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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#106 AGRIF with time-splitting nemo Enhancement normal AGRIF
#107 AGRIF with time-splitting nemo Enhancement normal AGRIF
#1058 pb with ln_loglayer and minimum background coefficient hliu Bug normal OCE
#1133 Compatibility between bdy and Agrif nemo Defect normal AGRIF
#1184 New branch for the merge of LOCEAN_INGV_CMCC with MERCATOR_UKMO nemo Task low OCE
#1185 Branch for all 2013 developments nemo Task low OCE
#1187 Final branch of the merge nemo Task low OCE
#1188 compilation fails without FPP key "key_mpp_mpi" nemo Bug low OCE
#1189 remove OBC module davestorkey Task normal Unscheduled OCE
#1190 Arrays not deallocated in bdy routines jchanut Defect low OCE
#1191 bug in Offline nemo Bug high OFF
#1192 bug in sbcice_lim_2 woth ninfo nemo Bug low LIM2
#1193 array subscript out of bounds in traadv_mle nemo Bug low OCE
#1194 ijpt0,ijpt1 not declared in ldfdyn_c2d.h90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1195 dev_MERGE_2013: subscript out of array bounds in mpp_lbc_nfd_2d in ORCA2+ln_nogather=T epico Bug low OCE
#1196 Missing definition of Agrif variables for Time splitting nemo Bug lowest AGRIF
#1197 Missing open bdy condition on vertical velocity nemo Bug low OCE
#1198 changed variables in restart files in dynspg_ts.F90 rfurner Bug low OCE
#1199 problem in the euphotic layer computation nemo Bug low TOP
#1200 Array out of bounds in AGRIF update jchanut Bug low AGRIF
#1203 Missing Asselin contribution in AGRIF update jchanut Bug low AGRIF
#1204 AGRIF non recursive update of parent grids jchanut Defect low AGRIF
#1205 Uninitialised allocatables in LIM3 vancop Bug normal LIM3
#1209 Time splitting + key_vvl: Call to wzv prior vertical scale factor update nemo Bug normal OCE
#1210 Missing empty namtrc_bc in namelist_top (ref and cfg) vichi Bug low TOP
#1211 Bug, variables e3t_n, dept_n and e3tdef not defined in field_def files nemo Bug normal OCE
#1213 XIOS issues nemo Bug high OCE
#1214 Division by zero in lim_itd_me_ridgeprep (LIM3) vancop Bug normal LIM3
#1215 remove obsolete option in sbcfwb (fwb=3) nemo Defect lowest OCE
#1216 Temporary development branch for hosting surface wave components from ECMWF acc Task low OCE
#1221 compilation problem with key_trdmld_trc : circular dependency (nemo_v3_5 and 3.6) nemo Bug low TOP
#1222 Issues with fldread at 3.6 nemo Bug highest OCE
#1223 Surface pressure gradient error acc Bug low OCE
#1224 Missing nn_timing flag in traldf_lap.F90 nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1225 Euler first time step as a namelist option nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#1226 Missing initialization of rnf_b nemo Bug low OCE
#1227 Issues with vvl initialization nemo Bug normal OCE
#1228 Add time splitting block in namelist nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#1229 Missing "Use trdmod_oce" statement in dyndmp.F90 hadcv Bug low C1D
#1230 restartability problem with key_vvl + ln_rnf=T + ln_rnf_depth=T nemo Bug low OCE
#1232 Misplaced update of time varying lateral diffusion for time splitting rfurner & jchanut Bug normal OCE
#1236 Missing namelist variable in OFFLINE nemo Bug highest OFF
#1239 unallocated arrays in daily mean to diurnal cycle code with passive tracers cbricaud Bug low OCE
#1240 SSH update not compliant with tracer update (AGRIF) nemo Bug low AGRIF
#1243 Advection schemes cause trd_trc to be called when key not set timgraham Defect low OCE
#1247 bug in limdia nemo Bug lowest LIM2
#1248 wrong horizontal diffusive trends indice used in TOP nemo Bug low TOP
#1250 Array bound warnings in prt_ctl_init when jpnij /= jpni*jpnj nemo Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1252 addition of rivers in the data reading for OFF_SRC vichi Enhancement low OFF
#1253 problem with reading mesh_mask in OFF_SRC vichi Bug normal OFF
#1257 move merge branch back to the trunk nemo Task low OCE
#1259 Add computation of LIM3 variables only if variables are presents in iodef.xml file nemo Enhancement low LIM3
#1266 AMM12, ifort and -O3 optimization issue nemo Defect low OCE
#1287 ze3f not initialized after allocation in vor_een ( dynvor.F90) nemo Bug normal OCE
#1288 nn_ice_lim declared string but compared as integer cbricaud Bug high OCE
#1296 UKMO 2014 workplan task 3 (masked damping) timgraham Task low OCE
#1298 division by zero when lk_mpp activated in sbcice_lim_2.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1301 underflow in tra_qsr_init nemo Bug low OCE
#1303 Sea ice (melting/freezing) water flux for biogeochemical tracers in trcsbc.F90 cetlod Defect normal OCE
