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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#155 Implementation of a new coupling interface smasson Enhancement normal OCE
#177 trunk: replace freeze(:,:) variable with fr_i(:,:), use the tfreez function defined in eosbn2.F90 and suppress the ocfzpt.F90 module nemo Enhancement low OCE
#178 trunk: remove the treshold step of qsr in LIM 2.0 when there is more than 50% of sea-ice since it is useless nemo Bug low LIM2
#179 trunk: avoid warning message at compilation step when not using BDY package and duplicated lines zhdiv(ji,jj) = 0.e0 nemo Bug low OCE
#183 trunk: update TKE physics nemo Enhancement low OCE
#184 trunk: update GYRE_LOBSTER job associated to namelist name changes nemo Enhancement low env
#185 trunk: remove useless sea-ice/ocean velocities which are not used in CLIO bulk formulae nemo Enhancement low OCE
#186 trunk: correct syntax in an IF statement of jobs nemo Bug low env
#187 trunk: solve one compilation error and one warning message when key_noslip_accurate is active nemo Bug low OCE
#189 trunk: make the CALL sbc_rnf() before the CALL sbc_ssr() since rnfmsk(:,:) array is used in sbcssr.F90, so it must be filled nemo Bug low OCE
#194 LIM-2 damping option nemo Bug low LIM2
#195 LIM-3 a damping option should be added for regional configurations NEMO team or others? Enhancement normal LIM3
#196 TOP namelists NEMO team - christian Enhancement normal TOP
#197 namelist style in OPA, LIM2 and LIM3 nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#198 trunk: add prints for the tracer.stat file in BIO_xxx.ksh scripts nemo Bug low env
#200 dtatem & dtasal : cleaning - move the call from step to tradmp - merge in 1 module nemo Enhancement low OCE
#201 simplified definition of the model time step nemo Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#202 Bug in key_vvl with ln_trazdf=T and OBC, BDY or AGRIF zoom nemo Bug normal OCE
#203 minor bug in tranpc.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#205 trunk: domzgr.F90 code review stuff nemo Enhancement low OCE
#208 fait_AA_make and co nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#209 Bug in domvvl : wrong e3u e3v and e3f scale factors + change name of mut to ee_t nemo Bug high OCE
#210 svn ID nemo Task lowest OCE
#211 compilation error when key_trddyn is active related to the dynamics advection flux formulation nemo Bug low OCE
#213 trunk: remove sbcrnf_ORCA_*.h90 files which are no more used nemo Enhancement low OCE
#214 trunk: BDY package code review (coding rules) nemo Enhancement low OCE
#215 trunk: change the name of a variable zntotime into totime which already exists nemo Bug low OCE
#216 daymod reorganization nemo Bug highest OCE
#217 iom_close return 0 id nemo Enhancement low OCE
#218 fldread able to switch between several files nemo Bug highest OCE
#219 new sbc namelist format nemo Enhancement highest OCE
#220 trunk: NVTK directory re-organization nemo Enhancement low env
#221 trunk: correct passive tracers restart files name in NVTK job job_GYRE_LOBSTER.ksh nemo Bug low env
#222 trunk: improve the treatment of namelists in NVTK jobs based on sed and grep UNIX commands nemo Enhancement low env
#223 trunk: active runoffs (ln_rnf) and sea surface salinity restoring (ln_ssr) in ORCA2_LIM namelist and change salinity damping coefficient sign in all namelists nemo Enhancement low OCE
#225 trunk: improve NVTK diagnostic in checking number of time steps performed from solver.stat file nemo Enhancement low env
#240 setting up and running NVTK on new target ctlod Enhancement low OCE
#242 Wrong air temperatures when using CORE and LIM3 ctlod Bug highest LIM3
#248 New trends diagnostics organization in TOP nemo Enhancement normal TOP
#249 Add a sediment model nemo Enhancement low TOP
#250 new quick tracers advection scheme: traadv_qck.F90 ctlod Enhancement low OCE
#251 new tracers advection scheme nemo Enhancement low OCE
#253 Correction of transport module to ensure reproductibility for TOP configurations nemo Bug low TOP
#254 use of jpdom_autoglo rather than jpdom_local to read with iom restart files of passive tracer trends diagostic nemo Bug low TOP
#261 AGRIF syntax problem with allocation of FLD arrays nemo Bug low AGRIF
#262 missing definition of PAT_NAMECF in job_ZAGRIF.ksh for NVTK nemo Bug low OCE
#279 Submission of Interpolation on the Fly code for inclusion in the trunk nemo Enhancement low OCE
#304 fait_AA_make nemo Enhancement low env
#306 update BB_make files for each configurations nemo Enhancement low env
#307 take into account new bathymetries (full & partial steps) in ORCA2_LIM & ORCA2_LIM_PISCES configurations, see ticket: #305 nemo Enhancement low env
#308 add the bicubic interpolation on wind components (namsbc_core) when using the Interpolation On the Fly package as template nemo Enhancement low OCE
#325 update NVTK scripts to IBM SP6 named aix6 (IDRIS center) and for the nemo_v3_1 new release nemo Enhancement low env
#344 add comments and the update step of SRC_FILE_LIST file under CONFIG_NAME/WORK directory nemo Enhancement low env
#346 bug correction on the wind module computation for LIM 3.0 nemo Bug normal LIM3
#347 computation horizontal derivative of density in dtadyn.F90 nemo Bug low OFF
#348 update IOM and lib_mpp modules nemo Enhancement low OFF
#349 rewrite the offline opa.F90 module nemo Enhancement low OFF
#350 suppression of useless CPP key key_mpp_omp nemo Enhancement low OFF
#352 initialisation of local variables in trcldf_iso... modules nemo Bug highest TOP
#353 add the - P stack compilation option on mercure machine ( CCRT center NEC-SX8 ) nemo Enhancement low env
#358 use ${BATCH_NUM_PROC_TOT} variable name to launch MPI jobs, 1M default value to perform model outputs nemo Enhancement low env
#359 cleaning of calendar variables nemo Enhancement low OCE
#362 clean variables list in nemo.card to monitor nemo Enhancement low env
#365 wrong scale factors used in bdyvol nemo Bug normal OCE
#367 AGRIF and "down" constant in histvert calls nemo Bug low AGRIF
#370 add the initialisation of kiomid ID pvariable to -1 value in iom_open subroutine of iom.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#371 Mixed laplacian and bilaplacian operators nemo Enhancement low OCE
#377 SBC fldread additions smasson Enhancement low OCE
#381 bugs in "subroutine zgr_sco" nemo Bug high OCE
#382 bugs in "subroutine dom_vvl" nemo Bug high OCE
#383 Bug in computation of initial calendar nemo Bug low OFF
#384 Minor bug in PISCES/p4zprod.F90 module nemo Bug low TOP
#385 update AA_job to take into account the NEC SX8 "mercure" of the french CCRT center nemo Enhancement low env
#386 Adding TOP reference configurations in NVTK nemo Enhancement low env
#387 introduce iom_put and the use of the new ioserver nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#388 bound the salt exchange at the Ice/Ocean interface in the Baltic Sea nemo Bug low LIM2
#391 update nemo.card, nemo.driver and config.card scripts for ORCA2_LIM nemo Enhancement low env
#392 change names for nemo driver and card into opa9 nemo Enhancement low OCE
#393 Adding a new target platform nemo Enhancement low env
#395 change ORCA prefix, of variables in gyre.card and gyre.driver, in OPA prefix nemo Enhancement low OCE
#404 Ouput TOP additional diagnostics at the right frequency nemo Bug low TOP
#405 bug in diawri_dimg.h90 nemo Bug low OCE
#412 supress ax6_mono in NVTK nemo Defect low OCE
#413 change lenght of ORCA2 test simulation in NVTK nemo Enhancement low OCE
#415 runtime array allocation error with AGRIF nemo Bug low AGRIF
#420 update ioserver + change NVTK to properly use it nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#421 correct bug for Meridionnal Stream function in diaptr.F90 when using mpi nemo Bug low OCE
#422 potential bug if using TKE2 with implicit horizontal pressure gradient ln_dynhpg_imp nemo Bug low OCE
#423 obsolete use of restput, restini and resopen CALLS into tradmp.F90 and solisl.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#425 Compute vertical viscosity/diffusion coefficients due to internal tidal mixing nemo Enhancement low OCE
#427 update fait_config to take into account the IPSLCM5_LOOP configuration nemo Enhancement low env
#428 add light penetration following 3 wavebands model (RGB) and the use of ocean color (chlorophyll) nemo Enhancement low OCE
#429 VVL reorganisation nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#430 correction in module lib_mpp.f90 nemo Bug low OCE
