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#1458 AGRIF-1 / Met Office-7 - Vertical grid refinement using AGRIF (2015) timgraham closed low AGRIF trunk
#1814 ENHANCE-01 New website nemo closed normal env
#1815 ENHANCE-03 New Users area in Trac nicolasmartin closed normal env
#1880 HPC-08 — 3D lbc_lnk argument with any size for the 3rd dimension gm closed low OCE trunk
#1883 HPC-09_Gurvan — ZDF restructuration with reduced number of lbc_lnk call gm closed normal OCE trunk
#1896 CONFIGMAN-1/SIREN nemo closed low tools trunk
#1897 CONFIGMAN-2/SIREN nemo closed low tools trunk
#1898 CONFIGMAN-3/SIREN nemo closed low tools trunk
#1915 ROBUST-8_AndrewC-MPP_no_ghost development branch acc closed low OCE trunk
#1916 ROBUST 10 Unify MPPINI nemo closed low OCE trunk
#1926 ENHANCE14 dev_r8329_ENHANCE14_SAL branch development jchanut closed low OCE trunk
#1941 TO DO list for the end of the 2017 merge party nemo closed normal OCE trunk
#1948 SVN mime-type for namelists to enable syntax highlighting nicolasmartin closed low env release-3.6
#1955 NOC-2_JamesH-SCO_ISF development branch jamesharle closed low OCE trunk
#1965 AGRIF3 Jerome-vvl jchanut closed normal AGRIF trunk
#1980 Wave coupling branch - New Stokes drift profile and wind stress jcastill closed high OCE trunk
#1990 Merge of Met Office 2017 branches timgraham closed normal OCE trunk
#1992 Wetting and Drying deazer closed normal OCE trunk
#1993 Merge of MERCATOR 2017 branches closed normal OCE trunk
#1996 Merge Met Office & Mercator 2017 branches closed low OCE trunk
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