#1305 Wrong maximum level for light penetration in some mpp cases acc Bug low OCE
#1307 Slow start-ups with v3.6 on some systems acc Bug low OCE
#1308 Gstar is used inlim_itd_me_icestrength before its initialization in LIM3 in CALL lim_itd_me_init vancop Bug low LIM3
#1309 3.6 alpha : sbcblk_core.F90 : long wave rad fluxes in blk_ice_core nemo Task low OCE
#1315 bugs in sbcice_cice.F90 at NEMO 3.6 alpha davestorkey Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1317 creation of 2014 development branch for WP item CNRS-7 nemo Task low OCE
#1323 New development branch for surface wave components acc Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1324 Bug in mppini_2.h90 which can result in communication deadlock with the 8 x 4 domain decomposition nemo Bug low OCE
#1325 Incorrect output restart filenames generated if files exist and ln_clobber is .true. nemo Bug low OCE
#1327 Generalised vertical interpolation in OBS for s-coordinates. weaver Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#1328 Bias correcting SST observations in OBS avidard Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#1329 Variuous changes from NEMOVAR consortium members. jwhile Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#1330 cn_ice_lim is not initialised nemo Bug low OCE
#1331 New development branch for under ice shelf seas nemo Task low OCE
#1335 inconsistent permitted lengths of weights filenames in fldread.F90 davestorkey Bug low OCE
#1337 Bug in bdytides.F90 nemo Bug highest OCE
#1338 correction of 1D reference configuration nemo Bug low OCE
#1339 dynadv_ubs.F90 : problem with lateral boundary condition in version 3.6 (with bugfix) gm Bug normal OCE
#1340 New GLS routine (for verticals physics) nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1342 Surge modelling with NEMO rfurner Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1345 Bug sbcblk_core.F90: routines TURB_CORE_*Z in version 3.6 and earlier nemo Bug normal OCE
#1347 Modifications (WorkPlan action Met_Office-11) nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1348 dev CNRS-0 --- bulk core: simplification and optimization nemo Task low OCE
#1350 dev CNRS-0 --- new version of tranpc (non-penetrative convection) based local stability nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1351 Problems with AMM12 SETTE tests with -O3 optimisation (ifort compiler) nemo Bug low OCE
#1353 sshbb_e and sshb_e nor initialized in dynspg_ts.F90 when not ln_rstart and kt==nit000 nemo Bug low OCE
#1355 Out of range in PISCES/p4zopt cetlod Bug low TOP
#1356 UKMO 2014 workplan task 13 - Updates to CICE interface nemo Task low OCE
#1358 UKMO workplan 14.12 - Stand Alone Observation operator improvements nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1363 Uninitialised diaptr variables in offline pisces timgraham Bug low OFF
#1364 XIOS online weighted average not working properly nemo Bug low OCE
#1365 domvvl restart logic faulty for cases when both fse3t_b and fse3t_n are not present in the restart file acc Bug low OCE
#1366 Unitialised values outputted to ocean.ouptut in bdytide_init davestorkey ?? Bug low OCE
#1367 NOCS development branch for sub-timestepping of vertical advection acc Task low OCE
#1374 filename "" hard-wired in diaar5 diovino Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1375 degradation of North Atlantic solution in ORCA025 at 3.6 nemo Defect normal OCE
#1376 AGRIF does not run with north fold mocavero Bug normal 2015 WP AGRIF
#1378 Fix bug in return code handling in cpl_oasis3.F90 nemo Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1380 new Development branch for AGRIF timgraham Task low AGRIF
#1384 Missing open boundary conditions with LIM2 crlod Bug low LIM2
#1387 Slow varying divergence is not read in restart (ztilde coord.) nemo Bug low OCE
#1392 control for asm or z-tilde mocavero Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1395 AGRIF compilation timgraham Defect low OCE
#1398 LIM3 is not riproducibile nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1399 UKMO13 CICE interface to work with CICE5 timgraham Task low OCE
#1409 Precipitation to CICE and freshwater flux from CICE timgraham Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1412 uoce and voce output not scaled by layer thickness due to IF condition in diawri.F90 flavoni Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1417 Branch for the merge of UKMO and NOC 2014 changes acc Task low OCE
#1420 Uninitialised array elements in zps_hde nemo Bug low OCE
#1426 ROBUST-01(2015WP)/MERCATOR-6 online coarsening cbricaud Task normal 2018 WP OCE