#431 add explicitly light penetration following 2 wavebands model nemo Enhancement low OCE
#432 implementation of iom_put in TOP nemo Enhancement low TOP
#437 Distribution of "CALL iom_put" in NEMO-TOP nemo Enhancement low TOP
#440 domzgr and s-coordinate nemo Bug low OCE
#462 Bug in zdftmx when using zdfddm nemo Bug low OCE
#466 ensure restartability of TKE2 in coupled mode + few minor bugs corrections nemo Bug low OCE
#467 missing declaration of rrau field in restart.F90 when not using double diffusive mixing nemo Bug highest OCE
#470 missing dummy routine in zdftke2 nemo Bug low OCE
#473 ensure the restartability of the GYRE and GYRE_LOBSTER configurations nemo Bug low OCE
#475 Bug in the calculation of bathymetry ( OFFLINE code ) nemo Bug low OFF
#476 correction of the computation of initial time parameters ( ndastp and adatrj) nemo Bug low OFF
#477 Improve dynamical data read module dtadyn.F90 nemo Enhancement low OFF
#480 Improve NVTK Jobs to ensures PISCES config reproductibility and restartability nemo Enhancement low env
#481 update avm in all zdf modules so that the shear term in TKE2 equation corresponds to the kenetic energy lost through vertical mixing of momentum nemo Bug low OCE
#482 remove compilation warning in iom.F90 nemo Enhancement low OCE
#484 tke2: minor bug correction on the TKE vertical diffusion term nemo Bug low OCE
#485 change TKE cpp key names nemo Enhancement low OCE
#487 synchronize loops in advection modules of LIM2.0 and LIM3.0 nemo Enhancement low OCE
#488 Coupling interface with the carbon cycle nemo Enhancement low OCE
#489 ensure the restartability of the 2nd order advection scheme nemo Bug low OCE
#490 suppress warning at compilation phase in lib_mpp nemo Defect lowest OCE
#491 suppress warning at the compilation phase in sbccpl and sbcana nemo Defect lowest OCE
#492 add a multiplicative coefficient to be able to increase/reduce total input runoffs nemo Enhancement low OCE
#493 Change PISCES namelist variable lrsttr to ln_rsttr according to NEMO coding rules nemo Enhancement low TOP
#494 ocean restart file update nemo Enhancement low OCE
#495 small optimisation nemo Enhancement low OCE
#496 Fix output state following an error state trapped by stpctl.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#498 missing soce_r(:,:) and sice_r(:,:) initialisation if the configuration used is not ORCA2 nemo Bug low OCE
#499 add the possibility to bound the sea surface salinity damping term erp(:,:) nemo Enhancement low OCE
#500 update ioserver namelist nemo Enhancement low OCE
#501 add an option to control the global freshwater budget emp in sbcfwb.F90 nemo Enhancement low OCE
#503 rename some PISCES diag variables nemo Enhancement low TOP
#504 bug in the coriolis term in LIM2 nemo Bug low LIM2
#506 NVTK: improve it with new functionnality mainly for the developpers nemo Enhancement low OCE
#509 DIMG: remove kindic argument from dia_wri call subroutine nemo Bug low OCE
#511 reduce the length of the solver.stat lines nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#513 NVTK: few changes to allow NVTK to manage properly MPI runs nemo Enhancement low env
#514 NVTK: allow to manage multiple experiences nemo Enhancement low env
#518 NVTK: remove useless command (> dev/null) to avoid warning at compilation not appropriate nemo Bug low OCE
#519 remove compilation error when using AGRIF du to module wzvmod which has been renamed sshwzv nemo Bug low OCE
#520 NVTK: correct minor bugs in the assessment step nemo Bug low OCE
#526 Doctor naming of OPA namelist variables nemo Enhancement low OCE
#527 NVTK: correct a small bug when using many files into EXP_NAME direcotry nemo Bug low env
#528 Bug in dtatem and dtasal with key_vvl nemo Bug normal OCE
#529 recover the LIM3.0 restartability behavior nemo Bug low OCE
#530 move few modules into different (more approriate) directories nemo Enhancement low OCE
#531 remove the TKE profile of penetration case (2) for the parameter nn_htau nemo Enhancement low OCE
#532 update ORCA2_LIM and ORCA2_LIM_PISCES configurations namelist parameters nemo Enhancement low OCE
#533 NVTK: change nn_fwb and nn_sssr parameters value to ensure reproductibility nemo Enhancement low OCE
#534 update dependencies files BB_make for each configuration nemo Enhancement low OCE
#535 create the beta version tag nemo_v3_2_beta nemo Enhancement low OCE
#537 xlsn not defined in coupled mode for LIM3 gm Bug highest LIM3
#538 bug in ice-ocean surface stress with nn_ico_cpl = 2 nemo Bug normal OCE
#553 Update offline to take into account changes in mesh & mask files nemo Enhancement low OFF
#555 output wind speed module nemo Enhancement low OCE
#557 Phase the Offline module dianam.F90 with the the Online's one nemo Enhancement low OFF
#564 Improvement of dianam.F90 module in offline configuration nemo Enhancement low OFF
#565 Improvment of ORCA2_OFF_PISCES configuration in libIGCM nemo Enhancement low env
#567 Improve PISCES diagnostics for IPCC AR5 exercise nemo Enhancement low TOP
#581 Bug on mask velocities in limupdate nemo Bug low LIM3
#600 NVTK: ins_make script under NVTK/INSTALL/MODIPSL_FILES is no more up-to-date nemo Bug low env
#620 Run PISCES model with libIGCM environment on IDRIS computers nemo Enhancement low env
#622 NVTK: allow a more general path to find the ioserver executable in any case nemo Enhancement low env
#623 mislabelled ice velocity fields in output.abort files nemo Bug low LIM2
#624 Create new branch for milestone S3.3-f AGRIF and sea-ice sga@… Enhancement low AGRIF
#627 compilation for the ES2 rblod Enhancement low OCE
#635 misplaced modification of fstravs in trczdf_iso.F90 nemo Bug normal TOP
#636 creation config tools nemo Enhancement low tools
#638 deallocate array in LOBSTER routines nemo Bug lowest TOP
#639 Misread initial biological data files nemo Bug low TOP
#640 Add the possibility to read both of old/new format of the mesmask nemo Enhancement low OFF
#641 Improvment of namelist for PISCES model nemo Enhancement low TOP
#643 Cleaning TOP routines nemo Enhancement low TOP
#644 Re-organisation of restart part of TOP component nemo Enhancement low TOP
#645 Pb in lib_mpp for nbondj = 2 rblod Bug normal Unscheduled OCE
#658 OPA documentation phasing gm Task low OCE
#661 Improve PISCES model nemo Enhancement low TOP
#663 OPA modified Leap-Frog Robert-Asselin filter (MLF) gurvan Madec & Matthieu Leclair Enhancement normal OCE
#664 Merge TRA-TRC cetlod Task normal OCE
#665 Revisit of mass heat and salt fluxes between ocean, ice and atmosphere gm, yka and matt Enhancement normal OCE
#696 update NVTK/fait_AA_make nemo Defect low env
#697 NVTK update to use nemo_v3_2 and IOMPUT nemo Enhancement low env
#699 Compilation error in SBC/sbccpl.F90 (LIM2 config) nemo Bug low OCE
#700 Improve CFC and Bomb C14 models nemo Bug low TOP
#701 Improve the merge TRA-TRC nemo Task low TOP
#705 LIM3+coupled mode: Compilation error in sbccpl.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#717 Improve the merge TRA-TRC nemo Task low OCE
#719 minor bugfixes in the coupled interface nemo Bug low OCE
#721 Create a branch for 2010 Paris developments nemo Task low OCE
#726 Error in Qsr when using key_vvl nemo Bug low OCE
#730 diurnal cycle of qsr from daily values smasson Enhancement low OCE
#732 day restart defined and written at the same time step nemo Bug low OCE
#745 shift in time in fldread nemo Bug low OCE
#784 suprressed key_trabbl, added key_zdftmx in cpp_ORCA2_LIM.fcm, update namelist nemo Defect lowest OCE
#785 Dynamic memory Andy Porter Task normal OCE
#787 little inconsistency in name of forcing files, in opa9.card nemo Enhancement lowest env
#790 v3.3 beta: small bug in changeset 2370 (ice-ocean stress computed at each kt) nemo Bug low LIM2
#793 Salinity & Temperature transport in diaptr.F90 when using Gent & Mc Williams parameterization nemo Bug low OCE
#797 should not open existing file in writing mode nemo Bug low OCE
#802 Build process assumes creation of .mod files. Fails with Cray compiler. nemo Defect low tools
#803 Missing dummy routine in ldfslp.F90 acc Bug low OCE
#809 obcdta.F90 index nemo Bug low OCE
#824 Module m_path (XMLF90) is duplicated in two files nemo Defect low env
#828 inverted comments in OPA namelists for the vorticity schemes options nemo Enhancement lowest Unscheduled OCE
#833 bug when computing basin average properties for tracers nemo Bug low OCE
