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#1622 vovvldep and vovvle3t not in output.abort output in diawri.F90 nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1625 Bug with BDY and ice model if non-climatological ice bdy data nemo Bug low OCE
#1628 bug when key_mpp_mpi is not active nemo Bug low OCE
#1630 Strange sea-ice albedo for ice with little melting snow on top vancop Bug low LIM3
#1633 Wrong time stamp in tidal forcing update nemo Bug normal OCE
#1634 wrong diagnostic of the mixed layer depth mathiot Bug normal OCE
#1636 "Now" bottom tracer gradients in later diffusion with zps ? gm Bug low TRA
#1641 Small Bug in AGRIF (agrif_opa_interp.F90) jchanut Bug low AGRIF
#1647 GYRE_XIOS config nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1650 temperature and salinity trends due to river runoff gm Bug low OCE
#1652 NEMO 3.6 stable incompatible with current XIOS-1.0 revision nemo Bug low OCE
#1654 Wrong / missing computations of ice albedo in coupled mode nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1655 SETTE test fails if your installation path contains "SETTE" keyword nemo Bug low OCE
#1657 Bibliography corrections nemo Bug low doc
#1659 Out of bounds array in trdmxl.F90 nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1661 BUG in triad slope (trunk, not v3.6 stable) gm Bug low OCE
#1662 Bug in the slope limitation in ISF case (v3.6_stable & trunk) nemo Bug low OCE
#1663 restartability issue if ln_isfdiv = false mathiot Bug normal OCE
#1665 bug in domzgr.F90 if horizontal mesh is an f-plane (jphgr_msh = 2) and correction for tapered s-coordinates in vicinity of Equator flavoni Bug low OCE
#1667 coherence between time steps , forcing frequency and output frequency rbourdal Bug low OCE
#1672 Bug in the carbonate chemistry of PISCES nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1675 Out of bounds index in loops - key_vectopt_loop gm Bug low OCE
#1677 Bug on passive tracers damping nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1680 Minor bug in denitrification coef in PISCES nemo Bug lowest 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1682 grid cell thicknesses written to diagnostics at wrong time level nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1687 Dangerous default setting of ln_useCT nemo Bug low 2015 simplification OCE
#1691 Missing call to ldf_dyn in step (only relevant to time-varying eddy viscosity cases) acc Bug low 2016 WP OCE
#1693 Erroneous call to timing_start in DMP_TOOLS/src/zoom.F90 timgraham Bug lowest OCE
#1694 LIM3 bug: wrong value of fresh water budget sent to passive tracers (fmmflx) nemo Bug normal OCE
#1695 LIM3: ice thickness out of bounds at high resolution nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1696 ice-air coupling (LIM3). part1: snow blown by the winds nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1697 ice-air coupling (LIM3). part2: sublimation nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1699 Wrong name of vertical scale factor in diawri.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1703 Wrong runoff fields time swap in coupled mode (ln_cpl) nemo Bug low OCE
#1704 NEMO reproducibility fails with land domains exclusion nemo Bug high OCE
#1705 Missing restarting functionality for stochastic parametrization parameters nemo Bug low OCE
#1706 iiceconc is defined in field_def.xml, but no iom_put nemo Bug low OCE
#1707 bug on bottom boundary condition in PISCES model nemo Bug low TOP
#1708 bug in davestorkey Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1712 LIM3: salt leaks if ice salinity is kept constant nemo Bug low OCE
#1715 Bug in zdfric with simplified equation of state flavoni Bug low OCE
#1716 SAS reference configuration is not working mathiot Bug low OCE
#1717 Compilation error without key_mpp_mpi mathiot Bug low OCE
#1719 "conservation diagnostic" variables not saved in restart file nemo Bug low OCE
#1722 small error in the freezing point when using TEOS-10 (trunk and V3.6_stable) nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1724 makenemo fails to delete key in some case nemo Bug low tools
#1725 Output file time variable not correct when nn_time0 /= 0000 timgraham Bug low OCE