#1427 bugs when running with key_cice at NEMO 3.6 davestorkey Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1429 FLUSH called with -1 as argument timgraham Bug low OCE
#1437 off_src nemogcm routine: SUBROUTINE nemo_northcomms not phased with OPA_SRC/nemogcm routine cbricaud Bug high OCE
#1439 2014 dvpt MERCATOR-1 Config Manager jpaul Task low OCE
#1441 BDY open boundaries for biogeochemistry (CMCC-5) nemo Task low 2014 WP postponed TOP
#1445 jpi used instead of jpj in iom.F90 timgraham Bug low OCE
#1446 taum not updated in sbcice_cice timgraham Bug low OCE
#1450 2015 CONFIGMAN-2/MERCATOR-2: Merge BDY configuration tool and SIREN nemo Task low 2015 WP OCE
#1451 2015 HPC-2 /MERCATOR-3: OpenMP nemo Task low 2015 WP OCE
#1452 2015: AGRIF-3 /MERCATOR-4 AGRIF + time-splitting compatibility (ctnd) nemo Task low 2014 WP postponed OCE
#1454 2015 ROBUST-4 /MERCATOR-7: test NEMO_3.6 and ORCA025/ORCA12 nemo Task low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1455 2015 MERCATOR-9: enable LIM3 initialisation with a netcdf file nemo Task low 2015 WP OCE
#1461 incompatibility of key_by and key_lim2 vancop Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1465 bug in CORE bulk formulae code davestorkey Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1479 Compilation error related to bdyice_lim.f90 (NEMO3.6 revision 5127) crlod Bug normal OCE
#1485 Unable to use add_key for multiple keys nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1492 LIM3 future bug fix: heat budget nemo Bug normal OCE
#1502 Missing values in diaptr output (ORCA2) clevy Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1503 TOP not conservative with vvl cetlod Bug low OCE
#1508 LIM3 important bug fix (crash) nemo Bug highest LIM3
#1509 alignment in iodef.xml (ORCA2_OFF_PISCES) nemo Bug low TOP
#1512 Function cpl_freq not consistent with OASIS interface jamrae Defect low OCE
#1520 Straight Boundary Segments from Namelist causes Memory Error Crash nemo Bug normal OCE
#1522 Bad MPP decomposition with key_nemocice_decomp nemo Bug normal OCE
#1523 Optimizations on NEMO 3.6 communications mcastril Task low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1530 Failed compilation of AGRIF configuration in SETTE on ADA nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1531 change reading of ahmcoef format ( from ascii to netcdf ) nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1535 geothermal heating read with IOF nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1544 Wave-current: Tracer advection & surface stress emanuelaclementi Task low 2014 WP postponed OCE
#1556 Call to Agrif_ParentGrid_To_ChildGrid() causes failure if no child grid nemo Bug lowest AGRIF
#1558 cla_init called twice nemo Defect low OCE
#1559 Uninitialized gcx and gcxb arrays with AGRIF causes eratic crash at startup nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1560 not using key_iomput makes the model crash nemo Bug low OCE
#1563 uninitialized variables nicolasmartin Defect low OCE
#1564 lines over 132 nemo Defect low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1565 variable zfact, used to compute and output denitrification at surface is undefined in PISCES nemo Bug low TOP
#1566 ORCA1 strait corrections have the wrong indices nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1568 lbc_lnk_multi is not defined without key_mpp_mpi timgraham Bug low OCE
#1569 Add AGRIF SETTE tests nemo Enhancement low AGRIF
#1570 accidentally modified so that AGRIF is not run timgraham Bug low OCE
#1571 AGRIF demonstrator doesn't compile with stopar.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1572 diaar5 assumes inputs are on the model grid cetlod Enhancement low OCE
#1573 NEMO-AGRIF compilation with recent version of gfortran nemo Bug low AGRIF
#1574 Unitialised values in namobs namelist timgraham Bug low OCE
#1575 Missing precipitation output without ice nemo Defect lowest OCE
#1576 Wrong online harmonic analysis on barotropic velocities nemo Bug low OCE
#1578 gdept_0 and gdepw_0 not output in mesh_mask file in S coordinate case timgraham Defect low OCE
#1580 commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN nemo Enhancement low 2015 WP tools
#1581 commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN nemo Enhancement low 2015 WP tools
#1582 SETTE test failed with debug compilation options mdrudi Bug low OCE
#1583 Upgrade vertical grid definition in AGRIF preprocessing tools nemo Enhancement low AGRIF
#1585 exit code for make_nemo mchekki Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1587 nn_etau=2 bug pabouttier Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1588 ICB fails on large core counts nemo Bug low OCE