#872 sbcblk_clio.F90: bug in dynamic allocation. nemo Bug highest OCE
#875 Bug in ORCA1 configuration. nemo Bug low OCE
#941 bugfixes in SETTE validation tool nemo Defect low env
#960 Bug in trdmld & trdmld_trc - time step control gm Bug low OCE
#961 Compilation with external complex BGC models (BFM) vichi Task normal TOP
#967 Incorrect scale factors in diagnosed mass transport and vertical eiv agn Bug low OCE
#972 New branch for the merge of PISCES & LOBSTER nemo Task normal OCE
#981 pointer association in wkr_nemo.F90 breaks with ifort nemo Bug normal OCE
#982 mpp_sum call with complex argument nemo Bug normal OCE
#983 tide_mod compilation breaks caused by private tide type in ifort cbricaud Bug low OCE
#1033 bug in diahth.F90 nemo Bug lowest Unscheduled OCE
#1041 Corrected diagnostic for the ice shear rate gm Bug low LIM3
#1043 wrong sign of depth-int isoneutral-diffusive heat flux somehdif acc Bug low OCE
#1059 Wrong scale factors with key_vvl in dynspg_flt.F90 and bdydyn.F90 jchanut Bug low OCE
#1072 Calculation of griffies triads in ML gives NaNs where ML hits bottom George Nurser Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1074 New branch for CNRS 2013 : Configuration setting clevy Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1075 Missing parameter in namelist_top nemo Bug low TOP
#1079 2013 MERCATOR1 : resolving the 2 versions of time-stepping jchanut Task low OCE
#1081 missing namelist &namberg in namelist file ORCA2_LIM_CFC_C14b/EXP00/namelist clevy Bug low OCE
#1086 PGI compiler fails to compile icbrst.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1093 Minor changes in limrhg.F90 gm Bug low LIM3
#1094 lim_wri should not be called with key_iomput defined gm Bug normal LIM3
#1096 Missing subroutines for C1D case in lbclnk nemo Bug low C1D
#1097 bug in bdy_ice_frs (bdyice_lim2.F90) jamesharle Bug low OCE
#1103 mask send to IOM is wrong (ln_mskland=TRUE) nemo Bug normal Unscheduled OCE
#1108 wrong variable name in namelist_ice_lim2 nemo Bug low OCE
#1110 array not allocated in sbccpl nemo Bug low OCE
#1115 create new branch for IDL_scripts for ORCA2_LIM nemo Task low env
#1121 OBC in parallel epico Bug low OCE
#1124 FLD weights nemo Defect low OCE
#1125 Allocate pb in geo2ocean smasson Bug low OCE
#1130 bug in PISCES - new iron chemistry nemo Bug low Unscheduled TOP
#1131 PISCES : minor bug in iron budget calculation nemo Bug low TOP
#1136 Limited use of nn_fsbc (and nn_dttrc) due to set_xmlatt bug hadcv Bug low OCE
#1138 Land suppression code doesn't work with CICE charris Enhancement low OCE
#1139 fr1_i0 and fr2_i0 not always properly allocated smasson Bug low OCE
#1141 Out of bounds in closea.F90/clo_rnf smasson Bug highest OCE
#1143 2013 development branch for CMCC-6: boundary conditions in TOP vichi Task normal TOP
#1147 New ice salinity can be higher than ocean salinity vancop Bug low LIM3
#1149 New branch for CNRS development on 2013 : On-line coarsening of ocean outputs nemo Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1150 2013 Development Branch for CMCC: North Fold Optimization epico Task normal OCE
#1153 bad initialisation of sea surface mean fields when restarting nemo Bug low OCE
#1157 Changes to allow C1D configuration to be run with detached XIOS hadcv Bug low C1D
#1169 Branch for all LOCEAN 2013 developments nemo Task low OCE
#1172 UKMO 2013 merge rfurner Task normal OCE
#1175 Bug in initialisation phase of SAS_SRC/sbcssm.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1176 Minor bug when compiling ORCA2_LIM_AGRIF nemo Bug low AGRIF
#1177 Minor bugs in passive tracer substepping nemo Bug low TOP
#1182 New branch for the merge of LOCEAN and INGV_CMCC nemo Task low OCE
#1206 Typo in sbccpl.F90? nemo Bug normal OCE
#1241 Missing boundary conditions on vertical mixing variables smasson Defect low AGRIF
#1258 Minor bugs and improvment in PISCES nemo Bug low TOP
#1264 missing namelist parameter in PISCES nemo Bug low TOP
#1265 Missing variable in field_def nemo Bug low OCE
#1289 bug in PISCES P2Z version nemo Bug low TOP
#1290 bug in TOP advection routine nemo Bug low TOP
#1291 Incompatibility of TOP substepping with v3.6 nemo Bug low TOP
#1293 compilation problem with LIM3 and key_vvl activated nemo Bug highest LIM3
#1294 dev CNRS-1 & CNRS-10 --- TEOS10 and Energy diag. nemo Task normal OCE
#1299 2014 development branch for NOC-4: BDY vertical interpolation on-the-fly jamesharle Task low OCE
#1300 LIM3 compilation fails with key_coupled vancop Bug low LIM3
#1306 UKMO 2014 workplan task 12 - CFL diagnostics timgraham Task low OCE
#1313 Addition of Satellite Surface Salinity data and Microwave SST data djlea Enhancement low OCE
#1319 2014 Work Plan Met Office Task 10: 25hour Mean Diagnostic nemo Task low OCE
#1321 bug in Offline when running a 1D vertical column nemo Bug low OFF
#1322 bug in PISCES when running a 1D config nemo Bug low OCE
#1332 UKMO 2014 workplan task 4 (CF-1.5 compliance) hadcv Task low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1334 Reference manual missing Figures/Fig_time_split.pdf file nemo Defect low Documentation doc
#1336 Minor bug in sbccpl timgraham Bug low OCE
#1349 Bug in limrst.F90 nemo Bug highest LIM3
#1352 new version of LIM3 in NEMO3.6 nemo Enhancement normal LIM3
#1354 Missing parameter in namelist_ref and 1_namelist_ref for land/sea masking delrosso Bug low OCE
#1368 Nemo 3.6 crashes when using 03 option of Intel compilers nemo Bug low OCE
#1370 Missing line in dia_wri_state clevy Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1372 BDY using monthly data jamesharle Bug low OCE
#1373 introduce forgotten "USE key_asminc" in DYN/dynspg_ts.F90 nemo Bug highest OCE
#1377 OBC to BDY: wrong allocation nemo Bug low OCE
#1379 lines length over 132 nemo Defect lowest Unscheduled OCE
#1382 BDY LIM2 condition equal to initial conditions fails crlod Bug low OCE
#1383 Compile failure with BDY and LIM2 nemo Bug low OCE
#1388 neutral drag coefficient / cyclones gm Enhancement low OCE
#1393 Tidal harmonic forcing namelist_ref nemo Bug low OCE
#1394 Bug related to the porosity of ridges nemo Bug low LIM3
#1396 add LIM3 in SETTE nemo Enhancement lowest LIM3
#1397 minor bugs in PISCES nemo Bug low TOP
#1401 Missing call in lbc_lnk in bdydyn2d.F90 mocavero Bug high OCE
#1402 AMM12 SETTE failed on Archer timgraham Bug low OCE
#1404 NEMO-wave coupling WG nemo Task normal Unscheduled OCE
#1407 missing initialization of qsr_hc array in traqsr.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1408 problem on definition of zhu=1/zhu at jpi,jpj nemo Bug low OCE
#1410 Uninitialised rke variable nemo Bug low OCE
#1411 LIM3 compiler error with gfortran (gcc48) in limdiahsb vancop Bug highest 2015 release-3.6 LIM3
#1414 small error in format in daymod.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1415 create CNRS 2014 development branch nemo Task low OCE
#1416 ORCA2_LIM3 does not compile on Met Office IBM nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1421 Removing the temperature of the triple point of water from the code nemo Defect low LIM3
#1422 change ORCA2_LIM3 reference configuration nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1423 ORCA2 LIM3 (new options) not restartable nemo Bug normal OCE
#1424 Add new diagnostics in PISCES model and applied the "iom_use" function nemo Enhancement low TOP
#1430 create /branches/2015/dev_r4826_NOC_WAD acc Task normal OCE
#1431 Unitialised arrays in domzgr timgraham Bug low OCE
#1433 wrong computation of the F/M mass flux diagnostic fmmflx in LIM3 nemo Bug low LIM3
#1435 Specific branch for Poleward heat transport diagnostics using XIOS cetlod Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1440 use of wrk_alloc( jpidta, jpjdta... nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#1447 2015 Met_Office_13 - simplification tasks timgraham Task low 2015 simplification OCE
#1448 Scalability with MPI-OPENMP (CMCC-1) mocavero Task low 2014 WP postponed OCE
#1456 2015 CMCC - 4: simplification tasks diovino Task low 2015 simplification OCE
#1457 2015 NOC-3 - System support and Simplification work acc Task low 2015 simplification OCE
#1458 AGRIF-1 / Met Office-7 - Vertical grid refinement using AGRIF (2015) timgraham Task low 2017 WP AGRIF
#1460 exit code for rebuild_nemo mchekki Enhancement low 2015 release-3.6 tools
#1464 Efficiency improvements in the OBS operator. jenniewaters Enhancement low 2015 WP OCE
