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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1054 Artificial ice source in limupdate.F90 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1055 dom_vvl_2 with vvl and s-coordinates jchanut Bug low OCE
#1056 failed compilation with gfortran icb_oce.F90 dev_MERGE_2012 nemo Bug highest OCE
#1057 Bug in mppini_2.h90 which can result in communication deadlock with some partitioning (mainly evident at high processor counts) acc Bug low OCE
#1058 pb with ln_loglayer and minimum background coefficient hliu Bug normal OCE
#1059 Wrong scale factors with key_vvl in dynspg_flt.F90 and bdydyn.F90 jchanut Bug low OCE
#1061 Bug in offline data management : nemo_v3_4 stable version nemo Bug low OFF
#1062 issue with GRIDGEN tool nemo Bug low Unscheduled tools
#1063 bug related to Fe hydrothermal vents in PISCES nemo Bug low TOP
#1064 Issues with River code nemo Bug low OCE
#1067 Minor bugs in mesozoo mortality in PISCES nemo Bug low TOP
#1072 Calculation of griffies triads in ML gives NaNs where ML hits bottom George Nurser Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1073 compilation 3.5alpha with AGRIF and XIOS fails nemo Bug low OCE
#1075 Missing parameter in namelist_top nemo Bug low TOP
#1077 SAS : bug fixes in SAS_SRC : diawri.F90 and sbcssm.F90 clevy Bug low OCE
#1078 ice embedded/vvl in NEMO3.5 nemo Bug low OCE
#1080 minor bug in diadct.F90 : ice_3 module does not exist nemo Bug low OCE
#1081 missing namelist &namberg in namelist file ORCA2_LIM_CFC_C14b/EXP00/namelist clevy Bug low OCE
#1082 Error when interpolating atmospheric pco2 in PISCES nemo Bug low TOP
#1083 Bug in damping of passive tracers nemo Bug low TOP
#1084 Zonal mean salinity not calculated in diaptr code charris Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1086 PGI compiler fails to compile icbrst.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1087 Bug in ASM/asminc.F90 : wrong depth in freezing point calculation nemo Bug low OCE
#1091 compile pb using key_agrif and key_nosignedzero nemo Bug low OCE
#1093 Minor changes in limrhg.F90 gm Bug low LIM3
#1094 lim_wri should not be called with key_iomput defined gm Bug normal LIM3
#1095 Bugfixes for the ORCA2_SAS_LIM configuration clevy Bug low OCE
#1096 Missing subroutines for C1D case in lbclnk nemo Bug low C1D
#1097 bug in bdy_ice_frs (bdyice_lim2.F90) jamesharle Bug low OCE
#1098 DOM/domzgr.F90 nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1099 Bugfix in PISCES nemo Bug low TOP
#1100 Bugfix : freezing/melting flux for PISCES nemo Bug low TOP
#1103 mask send to IOM is wrong (ln_mskland=TRUE) nemo Bug normal Unscheduled OCE
#1105 bugs in BDY at NEMO 3.4 nemo Bug low OCE
#1106 bugs in BDY module at NEMO 3.5 alpha davestorkey Bug low OCE
#1107 Bug in sbc_cpl_init when running with no ice model charris Bug low OCE
#1108 wrong variable name in namelist_ice_lim2 nemo Bug low OCE
#1109 bugs in diaptr.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1110 array not allocated in sbccpl nemo Bug low OCE
#1111 error in the conv of AGRIF nemo Bug high AGRIF
#1112 conficting ztab delaration in lib_mpp nemo Bug low OCE
#1118 coef error in dynadv_ubs.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1120 Agulhas agrif zoom clevy Bug low AGRIF
#1121 OBC in parallel epico Bug low OCE
#1125 Allocate pb in geo2ocean smasson Bug low OCE
#1128 Agrif sponge nemo Bug low AGRIF
#1129 Agrif and s-coordinates nemo Bug low AGRIF
#1130 bug in PISCES - new iron chemistry nemo Bug low Unscheduled TOP
#1131 PISCES : minor bug in iron budget calculation nemo Bug low TOP
#1132 missing variable definition nemo Bug low OCE
#1135 force the model to stop correctly nemo Bug low OCE