#1590 iceberg (ICB) code can't restart from single (rebuilt) restart file nemo Task low 2015 WP OCE
#1591 why correction for runoff (useless with core forcing files) in sbcrnf.F90 flavoni Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1592 bug if nn_isf > 0 and key_vvl (ISF related) mathiot Bug low OCE
#1594 compilation fails with GYRE_PISCES configuration nemo Bug low TOP
#1597 in order to not use useless link nemo Enhancement low 2015 release-3.6 OFF
#1598 bug fix in fld_clopn for week case nemo Bug low OCE
#1599 fldread.F90: bad array allocation in the interpolation on the fly (in case land/sea mask in active) delrosso Bug low OCE
#1600 memory leaks in NEMO3.6 stable mocavero Defect normal OCE
#1603 BUG in traadv_tvd.F90 in case of passive tracers and sub-time stepping (trunk & v3.6 stable) flavoni Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1604 langmuir cell parameterization and sea ice cbricaud Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1605 Stochastic parametrization of the equation of state. Task low OCE
#1607 out-of-bound references in agrif_lim2_update (lim2_vp case) in trunk and v3_6_STABLE nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 AGRIF
#1609 Branch for coupling changes to allow mslp to be received from UKV for use in UKCO at NEMO vn3.6. jcastill Task low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1610 Problems with the trends in TOP cetlod Bug low TOP
#1614 new time.step file name for SAS gm Defect low 2015 release-3.6 OFF
#1615 un,vn allocation mocavero Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1621 Avoid receiving the surface stress wind from UM by default whtn in coupled mode nemo Enhancement low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1622 vovvldep and vovvle3t not in output.abort output in diawri.F90 nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1624 Detecting NaN values in NEMO nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1625 Bug with BDY and ice model if non-climatological ice bdy data nemo Bug low OCE
#1627 Testing branch for AMM15 jgraham Task low OCE
#1628 bug when key_mpp_mpi is not active nemo Bug low OCE
#1630 Strange sea-ice albedo for ice with little melting snow on top vancop Bug low LIM3
#1632 create /branches/2015/dev_5894_INGV_WAVE emanuelaclementi Task low OCE
#1633 Wrong time stamp in tidal forcing update nemo Bug normal OCE
#1634 wrong diagnostic of the mixed layer depth mathiot Bug normal OCE
#1635 New branch for XIOS-2 implementation in NEMO nemo Task low OCE
#1638 C1D_PAPA: correct chlorophyll data name in namelist_cfg nemo Defect lowest OCE
#1641 Small Bug in AGRIF (agrif_opa_interp.F90) jchanut Bug low AGRIF
#1643 Align branch 2014/dev_r4822_INGV_WAVE to the trunk revision 5936 emanuelaclementi Task low OCE
#1645 river coupling with BFM does not work in v3_6_STABLE cetlod Defect normal TOP
#1649 tra_qsr_mean: restartability issue and some questions cetlod Defect normal 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1650 temperature and salinity trends due to river runoff gm Bug low OCE
#1651 Bibliography file syntax corrections nemo Defect low doc
#1652 NEMO 3.6 stable incompatible with current XIOS-1.0 revision nemo Bug low OCE
#1654 Wrong / missing computations of ice albedo in coupled mode nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1655 SETTE test fails if your installation path contains "SETTE" keyword nemo Bug low OCE
#1656 Reorganization of stochastic parametrization calls in step nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1657 Bibliography corrections nemo Bug low doc
#1658 Cater for MEDUSA coupling frrh Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#1659 Out of bounds array in trdmxl.F90 nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1660 now tests the XIOS2.0 interface but changes are required to the supporting scripts to allow automation. acc Enhancement low OCE
#1662 Bug in the slope limitation in ISF case (v3.6_stable & trunk) nemo Bug low OCE
#1667 coherence between time steps , forcing frequency and output frequency rbourdal Bug low OCE
#1668 Argument var_nodims when calling oasis3-mct_3.0 oasis_def_var routine smasson Enhancement low OCE
#1672 Bug in the carbonate chemistry of PISCES nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1674 New v3.6_STABLE branch for a non intrusive version of the new parameterization of internal wave-driven mixing nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1676 namobc removed from name-lists nemo Task lowest OCE