#1467 on the use of mikt/u/v... nemo Defect normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1468 Observation operator simplification mattmartin Task low 2015 simplification OCE
#1469 2015: ROBUST-9 / CNRS-11 - Robustness and Tes Cases flavoni Task low 2015 WP OCE
#1470 bug in restoring coefs when zoom is active? nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1471 Gyre no longer reproducible at r5072 nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1472 Temporary development branch for testing use of file attributes to control starting j-row from input netcdf files. acc Enhancement low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1473 Temporary development branch to improve performance without/with ice shelf mathiot Enhancement normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1474 update IO for VVL compatibility nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#1476 correction for C1D configuration nemo Bug high 2015 release-3.6 C1D
#1478 compiler error (shape pb) in diaar5.F90 after isf changes nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1480 wmask is undefined for OFFLINE together with rn2b nemo Bug normal OFF
#1484 Specific branch for PISCES with diurnal cycle cetlod Task low 2015 release-3.6 TOP
#1486 coastline modified if ln_isfcav = true mathiot Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1491 corrections of 2 parameters in namelist_pisces_ref nemo Bug low TOP
#1493 CNRS-4: Stochastic parametrization of the effect of unresolved scales in the equation of state nemo Task normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1495 specific branch for simplification/improvement of ONLY ice shelf related routines mathiot Task low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1497 Only part of the array e_i (and others) stored in restart file nemo Bug high LIM3
#1498 un-initialized N^2 before value at surface and bottom level nemo Bug low OCE
#1504 bug in trunk after revision 5140 nemo Bug highest 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1506 Bug in ISOMIP configuration nemo Bug low OCE
#1510 Bug in hpg_prj (dynhpg.F90) reported by hliu acc Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1513 Add in option the Hollingsworth correction in the grad(KE) calculation nemo Task low OCE
#1516 New CNRS branch for PISCES quota model aumont Task low Unscheduled TOP
#1521 ssh_ib not available to bdy_dta, causes consistency error when restarting nemo deazer Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1524 Wrong nn_eos value in GYRE_XIOS namelist_cfg delrosso Bug low OCE
#1525 out of bounds in divcurl!! flavoni Bug high 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1527 SETTE agrif failed in an INTEL (r5331) pabouttier Bug normal OCE
#1529 Tracer conservation and bbl nemo Defect low OCE
#1533 XIOS is not correctly initialised when running NEMO in non-MPP hadcv Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1534 Compilation failed on ORCA2_LIM due to a bad argument in iom.F90 nemo Bug normal OCE
#1536 change fldread to allow reading of 4 dimensions files cbricaud Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1538 Array already allocated in sbc_rnf_alloc nemo Bug low OCE
#1539 Performance optimizations on NEMO 3.6 limhdf routine nemo Enhancement low LIM3
#1541 Missing subroutine referenced in trcice.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1542 Wrong sign in ssh increment with dynspg_ts nemo Bug low OCE
#1543 Vertical velocity written twice and wrong ssh output with ts nemo Defect low OCE
#1545 offline code and mesh_mak file nemo Bug low OFF
#1546 Floating point overflow in ice_lim_flx nemo Bug low OCE
#1547 Uninitialised values in lim_thd_dif nemo Bug normal LIM3
#1548 Error in script when running AMM12 reproducibility check timgraham Bug low OCE
#1549 qsr_oce not initialised in lim_thd nemo Bug high LIM3
#1550 diadct can fail if ln_ctl=true timgraham Bug low OCE
#1551 Useless variables in AGRIF namelists (namsbc_cor) nemo Bug low AGRIF
#1552 the depth over which runoffs are distributed is not update if that depth is estimated from the runoff file nemo Bug normal OCE
#1553 atmospheric deposition and sea-ice nemo Bug low TOP
#1554 eORCA1: final version of hard coded indexes clevy Task low OCE
#1555 ORCA1L75_LIM3 compilation issue... nemo Bug low OCE
#1577 Fixes for dev_r4765_CNRS_agrif updated with trunk nemo Bug low OCE
#1586 Adding warm layer and cool skin models to NEMO stortignauz Bug low 2015 WP OCE
#1589 AGRIF not running with XIOS nemo Bug low AGRIF
#1593 dev CNRS-9 & NOC-3 --- lateral diffusion (LDF): simplification and improvements nemo Task normal OCE
#1596 Small bug in diawri.F90 without key_iomput (trunk & v3.6_stable) nemo Bug low OCE
#1602 Missing heat flux from Icebergs davestorkey Defect low OCE
#1608 dev CNRS-9 & NOC-3 --- vertical physics (ZDF) & transport (TRP) : simplification and improvements nemo Task normal OCE
#1611 ice sheet/ocean coupling development branch mathiot Task low 2015 WP OCE
#1612 merge simplification branch onto trunk nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1613 dev NOC-3 --- Non-linear free surface as default nemo Task normal 2015 simplification OCE
#1617 BUG in domzgr.F90 when defining the envelop bathymetry (both v3.6 stable & trunk) timgraham Bug low OCE
#1618 bug in code (incomplete code?) if ln_mask_file = .true. in bdyini.F90 jamesharle Bug low OCE
#1620 SIMPLIF-2 / MERCATOR-9: Suppression of solvers nemo Task low 2015 simplification OCE
#1631 Merge Trusting branch into trunk prior MP2015 nicolasmartin Task normal 2015 WP env
#1636 "Now" bottom tracer gradients in later diffusion with zps ? gm Bug low TRA
#1639 Reactivate Trusting on trunk prior MP2015 nemo Task normal 2015 WP env
#1642 Generalised vertical coordinate observation operator mathiot Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1647 GYRE_XIOS config nemo Bug lowest OCE
#1648 Remove useless bmask after free surface simplification nemo Task lowest 2015 WP OCE
#1661 BUG in triad slope (trunk, not v3.6 stable) gm Bug low OCE
#1663 restartability issue if ln_isfdiv = false mathiot Bug normal OCE
#1665 bug in domzgr.F90 if horizontal mesh is an f-plane (jphgr_msh = 2) and correction for tapered s-coordinates in vicinity of Equator flavoni Bug low OCE
#1666 coupling with land-only sub-domains nemo Defect low OCE
#1673 Documentation of NEMO 3.6 gm Task high Documentation doc
#1675 Out of bounds index in loops - key_vectopt_loop gm Bug low OCE
#1683 SIMPLIF-1 : 2016 simplification & improvement gm Task normal Unscheduled OCE
#1685 Hard coded criterion for turbocline depth in dmp routines mathiot Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1687 Dangerous default setting of ln_useCT nemo Bug low 2015 simplification OCE
#1689 2016WP SIMPLIF-5 Reimplement Smagorinsky acc Enhancement low OCE
#1691 Missing call to ldf_dyn in step (only relevant to time-varying eddy viscosity cases) acc Bug low 2016 WP OCE
#1692 2016WP SIMPLIF-2:Re-writing of interface between model and configuration nemo Task low 2015 simplification OCE
#1699 Wrong name of vertical scale factor in diawri.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1701 New development branch for 2016 fixes to Wetting and Drying acc Task low 2016 WP OCE
#1702 HPC-3(2016WP) - suppression of useless communications mathiot Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1709 WP2016: Shared action AGRIF-2: AGRIF LIM3 clevy Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1716 SAS reference configuration is not working mathiot Bug low OCE
#1717 Compilation error without key_mpp_mpi mathiot Bug low OCE
#1719 "conservation diagnostic" variables not saved in restart file nemo Bug low OCE
#1720 Adition of the new tidal mixing parameterization nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1725 Output file time variable not correct when nn_time0 /= 0000 timgraham Bug low OCE
#1726 HPC-4-Scalability with MPI-OPENMP mocavero Task low OCE
#1728 Add inputs file for New Kz into the ORCA_LIM_v3.6 archive nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1729 SIMPLIF-3 : Remove key_bdy macro [WP2016] lovato Task low 2016 WP OCE
#1730 SIMPLIF-4 : MPI safe computation as a default and clean key_mpp_rep nemo Task low 2016 WP OCE
#1735 mesh_mask flavoni Enhancement lowest OCE
#1749 Reproducibility problem with flux form momentum advection jchanut Bug normal OCE
#1751 SIMPLIF-6: Aerobulk package gm Task low 2016 WP OCE
