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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#858 Bug in thermal conductivity computation for Pringle version vancop Bug normal LIM3
#860 Unallocated arrays qrp and erp sometimes passed from dia_wri to histwrite gm Bug low OCE
#862 LIM2 VP/EVP initialisation and allocation corrections acc Bug low OCE
#872 sbcblk_clio.F90: bug in dynamic allocation. nemo Bug highest OCE
#873 bug in diaptr nemo Bug low OCE
#875 Bug in ORCA1 configuration. nemo Bug low OCE
#882 Bug in z index in ldf_slp_mxl() in ldfslp.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#883 MERCATOR_2011_MERGE nemo Bug low OCE
#886 switching to traldf_hor gives unphysical results in GYRE configuration nemo Bug normal OCE
#897 Bug freshwater flux vancop Bug low LIM3
#898 Latent heat flux capping in LIM3 vancop Bug low LIM3
#899 trasbc with key_vvl nemo Bug normal OCE
#900 Bug in OBC when performing multi year runs (obcdta.F90) nemo Bug low OCE
#901 diaharm cbricaud Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#902 Bug in new dynamic memory handling in NEMOGCM/NEMO/LIM_SRC_2/limrhg_2.F90, nemo Bug low OCE
#904 3.4beta : dom_zgr, wrong output to numout nemo Bug low OCE
#906 3.4beta : Bug in dtatsd.F90 : ierr1 and ierr3 not initialized nemo Bug low OCE
#907 3.4beta : limwri_dimg.h90 rcmoy not initialized molines Bug low OCE
#908 3.4beta : compilation with key_lim2 && key_lim2_vp nemo Bug low OCE
#910 Cannot download Nemo cod nemo Bug low doc
#912 diaptr_init and timing nemo Bug low OCE
#913 vvl not running in pure zco nemo Bug low OCE
#914 3.4beta: compilation without key_ldfslp fails (traldf_iso_grif) nemo Bug low OCE
#915 3.4beta : sbcana : some variables are unititialized after restart. nemo Bug low OCE
#916 3.4beta : trcdia.F90 kindinc not initialized nemo Bug low TOP
#917 bug for the variable psi in zdfgls.F90 cbricaud Bug low OCE
#918 zdf restart issue nemo Bug low OCE
#919 array out of bound in diafwb nemo Bug low OCE
#921 agrif in 3_4_beta nemo Bug normal OCE
#922 bug in the computation of the south boundary indexes using the bdy package cbricaud Bug low OCE
#923 missing lbc_lnk in the routine traadv_qck.F90 cbricaud Bug low OCE
#924 bug in traadv_qck.F90 cbricaud Bug low OCE
#925 timing module causes crash at end of run nemo Bug low OCE
#926 NEMO_book.pdf : references are invisible gm Bug low doc
#928 Bugs in TOP mixed layer trend diagnostics nemo Bug low TOP
#929 Minor bugs in TOP nemo Bug low TOP
#930 Bug in PISCES mixed-layer trends diagnostics nemo Bug low TOP
#931 pH is not well diagnosed in PISCES model nemo Bug low TOP
#934 bug in zdfddm nemo Bug low OCE
#935 uninitialized variable in LIM3 advection nemo Bug low LIM3
#936 bugs & reproducibility in closea nemo Bug low OCE
#940 Uninitialized flag for rotation in structure FLD of fld_read smasson Bug normal OCE
#947 Incorrect values in some diaptr output charris Bug low OCE
#948 Uncorrect REBUILD for restart file with only ocean subdomains nemo Bug high OCE
#949 memory leak in limthd_dif nemo Bug highest LIM3
#950 test run for ORCA2_LIM_PISCES CONFIGURATION nemo Bug low OCE
#951 typo in bdyice_lim2.F90 davestorkey Bug low OCE
#952 vvl and flux formulation nemo Bug low OCE
#954 Bug in zdftke, zdfgls when used with zdfevd convection rbourdal Bug low OCE
#955 avmu & avmv computation problem for the NEMO1D case rbourdal Bug high C1D
#956 problem in NEMO1D if bathy file is read rbourdal Bug normal C1D
#957 Bug in obcdta : wrong index in allocation nemo Bug low OCE