#1136 Limited use of nn_fsbc (and nn_dttrc) due to set_xmlatt bug hadcv Bug low OCE
#1139 fr1_i0 and fr2_i0 not always properly allocated smasson Bug low OCE
#1141 Out of bounds in closea.F90/clo_rnf smasson Bug highest OCE
#1147 New ice salinity can be higher than ocean salinity vancop Bug low LIM3
#1153 bad initialisation of sea surface mean fields when restarting nemo Bug low OCE
#1156 a_i not always defined in sbcice_if smasson Bug low OCE
#1157 Changes to allow C1D configuration to be run with detached XIOS hadcv Bug low C1D
#1160 Update the diagnostics of global conservation nemo Bug low OCE
#1161 Update the diagnostics of global conservation nemo Bug low OCE
#1162 Wrong initialisation of PH in PISCES nemo Bug low TOP
#1164 bug in p4zsed when substepping is activated cbricaud Bug normal TOP
#1166 Bug in Maketools nemo Bug low tools
#1167 Minor changes regarding libIGCM in v3_4 stable nemo Bug low OCE
#1175 Bug in initialisation phase of SAS_SRC/sbcssm.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1176 Minor bug when compiling ORCA2_LIM_AGRIF nemo Bug low AGRIF
#1177 Minor bugs in passive tracer substepping nemo Bug low TOP
#1181 Bottom grid points with unrealistically cold temperature in ORCA2_LIM gm Bug low OCE
#1188 compilation fails without FPP key "key_mpp_mpi" nemo Bug low OCE
#1191 bug in Offline nemo Bug high OFF
#1192 bug in sbcice_lim_2 woth ninfo nemo Bug low LIM2
#1193 array subscript out of bounds in traadv_mle nemo Bug low OCE
#1194 ijpt0,ijpt1 not declared in ldfdyn_c2d.h90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1195 dev_MERGE_2013: subscript out of array bounds in mpp_lbc_nfd_2d in ORCA2+ln_nogather=T epico Bug low OCE
#1196 Missing definition of Agrif variables for Time splitting nemo Bug lowest AGRIF
#1197 Missing open bdy condition on vertical velocity nemo Bug low OCE
#1198 changed variables in restart files in dynspg_ts.F90 rfurner Bug low OCE
#1199 problem in the euphotic layer computation nemo Bug low TOP
#1200 Array out of bounds in AGRIF update jchanut Bug low AGRIF
#1201 Monthly Interpolation Incorrect in fldread.F90 jamesharle Bug normal OCE
#1203 Missing Asselin contribution in AGRIF update jchanut Bug low AGRIF
#1205 Uninitialised allocatables in LIM3 vancop Bug normal LIM3
#1206 Typo in sbccpl.F90? nemo Bug normal OCE
#1209 Time splitting + key_vvl: Call to wzv prior vertical scale factor update nemo Bug normal OCE
#1210 Missing empty namtrc_bc in namelist_top (ref and cfg) vichi Bug low TOP
#1211 Bug, variables e3t_n, dept_n and e3tdef not defined in field_def files nemo Bug normal OCE
#1213 XIOS issues nemo Bug high OCE
#1214 Division by zero in lim_itd_me_ridgeprep (LIM3) vancop Bug normal LIM3
#1218 Diawri and vvl outputting nemo Bug normal OCE
#1220 compilation problem with key_trdmld_trc : circular dependency (nemo_v3_4) nemo Bug low TOP
#1221 compilation problem with key_trdmld_trc : circular dependency (nemo_v3_5 and 3.6) nemo Bug low TOP
#1222 Issues with fldread at 3.6 nemo Bug highest OCE
#1223 Surface pressure gradient error acc Bug low OCE
#1224 Missing nn_timing flag in traldf_lap.F90 nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1226 Missing initialization of rnf_b nemo Bug low OCE
#1227 Issues with vvl initialization nemo Bug normal OCE
#1229 Missing "Use trdmod_oce" statement in dyndmp.F90 hadcv Bug low C1D
#1230 restartability problem with key_vvl + ln_rnf=T + ln_rnf_depth=T nemo Bug low OCE
#1232 Misplaced update of time varying lateral diffusion for time splitting rfurner & jchanut Bug normal OCE
#1233 Tidal Harmonics U written as V component (iom) nemo Bug low OCE
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