#1727 NEMO-CICE continuation runs do not give same results and normal runs over the same period. frrh Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1731 missing extra limitation of eddy diffusivity coefficient in ORCA1 nemo Bug low OCE
#1733 Initialization of av*_k in tke emanuelaclementi Bug low OCE
#1736 Correct bugs in UKMO branch dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice frrh Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1738 Fixed selection of the surface boundary condition in module 'sbcmod_tam' Bug low TAM
#1741 bug-fix for Griffies triad scheme not being actually called nemo Bug low OCE
#1742 BUG in TVD (FCT) with vvl (non linear free surface) in v3.6_stable (trunk) nemo Bug normal 2016 WP OCE
#1744 Unmasked wind along j-direction in dynzdf_imp nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1749 Reproducibility problem with flux form momentum advection jchanut Bug normal OCE
#1752 compilation subtrc nemo Bug low TOP
#1754 Unloaded ice boundary data arrays with AGRIF and LIM2 jchanut Bug low 2015 release-3.6 AGRIF
#1755 variable partially uninitialized in traadv_tvd_zts nemo Bug normal OCE
#1756 AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'author' nicolasmartin Bug low 2016 WP env
#1757 Diurnal cycle over sea-ice not applied in CICE (forced run) Pierre Mathiot Bug low OCE
#1759 diatmb.F90 : small error in z- and zps coordinate, wrong in s-coordinate acc Bug low OCE
#1760 Creating child bathymetry with nesting tools from an existing child bathymetry does not work jchanut Bug low AGRIF
#1764 definition problem in usr_def routines of some variables nemo Bug low 2016 WP OCE
#1766 Bugs in sbc_cpl nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1767 Closed seas in eORCA025 timgraham Bug low OCE
#1768 zdfric: momentum background viscosity propagates into tracer diffusivity nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1771 bug nesting tools / double tanh nemo Bug low tools
#1773 Restartabilty issues in TOP with vvl and/or diurnal cycle nemo Bug normal TOP
#1774 Bug in PISCES carbon chemistry and when using vvl nemo Bug low TOP
#1778 LIM3 ice rheology nemo Bug low OCE
#1779 Compilation error when coupling with PISCES nemo Bug highest TOP
#1780 Add missing bibliography nemo Bug low doc
#1786 Missing deallocation of zav_tide in zdftmx.F90 acc Bug normal OCE
#1788 C1D_PAPA with TOP do not compile lovato Bug lowest Unscheduled TOP
#1797 bug zdfric nemo Bug low OCE
#1799 NEMO 3.6_STABLE : lib_mpp compilation error with intel 17 and openmpi mchekki Bug highest OCE
#1800 Missing initialisation of land value in dynvor/vor_een with vvl nemo Bug low OCE
#1801 Total precipitation 'precip' never "iom_put" in coupled mode nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1803 unallocated arrays nemo Bug normal OCE
#1807 commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN nemo Bug low tools
#1808 commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN nemo Bug low tools
#1813 north fold (MPP case) of I-point with F-pivot fails (e.g. ORCA05 + LIM2_VP) nemo Bug normal OCE
#1817 Uninitialized arrays in domzgr.F90 mathiot Bug low OCE
#1818 Uninitialized variable in sbc_oce.F90 diovino Bug low OCE
#1819 Wrong names in LIM3 restarts with number of ice categories > 9 jchanut Bug low LIM3
#1823 two bugs in tracer trends diagnostics at 3.6_STABLE davestorkey Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1825 GYRE compilation with ifort fails nemo Bug low OCE
#1827 compilation failure without key_ldfslp nemo Bug low OCE
#1828 undefined rdttra in tranxt.F90 in dev_merge_2016 nemo Bug normal 2017 WP OCE
#1833 Uninitialized arrays bfrua/bfrva in zdf_bfr_init cbricaud Bug low OCE
#1835 Uninitialized variable nn_dttrc used in iom.F90 lovato Bug low OCE
#1836 Fix timing for AGRIF mchekki Bug low AGRIF
#1837 Fix LIM2-VP for AGRIF nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1843 obs operator: non initialized varaible nemo Bug low OCE
#1845 iceberg trajectory file name mathiot Bug low OCE
#1846 diaptr land suppression eORCA12 rbourdal Bug low OCE
#1849 SSH IAU does not turn off at time-step specified by nitiaufin djlea Bug low OCE
#1853 Land Suppression in mppini_2.h90 not working jamesharle Bug low OCE
#1854 Use of jpdom_data in mppini_2.h90 is invalid? jamesharle Bug low OCE
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