#1677 Bug on passive tracers damping nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1678 New ( and last ) improvments in 3.6 stable cethe Enhancement low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1680 Minor bug in denitrification coef in PISCES nemo Bug lowest 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1682 grid cell thicknesses written to diagnostics at wrong time level nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1688 Missing diagnostics for CMIP6 shaconemo Task low OCE
#1693 Erroneous call to timing_start in DMP_TOOLS/src/zoom.F90 timgraham Bug lowest OCE
#1694 LIM3 bug: wrong value of fresh water budget sent to passive tracers (fmmflx) nemo Bug normal OCE
#1695 LIM3: ice thickness out of bounds at high resolution nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1696 ice-air coupling (LIM3). part1: snow blown by the winds nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1697 ice-air coupling (LIM3). part2: sublimation nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1700 commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN nemo Enhancement low tools
#1703 Wrong runoff fields time swap in coupled mode (ln_cpl) nemo Bug low OCE
#1704 NEMO reproducibility fails with land domains exclusion nemo Bug high OCE
#1705 Missing restarting functionality for stochastic parametrization parameters nemo Bug low OCE
#1706 iiceconc is defined in field_def.xml, but no iom_put nemo Bug low OCE
#1707 bug on bottom boundary condition in PISCES model nemo Bug low TOP
#1708 bug in davestorkey Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1710 Instability in results due to new compilation environment mchekki Defect low Unscheduled OCE
#1711 commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN nemo Enhancement low tools
#1712 LIM3: salt leaks if ice salinity is kept constant nemo Bug low OCE
#1715 Bug in zdfric with simplified equation of state flavoni Bug low OCE
#1721 Running eORCA1 at NEMO vn3.6 on a single PE frrh Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1722 small error in the freezing point when using TEOS-10 (trunk and V3.6_stable) nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1724 makenemo fails to delete key in some case nemo Bug low tools
#1727 NEMO-CICE continuation runs do not give same results and normal runs over the same period. frrh Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1731 missing extra limitation of eddy diffusivity coefficient in ORCA1 nemo Bug low OCE
#1732 Phytoplankton growth under sea-ice in PISCES nemo Enhancement low TOP
#1733 Initialization of av*_k in tke emanuelaclementi Bug low OCE
#1736 Correct bugs in UKMO branch dev_r5518_coupling_GSI7_GSI8_landice frrh Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1737 Create GC3 package branch for coupling branches frrh Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1742 BUG in TVD (FCT) with vvl (non linear free surface) in v3.6_stable (trunk) nemo Bug normal 2016 WP OCE
#1744 Unmasked wind along j-direction in dynzdf_imp nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1752 compilation subtrc nemo Bug low TOP
#1754 Unloaded ice boundary data arrays with AGRIF and LIM2 jchanut Bug low 2015 release-3.6 AGRIF
#1755 variable partially uninitialized in traadv_tvd_zts nemo Bug normal OCE
#1757 Diurnal cycle over sea-ice not applied in CICE (forced run) Pierre Mathiot Bug low OCE
#1760 Creating child bathymetry with nesting tools from an existing child bathymetry does not work jchanut Bug low AGRIF
#1761 Develop simple test case enabling east west AND south north cyclic boundaries clevy Task low 2016 WP OCE
#1762 makenemo with SAS or OOO nemo Defect lowest Unscheduled OCE
#1763 line over 132 in lib_mpp nemo Defect lowest Unscheduled OCE
#1766 Bugs in sbc_cpl nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1769 cmip diagnostics vancop Enhancement low OCE
#1770 AMM15 branch of VN3.6 Stable jgraham Task low OCE
#1771 bug nesting tools / double tanh nemo Bug low tools
#1773 Restartabilty issues in TOP with vvl and/or diurnal cycle nemo Bug normal TOP
#1774 Bug in PISCES carbon chemistry and when using vvl nemo Bug low TOP
#1775 Offline with vvl cetlod Task low Unscheduled OFF
#1777 diags of conservation nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1778 LIM3 ice rheology nemo Bug low OCE
#1788 C1D_PAPA with TOP do not compile lovato Bug lowest Unscheduled TOP
#1793 Bibliography style enhancement nemo Enhancement low Documentation doc
#1799 NEMO 3.6_STABLE : lib_mpp compilation error with intel 17 and openmpi mchekki Bug highest OCE
#1800 Missing initialisation of land value in dynvor/vor_een with vvl nemo Bug low OCE