#1753 Fix ssh incrementation in VVL code (Met Office) mathiot Defect high OCE
#1759 diatmb.F90 : small error in z- and zps coordinate, wrong in s-coordinate acc Bug low OCE
#1764 definition problem in usr_def routines of some variables nemo Bug low 2016 WP OCE
#1765 Undefined variables in dummy subroutines nemo Defect lowest OCE
#1767 Closed seas in eORCA025 timgraham Bug low OCE
#1768 zdfric: momentum background viscosity propagates into tracer diffusivity nemo Bug normal 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1779 Compilation error when coupling with PISCES nemo Bug highest TOP
#1780 Add missing bibliography nemo Bug low doc
#1781 2016WP/CONFIGMAN-1 jpaul Task low tools
#1782 New development branch for TOP interface nemo Task low 2016 WP TOP
#1783 ROBUST5_CMCC 2016 development nemo Task low 2016 WP TOP
#1786 Missing deallocation of zav_tide in zdftmx.F90 acc Bug normal OCE
#1787 missing IF (lwp) ... in trcrst.F90 nemo Defect low TOP
#1790 Using unsupported configurations on systems without wget access to the internet nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1792 Add icb to the ORCA2_LIM3 configuration mathiot Task low OCE
#1797 bug zdfric nemo Bug low OCE
#1802 New development branch for merging NOC 2016 developments nemo Task low 2016 WP OCE
#1803 unallocated arrays nemo Bug normal OCE
#1807 commit changes/bugfix/... for SIREN nemo Bug low tools
#1810 New branch to merge NOC and CMCC 2016 developments acc Task low OCE
#1811 dev_merge_2016 nemo Task low 2016 WP OCE
#1828 undefined rdttra in tranxt.F90 in dev_merge_2016 nemo Bug normal 2017 WP OCE
#1831 Adding the ability to read character attributes using iom_getatt acc Enhancement low OCE
#1838 Modifications to remove XIOS1 from dev_merge_2016 timgraham Enhancement low OCE
#1841 Create TEST_CASES directory nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1842 ROBUST-02(2017WP) enhancement in TEST CASES flavoni Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1843 obs operator: non initialized varaible nemo Bug low OCE
#1844 ISOMIP configuration update mathiot Task low OCE
#1848 Modifications to rebuild_nemo mathiot Enhancement low tools
#1850 modifications list of REFERENCE CONFIGURATIONS and list of tests SETTE flavoni Task low OCE
#1852 Inconsistent halo values across restarts in SETTE tests acc Defect low OCE
#1853 Land Suppression in mppini_2.h90 not working jamesharle Bug low OCE
#1854 Use of jpdom_data in mppini_2.h90 is invalid? jamesharle Bug low OCE
#1856 Issues with zero-sized arrays with bdy gsamson Defect low BDY
#1859 sbccpl.F90 needs to be updated nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1860 obsolete features mchekki Enhancement low OCE
#1861 NEMO won't allow XIOS output_freq in minutes or seconds timgraham Defect low OCE
#1862 ierr not initialised correctly in case with no lateral diffusion timgraham Bug lowest OCE
#1864 lonely fields clem Enhancement low OCE
#1873 open straits for ORCA2 configuration flavoni Bug low OCE
#1874 Legacy key_tide still in trunk nemo Defect low OCE
#1877 Issues with NEMO tracer trends diagnostics to be used for CMIP6 jcastill Enhancement normal OCE
#1878 Fix bug in the Stokes drift calculation nemo Bug low OCE
#1880 HPC-08 — 3D lbc_lnk argument with any size for the 3rd dimension gm Task low 2017 WP OCE
#1883 HPC-09_Gurvan — ZDF restructuration with reduced number of lbc_lnk call gm Task normal 2017 WP OCE
#1885 small compilation error in zdfric.F90 nemo Bug low OCE
#1886 small bug in Stokes-Coriolis term when using EEN scheme nemo Bug low OCE
#1887 AGRIF tests failing with segmentation fault nemo Bug normal AGRIF
#1896 CONFIGMAN-1/SIREN nemo Task low 2017 WP tools
#1897 CONFIGMAN-2/SIREN nemo Task low 2017 WP tools
#1898 CONFIGMAN-3/SIREN nemo Task low 2017 WP tools
#1903 agrif and sea ice clem Enhancement low AGRIF
#1915 ROBUST-8_AndrewC-MPP_no_ghost development branch acc Task low 2017 WP OCE
#1916 ROBUST 10 Unify MPPINI nemo Task low 2017 WP OCE
#1917 TOP does not compile with AGRIF nemo Bug normal TOP
#1919 Variables passed to iom_put with no definition in field_def*.xml files emanuelaclementi Bug low OCE
#1920 default config in makenemo nemo Bug low Unscheduled env
#1921 lines over 132 nemo Defect low Unscheduled OCE
#1924 exit value for makenemo mchekki Defect low Unscheduled env
#1926 ENHANCE14 dev_r8329_ENHANCE14_SAL branch development jchanut Task low 2017 WP OCE
#1927 Name pattern of icebergs restarts doesn't follow usual NEMO conventions mathiot Defect low OCE
#1928 Missing bits of code in triads agn Bug low OCE
#1929 O2L3P cfg. compilation crash with GCC in trcbc.f90 nicolasmartin Bug low TOP
#1936 missing test in SETTE for SAS restart_ice files nemo Enhancement lowest env
#1937 wrong heat budget of the leads in LIM3 clem Bug normal LIM3
#1938 Update to demonstrator script to take into account all the contents of a trajectory mean file nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1939 Add sorting of cfg.txt to makenemo nicolasmartin Enhancement low env
#1943 HPC-02(2017WP)_Francesca Development of the NEMO hybrid parallel version based on MPI/OpenMP francesca Task normal 2018 WP OCE
#1945 Require e3t filtered through depth not just surface in tranxt/dynnxt for rivers distributed through depth jamesharle Defect low TRA
#1953 HPC-06(2017WP) XIOS restart read functionality andmirek Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#1955 NOC-2_JamesH-SCO_ISF development branch jamesharle Task low 2017 WP OCE
#1962 HPC-07(2017WP) Write restart file using XIOS andmirek Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#1965 AGRIF3 Jerome-vvl jchanut Task normal 2017 WP AGRIF
#1972 Multiple compilation issues with key_top & key_agrif jchanut Bug high AGRIF
#1975 Add test cases in SETTE list of tests (to be sure to update all MY_SRC routines during merge) flavoni Enhancement normal env
#1976 improve restart read/write in LIM3 andmirek Enhancement normal 2017 WP IOM
#1977 ORCA2_SAS not restartable clevy Bug high 2017 WP OCE
#1980 Wave coupling branch - New Stokes drift profile and wind stress jcastill Task high 2017 WP OCE
#1981 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF does not comply with new vertical scale factors computation (DOMAINcfg) jchanut Defect normal AGRIF
#1982 Met Office coupling system with "LIM3" clem Defect high LIM3
#1983 faciltate SETTE tests by reducing number of compilations Enhancement normal Unscheduled env
#1985 10m SSH check too small for tidal runs deazer Enhancement normal OCE
#1990 Merge of Met Office 2017 branches timgraham Task normal 2017 WP OCE
#1991 Merge of CNRS 2017 branches Task normal OCE
#1992 Wetting and Drying deazer Task normal 2017 WP OCE
#1993 Merge of MERCATOR 2017 branches Task normal 2017 WP OCE
#1996 Merge Met Office & Mercator 2017 branches Task low 2017 WP OCE
#1997 corner point bug in SUBROUTINE bdy_ssh gmattia Bug low OCE
#1998 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF jchanut Defect low AGRIF
#1999 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF: bathymetry interpolation jchanut Defect low AGRIF
#2000 ROBUST-14(2017WP) Removal of configuration-dependent hardcoding from closea module in OPA davestorkey Task normal 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2006 ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES crashes after 179 timesteps in dev_merge_2017 Defect low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2009 HPC-02_Epicoco_Single Core Performance francesca Task high IMMERSE 2019 OCE
#2010 HPC-03_Mocavero_globcomm francesca Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2011 HPC-04(2018WP)_Mocavero_mpi3 mocavero Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2012 INGV-01_CLementi_AddWaveDiag emanuelaclementi Enhancement high 2018 WP OCE
#2013 VALID-09_Lovato_TestWave_MedSea gmattia Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2014 VALID-08_Drudi_Wave_ORCA2 mdrudi Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2017 AGRIF-03_jchanut-TOOLS jchanut Task high 2018 release-4.0 AGRIF
#2024 VALID-01_cbricaud_HR cbricaud Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2027 zdf_iwm_init (zdfiwm.F90) reads from a misnamed name list acc Defect normal 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2028 VALID-07_odea-AMM deazer Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2030 VALID-06_storkey_global validation of proto-NEMO 4.0 release in ORCA1, ORCA025 and ORCA12 davestorkey Task high 2018 release-4.0 misc.