#958 strange behaviour or bug in fldread under some circumstances : smasson Bug low OCE
#960 Bug in trdmld & trdmld_trc - time step control gm Bug low OCE
#962 Bug in zgr_sco missing lbc exchanges incorrect halo zeroing acc Bug low OCE
#963 bug in limdmp_2.F90 : wrong variable used. gm Bug low LIM2
#967 Incorrect scale factors in diagnosed mass transport and vertical eiv agn Bug low OCE
#973 Bug in PISCES : a pointer array in not deallocated nemo Bug low TOP
#975 Bug in sbccpl.F90 when sending stresses to T-grid. nemo Bug low OCE
#976 PISCES namelist correction nemo Bug low TOP
#977 MPI_GROUP_MAX exceeded when running with LIM3 acc Bug low OCE
#978 bug in volume flux correction for BDY davestorkey Bug low OCE
#979 bugfixes in TOP when 3D trends diagnostics are actived nemo Bug low TOP
#980 Bugs in Pressure Jacobian Horizontal Pressure Gradient (HPG) hliu Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#981 pointer association in wkr_nemo.F90 breaks with ifort nemo Bug normal OCE
#982 mpp_sum call with complex argument nemo Bug normal OCE
#983 tide_mod compilation breaks caused by private tide type in ifort cbricaud Bug low OCE
#986 diadct: correct bugs on directions cbricaud Bug low OCE
#995 bug in limtrp gm Bug low LIM3
#996 SIGN function in f2003 rblod Bug low OCE
#997 Heat flux arrays not initialised in LIM3 vancop Bug normal LIM3
#999 Bug in TOP/trcsbc.F90 module : the mass flux associated with runoff should not be included in surface boundary condition when coupling online with dynamics cetlod Bug low TOP
#1002 Branch for all CMCC 2012 developments vichi Bug low OCE
#1008 NEMOTAM and GYRE config : problem in rnf variables allocation nemo Bug low TAM
#1010 Long lines in TAM 3.4 nemo Bug low TAM
#1011 Bug in PISCES : trb values used in p4zsink2 are wrong nemo Bug low TOP
#1012 [TAM] segfault due to a lack of compilation option (with ifort) nemo Bug low TAM
#1013 Missing allocation/deallocation in TAM routines nemo Bug low TAM
#1015 Need to update namelist for ORCA2_TAM nemo Bug low TAM
#1016 Minor bug in XMLIO_SERVER/src/IOSERVER/mod_mpi_buffer_client.F90 (ifort) vichi Bug low OCE
#1022 Missing allocation for sbcssr_tam variables nemo Bug low TAM
#1023 Use ikum1 and ikvm1 in zpshde_tam nemo Bug low TAM
#1024 Multiple allocation of the same variables in tam_trj.F90 nemo Bug low TAM
#1026 Missing allocation for sbc_ice variables in TAM nemo Bug low TAM
#1029 agrif and obc rblod Bug normal OCE
#1030 agrif and solver arrays rblod Bug low OCE
#1031 long lines in agrif_opa_sponge nemo Bug low OCE
#1033 bug in diahth.F90 nemo Bug lowest Unscheduled OCE
#1034 Missplacing of the call to lbc_lnk in the bdy_tra epico Bug low OCE
#1038 Array zblcs has undefined type when key_zdfddm is not enabled. gm Bug low OCE
#1039 double allocation of array in dynvor (vor_een) flavoni Bug low OCE
#1040 NaNs originating in sbcdcy (diurnal cycle) at some points in space and time nemo Bug normal OCE
#1041 Corrected diagnostic for the ice shear rate gm Bug low LIM3
#1043 wrong sign of depth-int isoneutral-diffusive heat flux somehdif acc Bug low OCE
#1046 Compilation fails for NEMO v3.4.1 with LIM3 gm Bug highest OCE
#1048 some multiplications by rn_pfac are missing in qns computation in sbcblk_core cbricaud Bug normal OCE
#1049 Correct ei factors in traadv_eiv nemo Bug low OCE
#1050 PISCES doesn't compile when using Kriest parameterisation for sinking particles nemo Bug low TOP
#1051 Compilation fails for v3.5 alpha with LIM3 (dev_MERGE_2012) gm Bug low OCE
#1053 Bug in UBS for tracers gm Bug normal OCE
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