#1801 Total precipitation 'precip' never "iom_put" in coupled mode nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1805 Create dev_INGV_UKMO_2016 mergeparty branch nemo Task low OCE
#1806 Validity of OPA-SAS coupled with OASIS clem Defect low OCE
#1808 commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN nemo Bug low tools
#1809 merge 2016: merge dev_MERCATOR_2016 and dev_CNRS_2016 nemo Task low OCE
#1813 north fold (MPP case) of I-point with F-pivot fails (e.g. ORCA05 + LIM2_VP) nemo Bug normal OCE
#1817 Uninitialized arrays in domzgr.F90 mathiot Bug low OCE
#1818 Uninitialized variable in sbc_oce.F90 diovino Bug low OCE
#1819 Wrong names in LIM3 restarts with number of ice categories > 9 jchanut Bug low LIM3
#1820 clios variable too short in ctl_nam subroutine timgraham Defect lowest OCE
#1823 two bugs in tracer trends diagnostics at 3.6_STABLE davestorkey Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1824 trd_trc is sometimes called from tra_adv_tvd even when l_trdtrc is false timgraham Defect low OCE
#1825 GYRE compilation with ifort fails nemo Bug low OCE
#1826 unneccessary print without iomput francesca Defect low OCE
#1827 compilation failure without key_ldfslp nemo Bug low OCE
#1832 TKE source for vertical mixing must be reduced under the sea-ice (TKE turbulent closure scheme) gm Defect normal OCE
#1833 Uninitialized arrays bfrua/bfrva in zdf_bfr_init cbricaud Bug low OCE
#1834 Missing features in 3.6 stable nemo Defect normal OCE
#1835 Uninitialized variable nn_dttrc used in iom.F90 lovato Bug low OCE
#1836 Fix timing for AGRIF mchekki Bug low AGRIF
#1837 Fix LIM2-VP for AGRIF nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1839 Changes to makenemo to support configurations in subdirectories of CONFIG nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1845 iceberg trajectory file name mathiot Bug low OCE
#1846 diaptr land suppression eORCA12 rbourdal Bug low OCE
#1849 SSH IAU does not turn off at time-step specified by nitiaufin djlea Bug low OCE
#1855 AGRIF reproducibility nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1857 ssh=0 in the corners with BDY gmattia Bug normal OCE
#1863 Restartabilty issues with ISF in coupled mode cetlod Bug low OCE
#1869 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF create restart files larger than 2GB (64bit_offset) sciliberti Enhancement low AGRIF
#1870 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF create restart files sciliberti Bug normal AGRIF
#1871 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF read mbathy and NOT bathy_level for agrif_create_restart sciliberti Bug normal AGRIF
#1879 lbclnk.F90 : Minor bug in trunk/v3.6 in mono-processor only. mchekki Bug low OCE
#1884 Bug in diaar5.F90 (v3.6_STABLE & trunk) timgraham Bug low OCE
#1888 outputs for sensible heat from precip are wrong in sbccpl.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1889 mismatch between sensible flux calculated by sbccpl.F90 and outputs nemo Bug low OCE
#1890 bug in fwfisf output if nn_isf = 1 mathiot Bug low OCE
#1891 Add missing revisions from nemo_v3_6_STABLE branch to GO6 package branch frrh Task low OCE
#1892 AGRIF time step fixer jchanut Defect low AGRIF
#1893 conservation issue if ice shelf melting as virtual salt flux (ln_divisf=false) nemo Bug low OCE
#1895 needs to escape 'ls' mchekki Bug low env
#1906 bug in diadct nemo Bug low OCE
#1909 Fix bug in sbcblk_mfs NEMO_V3_6_STABLE nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1910 Small modification in INGV arch file emanuelaclementi Enhancement low OCE
#1913 Compilation issue due to typo in diaar5 nemo Bug low OCE
#1925 Update TOP modules for CMIP6 nemo Enhancement normal TOP
#1930 Missing ln_top_euler control in trcnxt nemo Enhancement low TOP
#1931 Double entries in SHARED/namelist_ref nemo Bug low OCE
#1932 trabbl not conserving tracers at the north-fold nemo Bug low OCE
#1934 Bug in diawri.F90:dia_wri() for kinetic energy (eken) nemo Bug low OCE
#1935 Kinetic Energy calculation is wrong nemo Bug low OCE
#1940 Problem with particles in PISCES oaumont Bug low TOP
#1942 Memory leak in timing code, incomplete fix francesca Bug low 2017 WP OCE
#1944 SAS not restartable in sette cbricaud Bug low OCE
#1948 SVN mime-type for namelists to enable syntax highlighting nicolasmartin Task low 2017 WP env
#1954 Floating invalid in zdftmx gsamson Bug normal ZDF
#1963 CMIP6 / OMIP diagnostics of KE lateral/vertical dissipation and EKE to PE conversion when using EIV Defect normal OCE
#1964 CMIP6-OMIP diagnostics of KE lateral-vertical dissipation and EK-PE conversion with EIV Defect normal OCE
#1968 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF: agrif_create_bathy overwrites existing child coordinate file jchanut Defect low AGRIF