#2031 AGRIF-02_crousset-LIM3 clem Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2037 ROBUST-05_clevy_shaconemo_future clevy Task normal 2018 WP env
#2039 HPC-13_Mixed_precision_study-13.1_Assessment mcastril Enhancement normal 2019 WP OCE
#2042 ENHANCE-05_Gurvan-Vertical_Advection acc Task normal 2018 WP OCE
#2043 ENHANCE-06(2017WP)_Gurvan-Bulk_improvements gm Task high Unscheduled OCE
#2047 ROBUST-07_SFlavoni-Notebook-testcases flavoni Task normal 2018 WP env
#2048 VALID-03_SFlavoni_global_configuration flavoni Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2053 ENHANCE-13_Olivier-Vertical_Sinking aumont Task normal 2018 WP OCE
#2058 ROBUST-04_SFlavoni_usrdef_doc flavoni Task high Documentation env
#2060 VALID-11_cethe_TOP_Offline cetlod Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2061 ROBUST-01_rbourdal_C1D rbourdal Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2062 modification of Fcheck_archfile script andmirek Enhancement low tools
#2063 Bug in bdydta for ice (3.6_STABLE and dev_merge_2017) clem Defect low 2018 release-4.0 BDY
#2070 Reorganisation of nemogcm.F90 and mppini.F90 to better separate domain decomposition functions from the rest of the initialisation acc Enhancement high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2072 PGI fails in AGRIF compilation nicolasmartin Bug low AGRIF
#2074 Out of bounds error in the extended row form of lbcnfd acc Defect low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2075 LDF: scale-aware setting of viscous and diffusive coefficient gm Enhancement normal 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2078 cn_dir corrupts AGRIF input filenames jchanut Defect low AGRIF
#2079 pb compiling iom.F90 without key_iomput andmirek Defect normal 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2080 bug in z tilde? davestorkey Bug normal OCE
#2081 time splitting and isf: bugs mathiot Bug low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2082 agrif_create_coordinates writes incorrect u,v points to child grid file Bug low AGRIF
#2084 Missing read for bdymask in dommsk.F90 jamesharle Defect low OCE
#2085 dev_merge_2017/trunk without land-porc crashes when starting from restart cbricaud Bug low OCE
#2087 problems compiling reference config. C1D_PAPA in the trunk rbourdal Bug normal 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2088 Missing code snippet in bdy interpolation on the fly code jamesharle Defect low OCE
#2089 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF: bathymetry connection done even if open boundary lies over land jchanut Defect low 2018 WP AGRIF
#2090 useless array allocation in dia_wri_alloc Defect low OCE
#2091 wrong names clem Enhancement low BDY
#2092 BDY and sea ice crashes clem Bug low OCE
#2093 cyclic north-south periodicity and nperio cleaning Enhancement low OCE
#2094 closea behaviour if closea_mask not present mathiot Defect low 2019 WP OCE
#2095 testing ideas for re-ordering loops to improve HPC performance mikebell Enhancement low OCE
#2099 ln_nnogather and land suppression mathiot Bug high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2100 Missing value in ORCA2 ouput Defect low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2101 non reproductible NP folding smasson Bug low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2103 Segfault from BDY indexing and code error from fldread data load without time interpolation lovato Bug normal 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2107 non-zero ice concentration on land Bug low LIM3
#2108 remapping of ice layers is bugged (NEMO4 and 3.6) Bug low LIM3
#2110 Bug in traadv_fct.F90 acc Defect low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2113 Restoring restart ability with icebergs mathiot Defect normal 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2114 Redundant logical keys in lateral diffusion for passive tracers cetlod Enhancement normal 2018 release-4.0 TOP
#2115 reactivate predefined zoom with xios2 smasson Defect low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2116 Wraparound rows not passed in coupling fields francesca Bug low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2118 ORCA2 + land_suppression failed to run mathiot Bug low OCE
#2120 Bug in vertical advection with ice shelf and vector form mathiot Bug low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2121 Improvment of doc generation script nicolasmartin Defect low Documentation doc
#2122 bug in traadv_fct.F90 in trunk davestorkey Bug low 2018 release-4.0 TRA
#2123 Bug in diawri.F90 (both v3.6_STABLE & trunk) andmirek Bug low 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2125 duplicated code in trd_tra_iom davestorkey Bug normal 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2128 Uniqueness of iceberg labels can not be guaranteed if restarting from a collated restart file acc Defect low 2018 release-4.0 ICB
#2130 Bug in calculation of initial day when not starting from 00Z systeam Bug low DOM
#2131 ASINTER-01_Guillaume_ABL1D gsamson Task high IMMERSE 2019 SBC
#2133 HPC-09_Maisonnave-ATOS-ESIWACE emalod Task low Unscheduled LBC
#2134 ssh Infinity after 1TS when initialize sea ice with netcdf file and activate Lupkes drag (2012 and 2015) gsamson Bug low TOP
#2136 model crashes ( ssh or velocity ) when lupkes 2015 drag is activated systeam Bug low SBC
#2141 sequential compilation with sea-ice smueller Defect low 2018 release-4.0 TOP
#2142 ENHANCE-02_Pierre Mathiot_ISF mathiot Task high 2019 WP TRA
#2143 ENHANCE-03_PierreMathiot_DomcfgTools mathiot Task high 2019 WP DOM
#2144 No vertical diffusion in Offline mode systeam Bug normal 2018 release-4.0 OFF
#2145 cn_cfg variable : problem with capital letters systeam Defect normal 2018 release-4.0 TOP
#2146 Improved and functional sediment module in PISCES systeam Enhancement low 2018 release-4.0 PISCES
#2147 VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface clevy Task high 2018 WP SBC
#2148 p4zlim and p5zlim wrongly renamed systeam Defect low PISCES
#2149 Trivial missing implicit bfriction in barotropic subcycle for cases other than ln_dynadv_vec deazer Bug low 2018 release-4.0 DYN
#2151 Add neuler test before reading restart in dynspg_ts mathiot Defect low 2018 release-4.0 DYN
#2154 WAD bug in limiting SBC fluxes in 'dry' cells deazer Bug low 2018 release-4.0 SBC
#2160 HPC-04_MCastrillo_HPDAonlineDiagGPU mcastril Task low IMMERSE 2019 DIA
#2161 Bug in case of iceberg module activated and embedded sea ice mathiot Bug low ICB
#2163 depth[tuvw]_bounds initialised to wrong values in iom_init davestorkey Bug low 2018 release-4.0 IOM
#2164 Update MPP_PREP to NEMO_4.0_beta mathiot Enhancement low 2018 release-4.0 tools
#2165 Add deflation/chunking in REBUILD_NEMO mathiot Enhancement low 2018 release-4.0 tools
#2167 ENHANCE-04_AndrewC-reporting acc Task high 2019 WP env
#2168 Volume leak with ice cavities systeam Bug low TRA
#2169 ln_trabbl used before to be initialised mathiot Bug normal 2018 release-4.0 TRA
#2171 Variable "total2sws" is used before it is defined (PISCES) systeam Bug low 2018 release-4.0 PISCES
#2172 bug in case of direct sea ice assimilation mathiot Bug low 2018 release-4.0 ASM
#2173 Pressure due to ice shelf load - SCO case systeam Bug low DYN
