr when using key_vvl nemo Bug low OCE
#727 wrong cpu ranking of iom_put files (coupled mode only) nemo Bug low OCE
#728 cannot create NetCDF files larger than 2Gb smasson Bug low OCE
#732 day restart defined and written at the same time step nemo Bug low OCE
#735 restart and gls nemo Bug low OCE
#736 loop in flather nemo Bug low OCE
#737 bug in sbcfwb nemo Bug low OCE
#738 rau0 nemo Bug low OCE
#739 typos in TRP/trctrp_ctl.F90 nemo Bug low TOP
#742 suppress tke_old nemo Bug low OCE
#744 typo in trcdia nemo Bug low TOP
#745 shift in time in fldread nemo Bug low OCE
#746 compilation error for lim2 nemo Bug low OCE
#747 fldread indexing error for interpolation on the fly sga@… Bug low OCE
#748 dynspg_ts and vvl nemo Bug high OCE
#751 cleaning/debug of fldread nemo Bug normal OCE
#753 compilation with AGRIF nemo Bug high AGRIF
#755 Compilation error due to modifications related to NetCDF4 chunking, See ticket #754 acc Bug highest OCE
#757 LIM-2 - bulk CLIO bug in surface ice stress (sbcblk_clio.F90) nemo Bug low OCE
#761 Critical Error on IDRIS/IBM SP6 ( fortran compiler xlf version ? ) somebody Bug high OCE
#762 BUG in wind stress over ice when NEC computer + CORE bulk formulae nemo Bug high OCE
#764 sbcfwb: control of option at the wrong place (Pb in MPP) nemo Bug lowest OCE
#767 BUG: in zdfbrf.F90 and dynbfr.F90 (also impact dynspg_ts.F90) nemo Bug low OCE
#768 warning at run time step when using old TKE scheme due to the namelist parameter rn_bshear associated the the default TKE scheme cetlod Bug low OCE
#771 Bug in traldf_iso.F90 in the AR5 diagnostics nemo Bug low OCE
#772 compilation without key_ldfslp nemo Bug low OCE
#773 bugs in nesting tools nemo Bug low AGRIF
#775 bug in multi-year outputs frequency nemo Bug low OCE
#778 choice of vertical physic in trczdf nemo Bug low OCE
#779 v33b: bugs in libmpp nemo Bug normal OCE
#780 zdfgls: error in bottom friction formulation nemo Bug low OCE
#781 Reopening of Ticket #777? nemo Bug normal OCE
#782 domzgr with minimum depth in level nemo Bug normal OCE
#783 domzgr follow-on nemo Bug high OCE
#786 meridional bottom friction nemo Bug normal OCE
#788 dupplicate code in obc_ini nemo Bug high OCE
#790 v3.3 beta: small bug in changeset 2370 (ice-ocean stress computed at each kt) nemo Bug low LIM2
#791 rename nwritedia to nn_writedia nemo Bug low TOP
#793 Salinity & Temperature transport in diaptr.F90 when using Gent & Mc Williams parameterization nemo Bug low OCE
#794 Compilation fails for mod_mpi_buffer_client (XMLIO_SERVER) nemo Bug low OCE
#795 limwri_2.F90: wrong average for EVP (NEMO_3.3) nemo Bug low LIM2
#797 should not open existing file in writing mode nemo Bug low OCE
#798 few bugfixes in OPA_TAM 3.0 Bug low TAM
#799 small conductivity bug dupontf Bug low LIM3
#800 bug in tra_zdf_imp.F90 cetlod Bug low OCE
#803 Missing dummy routine in ldfslp.F90 acc Bug low OCE
#804 limdmp_2 probable bug nemo Bug low LIM2
#807 ASSIM: bug in sshwzv.F90 wrong place for ssha update in vvl case gm Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#809 obcdta.F90 index nemo Bug low OCE
#810 model stops a few time steps before the end nemo Bug high OCE
#811 Barotropic trend in dynnxt nemo Bug normal OCE
#812 dynspg_ts again nemo Bug normal OCE
#814 bug with work_2d_xx in sbcblk_core.F90 when ln_2m=true cbricaud Bug low OCE
#816 advection schemes and dynamic memory nemo Bug normal OCE
#817 LIM3 is not compiling and not running in v3_2_2 and v3_3_1 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#818 bug in obcdta.F90 nemo Bug normal OCE
#821 Sediment mode does not work with nemo_v3_3 nemo Bug low TOP
#822 Compilation fails with OFFLINE when key_ldfslp is not activated nemo Bug low OFF
#823 OFFLINE: bug in bbl diffusive coefficient nemo Bug low OFF
#825 incompatibility between iomserver and intrinsic functions pack/unpack nemo Bug low OCE
#826 missing some output files created with iom nemo Bug low OCE
#827 AGRIF SSH artifical outliers in the base model ebehrens Bug normal AGRIF
#830 Minor bug in PISCES/p4zsed.F90 nemo Bug low TOP
#831 ghost line not passed across processors in SUBROUTINE zgr_sco of domzgr.F90 acc Bug normal OCE
#832 Missing brackets in volume filter correction calculation when computing before scale factor at u/v points (key_vvl) acc Bug normal OCE
#833 bug when computing basin average properties for tracers nemo Bug low OCE
#834 runoff in the depth nemo Bug low OCE
#835 no dffusion option nemo Bug low OCE
#837 wrong name of some output files nemo Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#840 pathy outputfiles with 1 daily write frequence velocity fields in NEST only nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#841 NEMO/OFFLINE : The model does not work when ln_zco is activated nemo Bug low OFF
#847 update of TS with agrif nemo Bug high AGRIF
#849 dynamic allocation in limrhg_2 nemo Bug high LIM2
#855 Update substepping for TOP routines to VN 3.3.1 cetlod Bug low TOP
#857 Restarting when using BDY in 3.3.1 nemo Bug normal OCE
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