#1974 Bug in PISCES : a pointer array in not deallocated Bug normal PISCES
#1978 Extend timer functionality andmirek Enhancement normal OCE
#1987 AGRIF code corruption tests not taken in account in SETTE report Defect normal tools
#1988 AGRIF code corruption test fails in SETTE Bug high 2017 WP AGRIF
#1989 Bug in TOOLS/SIREN/create_boundary module jpaul Bug low tools
#2002 minor bugs in dynnxt and icbtrj (v3.6 and trunk) Bug low OCE
#2003 minor bugs in PISCES Bug low PISCES
#2004 minor bugs in tranxt for passive tracer trend diagnostics (v3.6 and trunk) cetlod Bug low OCE
#2005 trend diagnostics: stripes in dispkevfo that look like processors limits gm Bug low OCE
#2007 writing of iceberg restarts doesn't work with ln_rst_list=.true. in dev_merge_2017 davestorkey Defect low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2065 CFC gas transfer velocity: wrong coefficient? Defect low TOP
#2066 bug if eos10 and interactive melt activated mathiot Bug low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2069 Compilation error with key_floats nicolasmartin Bug low OCE
#2073 Out of bounds of passive tracers when using PISCES or another SMS model together with CFC cetlod Defect low TOP
#2083 surface flux not masked: bug if isf cavity mathiot Bug low OCE
#2086 compilation with "key_agrif" using own files from MY_SRC Defect low OCE
#2096 coastline value of u-, v-tau in presence of sea-ice Bug low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2097 ln_mskland: special u-, v-, w-mask used ? Defect low OCE
#2102 Wrong averaging in AGRIF sponge definition at F-points jchanut Bug low AGRIF
#2117 CRS branch has disapeared Bug low OCE
#2127 BDY boundary Forcing files not read correctly sciliberti Bug low BDY

Resolution: invalid (34 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1231 Numeric problem along the north fold nemo Task low OCE
#1234 fse3t not defined over all points nemo Bug normal OCE
#1254 problem with O3 optimisation level using ifort: NEMO crashes nemo Bug high OCE
#1318 out of bound for array hi_max in limistate.F90 nemo Bug low LIM3
#1320 limistate.F90: i_fill is used out of the loop on i_fill nemo Bug low LIM3
#1343 Allow coupling fieldnames to be arbitrary length timgraham Bug low OCE
#1403 Use of uninitialised arrays leads to floating point exceptions nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1487 Specific branch for melt ponds in LIM3 vancop Task low Unscheduled LIM3
#1488 Specific branch for ice-atmosphere interface with LIM3 vancop Task low Unscheduled LIM3
#1489 Specific branch for CMIP6 outputs vancop Task low Unscheduled LIM3
#1490 Specific branch for prescribed sea ice BGC nemo Task low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1511 Proper shutdown of NEMO+OASIS if NEMO aborts... nemo Bug low OCE
#1514 changes to dynvor for partial steps een option mikebell Enhancement low OCE
#1518 Can’t reduce the number of Tidal Constituents nemo Bug low OCE
#1562 fldread bug gmainsant Bug normal OCE
#1567 snow precipitation looks wrong in ORCA2-LIM3 nemo Bug low OCE
#1626 Add branch to allow sponge layer deazer Task low OCE
#1637 Mismatching units in new contributions to qns in sbcblk_core.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1681 CO6 Branch of VN3.6 Stable with KD490 Light Attenuation deazer Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#1714 bugs in icbrst.F90 davestorkey Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1734 bug in bdyini : straight BDY only works with rim width of 1 jamesharle Bug low BDY
#1758 namelist mangling: cfg does not always override ref nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 tools
#1776 Issue with Prather scheme nemo Bug low LIM3
#1794 Duplicated lines in diaar5.F90 module nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1795 Boundary files for LIM3 are not found in a subdirectory nemo Bug low LIM3
#1822 Wrong logical used in IF statement for tracer trends in traldf_iso timgraham Defect low OCE
#1830 Problem with restart from another simulation nemo Bug normal OCE
#1847 iceprod_cea field doesn't exist in the LIM3 code. nemo Enhancement low LIM3
#1866 rnf_b and rnf are the same field in coupled mode - breaks restartability nemo Bug normal OCE
#1872 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF read updated bathymetry for creating agrif restarts jchanut Enhancement low AGRIF
#1904 AMM15 package branch jgraham Task low OCE
#1923 Sea ice form drag nemo Enhancement low OCE
#2077 xios-1.0 rev703 error in parallel output Bug low tools
#2182 zero values at the boundaties of a nested domain jchanut Defect low AGRIF