#2174 Update iceload calculation in dyn_hpg_init systeam Enhancement low DYN
#2178 Wrong index used in shear calculation? systeam Bug low SBC
#2179 Update doc chap_SBC including wave interaction emanuelaclementi Task low doc
#2180 sette fails to compile systeam Defect low 2018 release-4.0 PISCES
#2198 HPC-10_Mike_Tiling mikebell Task high 2019 WP TRA
#2199 AGRIF-01_jchanut_small_jpi_jpj jchanut Task normal 2019 WP AGRIF
#2200 bdyvol not working mathiot Defect low 2018 release-4.0 BDY
#2201 Compilation failure (lib_mpp, iom etc) systeam Defect normal Unscheduled LBC
#2202 PUBS-01_ODea_WAD deazer Task high 2019 WP DYN
#2203 Compilation compliant with MPI-2 standard smasson Defect low Unscheduled LBC
#2204 XIOS restart read/write: update documentation andmirek Task low Documentation doc
#2205 Update BDY documentation mathiot Task low 2018 release-4.0 doc
#2206 adjustable array in lbc_nfd_ext_generic.h90 systeam Defect low Unscheduled LBC
#2207 TOP-01_cethe_PISCES_LBC cetlod Task high 2019 WP TOP
#2209 PUBS-02_Nicolas-DemoCases_Implementation (WP2 - MS2.1) nicolasmartin Task high IMMERSE 2019 env
#2210 Compilation of the SI3 component fails in non-MPP configuration smueller Defect low 2018 release-4.0 SI3
#2211 The linking of BDY code fails in a non-MPP configuration smueller Defect low 2018 release-4.0 BDY
#2212 12 months runoff hard coded... systeam Defect low SBC
#2213 Model freeze when using BDY in some particular cases systeam Defect low BDY
#2214 minimize jpj for the domains of the last row systeam Enhancement low LBC
#2221 variable indexes out of bound in trcsink.F90 systeam Bug low TOP
#2225 Failure of AMM12 SETTE tests systeam Defect low BDY
#2231 Failure of ORCA2_ICE_PISCES SETTE test systeam Defect low SI3
#2233 Failure of AMM12 SETTE test jamesharle Bug low DIA
#2236 The bug related to the inverse barometer effect at open boundaries reported in ticket #2223 is also present in the trunk systeam Bug low BDY
#2239 SETTE improvement mathiot Enhancement low CI
#2258 KERNEL-02_Storkey_Coward_IMMERSE_first_steps davestorkey Task high IMMERSE 2019 DYN
#2259 change rn_rdt and nn_fsbc in ORCA2 configurations mathiot Defect high TOP
#2260 Issue with output GRAZ1 in pisces systeam Bug low TOP
#2267 The compilation of the source code for harmonic analysis fails smueller Defect low DIA
#2270 segfault in sbcdcy.F90 systeam Defect low SBC
#2278 Bug in p4zpoc concerning big particles lability systeam Bug low TOP
#2282 Potential MPI deadlock if rimwidth>1 systeam Bug low Unscheduled BDY
#2285 Optimization of the communications in BDY girrmann Task low IMMERSE 2019 BDY
#2295 Subroutine bdy_dta uses an uninitialised namelist parameter unless atmospheric pressure forcing has been enabled smueller Bug low BDY
#2301 ICE_AGRIF file_def_nemo-ice.xml not working mathiot Bug low SI3
#2302 SETTE fails to complete the AGRIF_DEMO test if ADD_NOSIGNEDZERO has been set to "no" smueller Bug low CI
#2304 SETTE failed to update some namelist parameter mathiot Bug low CI
#2305 FCT monotonicy is lost with adaptive vertical advection systeam Defect low TRA
#2309 print statements in iceberg model systeam Defect low Unscheduled ICB
#2315 ENHANCE-11_CEthe_Shaconemo_diags cetlod Task normal 2019 WP DIA
#2316 Wrong variable in reference namelist systeam Bug low SBC
#2324 Incorrect array passed to lbc_lnk in trcbdy.F90 acc Bug low TOP
#2327 Out of bound vertical index in 4th order vertical advection systeam Defect low TRA
#2330 Failure of SPITZ12 SETTE tests systeam Defect low BDY
#2341 Start 2019 MERGE branch Enhancement low env
#2343 minor bug to do with Euler timestepping in TOP davestorkey Bug low Unscheduled TOP
#2346 Sign change in lbc call for total depth in split explicit routine systeam Bug low DYN
#2349 ice pilars systeam Defect low SI3
#2358 bug in dynzdf when ln_drgimp and ln_isfcav mathiot Bug low DYN
#2359 Bug: U/V point interpolation of isf tbl tracer properties mathiot Bug low SBC
#2360 masking issue in ldftra/ldf_eiv_trp if isf cavities open mathiot Bug low LDF
#2381 Faulty option 1 of the freshwater budget adjustment mechanism (`nn_fwb = 1`, module `sbcfwb`) when both `key_mpp_mpi` and `key_mpi2` are defined systeam Bug low SBC
#2387 use uninitialized variable in sbcblk systeam Bug high SBC
#2388 Source code in the MY_SRC directory of the BENCH tests case is out of date systeam Defect low env
#2391 wrong default definition in namelist_pisces_ref systeam Defect low PISCES
#2392 avoid useless allocation in diawri systeam Defect low DIA
#2395 use fldread to handle zdfiwm input files gsamson Enhancement low ZDF
#2397 Restart failure of the ORCA2_ICE_PISCES reference configuration systeam Bug high ZDF
#2399 Bdy arrays are filled out of their bounds if bdy data is taken at initial step systeam Bug low BDY
#2400 iom_put() unallocated array "area" in diaar5.F90 systeam Bug low DIA
#2401 access undefined values in a control print of cpl_oasis3 systeam Bug low SBC
#2403 Inactive sea-ice component in the BENCH test case systeam Bug normal SBC
#2408 minor bugfix in ice control print in coupled mode systeam Bug low SI3
#2411 sbcabl.F90 from ABL does not compile systeam Bug low SBC
#2412 potential out-of-bounds in bdydta/bdytides? systeam Bug low BDY
#2413 DOMAINcfg write even if nstop /= 0 mathiot Bug low DOM
#2415 BENCH is no more working with constant size subdomains systeam Bug low USR
#2420 nstop>0 on a child grid is not working properly systeam Bug low AGRIF
#2421 ICE_AGRIF does not run if compiled with debug options systeam Bug low USR
#2426 SAS does not compile without key_iomput systeam Bug low SAS
#2428 do not try to access unassociated pointers in bdydta systeam Bug low BDY
#2430 numnul with Agrif systeam Bug low AGRIF
#2431 diamlr does not compile with gcc systeam Bug low DIA
#2432 multiple 3rd dimensions in iom_rstput systeam Bug low IOM
#2439 typo bug in ASM/asminc.F90 davestorkey Bug normal ASM
#2442 some tests or cfgs cases (not included in sette) are not compiling systeam Bug low MULTIPLE
#2448 wrong coastal boundary condition in dyn_ldf_blp systeam Bug high LDF
#2450 ln_vorlat bug: fmask calculation systeam Bug low DYN
#2451 ABL not restartable gsamson Bug normal ABL
#2464 atm-ice stress at the coast is used and polluted by land values systeam Bug low SI3
#2470 Sea-ice activation inconsistency in SBC systeam Defect low SBC
#2473 Minor bug in the initial values of sea-ice albedo in coupled mode systeam Defect low SBC
#2477 wrt_line on one CPU systeam Defect low Unscheduled MULTIPLE
#2483 Erroneous distribution of radiative fluxes in coupled mode 'oce and ice' systeam Bug low SBC
#2484 Problem in the trend routine for UBS+VVL option systeam Bug low TRD
#2498 SETTE test of the trunk do not pass on jean zay techene Bug low env

Resolution: invalid (19 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#345 add missing "USE daymod" statement into oce_trc nemo Bug low TOP
#369 Restart module writes restart files twice nemo Bug low OCE
#1032 Floating point exceptions in IOM (NetCDF) smasson Bug low OCE
#1202 Void nemo Bug low OCE
#1208 No module use'd for variable a_i in sbcice_if.F90 vancop Bug low OCE
#1400 No isopycnal mixing with vvl ? rfurner?? Bug low OCE
#1425 error in TOP_SRC/PISCES/P4Z/p4zsed nemo Bug low OCE
#1475 Missmatch in bdyini between sending and receiving mocavero Bug low OCE