Resolution: wontfix (32 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1186 declaration of a global size array in OBS/mpp_map.F90 timgraham Bug normal OCE
#1249 Useless variables in the restart file gm Bug low OCE
#1333 UKMO 2014 workplan task 5 (Kara mixed layer diagnostic) hadcv Task low OCE
#1344 UKMO 2014 workplan task 9 (Additional enhancements to the 1D configuration) hadcv Task low C1D
#1346 bug in BDY for multiple boundaries davestorkey Bug low OCE
#1419 Out of bound with bdy Orlanski. davestorkey Bug low OCE
#1428 2015 Met_Office_1 - Further updates to CICE interface mathiot Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1453 2015 AGRIF-4/MERCATOR-5: Agrif: Enable vvl and AGRIF nemo Task low 2015 WP OCE
#1517 Internally Calculated Vertical Grid Spacing -- Print out and Doing inconsistent nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1557 Agrif sponge arrays out of bounds on small (sub)domains nemo Bug low AGRIF
#1606 Bug in analytical initial temperature profile flavoni Bug low OCE
#1664 dimensions were reversed in XIOS1 nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1669 Testing NotificationWorkflow plugin nemo Enhancement lowest env
#1686 Computed bbl diffusive coefficients & tracer conservation nemo Bug normal TOP
#1698 ice-air coupling (LIM3). part3: bug in the non-solar heat flux clem Bug high LIM3
#1713 Bugs in split explicit diffusion jchanut Bug low OCE
#1743 SST coupling with land/sea mask nemo Enhancement low 2016 WP OCE
#1750 no-slip in AGRIF - nest boundaries in open ocean treated like coasts jchanut Defect normal AGRIF
#1785 reproductibility with tke / dependence on the number of subdomains rbourdal Bug normal OCE
#1789 Support coupling without atmosphere model nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1798 namtsd and namsbc_ssr blocks can't read weight files with the same name nemo Bug low OCE
#1816 No possibility to use the same weight filename with both a 3D and 2D input files to be interpolated ? nemo Bug low OCE
#1867 Volume control when using BDY and Time-splitting is not ready for use greffray Bug low BDY
#1868 couple NEMO and CICE with OASIS andmirek Enhancement normal OCE
#1905 Asselin filtering of tracers in tranxt.F90 with VVL and lk_dynspg_ts.AND.ln_bt_fw==.true. incorrectly assumes that e3t will be Asselin filtered agn Bug high OCE
#1970 AGRIF fails with two children grids presumable because of some XIOS error Bug normal AGRIF
#1973 Floating invalid in limvar.f90 and limthd_dh.f90 vancop Bug normal LIM3
#2064 ice velocity issues in AGRIF sponge layer with LIM2 VP clem Defect low AGRIF
#2071 Allowing more flexibility with the sea surface restoring subroutine Enhancement low SBC
#2106 Floating invalid in limthd_dh.f90 vancop Bug low LIM3
#2124 Unmasked avmu and avmv in GLS scheme for jk=jpk (with explicit bottom friction only) creates spurious mixing jchanut Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#2152 sto_par_init in nemo_init systeam Enhancement low TOP

Resolution: duplicate (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1381 new Development branch nemo Task normal OCE
#1519 Tidal Harmonics not Written Out Correctly nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1561 NEMO-LIM3-BDY crashes unexpectedly after less than 150,000 time steps nemo Bug low LIM3
#1619 Branch to provide coupling with WaveWatchIII jcastill Task low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1623 No volume conservation for BDY with vvl and dynspg_ts davestorkey Bug low BDY
#1684 Bug in the shlat lateral boundary condition in AGRIF zooms when applying a partial or no slip condition greffray Bug low 2017 WP AGRIF
#1772 restart date bug fix for 3.6 stable deazer Bug lowest OCE
#1907 ROMS wetting and drying scheme nemo Task low OCE
#1922 Uninitialized variable in sbcapr.F90 jchanut Bug low OCE
#1969 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF: agrif_create_bathy overwrites existing child coordinate file Defect low AGRIF
#2019 ENHANCE-03_jchanut-ZTILDE jchanut Task normal 2018 WP OCE

Resolution: worksforme (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1629 Documentation of v3.6 STABLE systeam Task normal Documentation doc
#1881 Met_Office-1 Use XIOS to read single file restart file andmirek Task low OCE
#1882 Write restart file using XIOS andmirek Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1914 Test branch for UKMO MOCI test suite (for testing XIOS read/write functionality) andmirek Task low OCE
#2001 OpenMP in MO eORCA012 Task low Unscheduled OCE
#2076 restart of NEMO web access and services Defect high env
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