#1540 Tracer conservation (2): Surface vertical velocity with source terms in hdivn nemo Bug normal OCE
#1784 CO6 Package Branch to Test Wetting and Drying mathiot Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1804 BDY+tides do not work with ln_bt_fw=false nemo Bug normal OCE
#1840 optional variables andmirek Task low OCE
#1858 bug when reading external data in BDY? davestorkey Bug low BDY
#1941 TO DO list for the end of the 2017 merge party nemo Task normal 2017 WP OCE
#2032 ROBUST-02_LIM3-doc vancop Task high Documentation doc
#2137 wrong formulae for Lupkes 2012 ? systeam Bug low SBC
#2183 AGRIF-01_cbricaud-EWandNorthBC(2017WP) cbricaud Task high Unscheduled TOP
#2361 Maximum rimwidth text output mathiot Bug low BDY
#2441 Wave coupling only: not receiving coupling fields ayoung Defect normal 2020 WP SBC

Resolution: wontfix (55 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#374 Addition of clobber and chunksize when opening NetCDF files smasson Enhancement low OCE
#510 IOSERVER with NVTK cetlod Bug low env
#599 NVTK: bug at the job launch process if REF_TAGV variable is empty nemo Bug low env
#1113 possible out-of-bound if the first W-level is below 10m gm Bug low OCE
#1114 mismatch in array size and possibly uninitialized value in solsor.F90 gm Bug low OCE
#1119 Reproducibility using enveloping bathymetry jchanut Bug low OCE
#1137 Pb sbc_cpl_ice_tau wind stress on ice in "mixed oce-ice" coupling case smasson Bug low OCE
#1165 definition of fr1_i0 and fr2_i0 in coupled mode? nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1212 Bug in UBS (dynamic) & partial cells gm Bug normal OCE
#1235 Division by zero in timing routines nemo Bug low OCE
#1310 Allow specification of start hour djlea Enhancement low OCE
#1311 Equatorial pressure correction djlea Enhancement low OCE
#1314 Implement assimilation interface SETTE test djlea Enhancement low OCE
#1326 weird loop in tra_npc nemo Bug low OCE
#1357 Enhancement to allow the bdytmask to be read before optimisation of the mpp layout occurs jamesharle Enhancement low Unscheduled OCE
#1359 Restartability issue without key_ldfslp gm Bug low OCE
#1386 bug in ENE and ENS vorticity schemes with partial steps? gm Bug low Unscheduled OCE
#1405 netCDF attributs missing in meshmask file nemo Defect low OCE
#1406 useless time dimension in meshmask file nemo Defect low OCE
#1413 bug in cumulate surface flux in bdyvol ? jchanut Bug low OCE
#1418 Close the netcdf files in agrif_create_data.exe nemo Defect low AGRIF
#1432 Lateral diffusion with VVL in Z coordinates - For Discussion nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1434 Tidal mixing energy in zdt_tmx with VVL nemo Defect low OCE
#1436 Possible invalid call to oasis_get_freqs smasson Bug normal OCE
#1459 Code lines above 132 characters (source & after pre-processing) nemo Enhancement lowest OCE
#1466 default definition of nam_vvl nemo Defect low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1477 Default of TEOS-10 in namelist_ref nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1494 SI3 documentation vancop Task high Documentation SI3
#1507 Errors in namcfg & namctl not reported correctly nemo Defect low OCE
#1526 ln_tra_dmp / ln_tradmp nemo Enhancement low 2015 simplification OCE
#1532 Merge of branch dev_r5204_CNRS_PISCES_dcy into the trunk. nemo Enhancement normal OCE
#1537 wrong C preprocessor directives. nemo Bug normal OCE
#1671 NEMO 3.6 to 3.7 migration guide nicolasmartin Enhancement low OCE
#1718 2016 development branch: Parametrisation of tide water glacier melting mathiot Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1812 Surface stresses at wrong time step in zdftke/zdfgls rbourdal Defect low OCE
#1912 parallel running of rebuild_nemo nemo Enhancement low OCE
#2020 ENHANCE-12_Yevgeny-Icewaves acc Task normal 2018 WP OCE
#2029 SI3-01(2018WP)_topographic_meltponds vancop Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2033 SI3-02_crousset_validation_rheology clem Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2034 SI3-03_crousset_validation_landfast clem Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2035 SI3-04_crousset_evaluation_UM5vsPRATHER clem Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2038 VALID-01(2018WP_cont)_clevy_AGRIF clevy Task high 2019 WP AGRIF
#2045 ENHANCE-08(2018WP)_Gurvan-Implicit_Drags gm Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2059 VALID-03_smasson_regional_agrif smasson Task high 2019 WP AGRIF
#2067 Open namelists in read only mode andmirek Task low Unscheduled OCE
#2157 ASINTER-04_Madec_waves gm Task high IMMERSE 2019 SBC
#2176 ENHANCE-07_JamesH-sigma_under_ISF jamesharle Task high 2019 WP DOM
#2188 SI3-07_tsamados_drags vancop Task high 2019 WP SI3
#2195 HPC-08_XXX_fldread_with_XIOS andmirek Task high 2019 WP SBC
#2196 HPC-07_XXX_agrif_HPC_review Task high IMMERSE 2019 AGRIF
#2197 HPC-09_Mireck_OpenACC andmirek Task high 2019 WP TRA
#2208 VALID-04_cetlod_TOP_offline cetlod Task high 2019 WP TOP
#2217 HPC-01_Mike Bell_OpenMP mikebell Task low 2019 WP DOM
#2320 Improvements in text output andmirek Enhancement high 2019 WP IOM
#2323 read/write SI3 restart with XIOS andmirek Task normal IMMERSE 2019 SI3

Resolution: duplicate (23 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#212 daymod.F90 : bug in rsec_day computation ? nemo Bug high OCE
#512 NVTK: allows to manage properly MPI runs nemo Bug low env
#1151 Development Branch for CMCC: Hybrid parallel version based on MPI-OpenMP epico Task low OCE
#1207 Typo in sbccpl.F90? nemo Bug normal OCE
#1369 Coupling field names for OASIS should not be limited to 8 characters nemo Enhancement low OCE
#1462 CNRS- 5 : Offline with vvl cetlod Task normal 2015 release-3.6 OFF
#1496 Problem with specification of tide with bdy nemo Bug low 2015 release-3.6 OCE
#1653 Temporary branch tests POLCOMS like tidal analysis with restarts deazer Enhancement low OCE
#1865 compiling trunk with key_agrif , now key_bdy has been removed jchanut Bug normal AGRIF
#2021 HPC-05_AndrewC-extendedhaloes acc Task normal 2018 WP OCE
#2022 AGRIF-01_cbricaud-EWandNorthBC(2017WP) cbricaud Task high 2019 WP OCE
#2025 ROBUST-06_Andrew-reporting acc Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2026 VALID-10_GeorgeN-evalOSMOSIS agn Task high 2018 release-4.0 OCE
#2040 HPC-04_Mixed_precision_study-13.2_Implementation mcastril Task normal IMMERSE 2019 OCE
#2041 ENHANCE-04_Gurvan-RK3 gm Task low Unscheduled OCE
#2050 read namelists using single processor andmirek Task low Unscheduled OCE
#2139 solver in ice_thd_zdf andmirek Enhancement normal 2018 release-4.0 SI3
#2166 HPC-06_SimonM-extendedhaloes smueller Task high 2019 WP TOP
#2184 VP_rheology vancop Task high Unscheduled SI3
#2185 VP_rheology vancop Task high Unscheduled SI3
#2215 report on communications is not clear when BDY is used smasson Enhancement low LBC
#2308 Optimization of the communications in DYN girrmann Task low IMMERSE 2019 DYN
#2326 further simplification of bdydta.F90 davestorkey Enhancement low BDY

Resolution: worksforme (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1670 trunk rev6267 runs ok on ORCA025-LIM3 nemo Task low OCE
#2056 PUBLI-02_nicolas_Project_Bibliography nicolasmartin Task normal 2018 WP env
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