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#1426 ROBUST-01(2015WP)/MERCATOR-6 online coarsening cbricaud normal failed no Unspecified
#1943 HPC-02(2017WP)_Francesca Development of the NEMO hybrid parallel version based on MPI/OpenMP francesca normal failed no Hybrid fine-grained and coarse-grained approaches have been tested and results have been discussed within the HPC-WG (see Conclusion section). No development branch to be included in NEMO 4.0.
#2019 ENHANCE-03_jchanut-ZTILDE jchanut normal failed no Status in June 2018: Enhanced z tilde implementation is available in NEMO 3_6 stable release. Possible transfer in trunk in 2018 (TBD).
#2020 ENHANCE-12_Yevgeny-Icewaves acc normal failed no Activity postponed. Development overtaken by major changes in the sea-ice model but may be reintroduced for Si3 in 2019 subject to personnel availability. More probable that it will be delayed until 2020
#2021 HPC-05_AndrewC-extendedhaloes acc normal failed no Action moved to 2019WP
#2037 ROBUST-05_clevy_shaconemo_future clevy normal failed no ended
#2042 ENHANCE-05_Gurvan-Vertical_Advection acc normal passed yes Code successfully merged into trunk. Works successfully with flux limited scheme (ln_traadv_mus) but awaits developments elsewhere to be fully operational. Documentation delayed to discourage activation before final tweaks and testing in 2019.
#2047 ROBUST-07_SFlavoni-Notebook-testcases flavoni normal failed no Unspecified
#2053 ENHANCE-13_Olivier-Vertical_Sinking aumont normal failed yes Unspecified
#2056 PUBLI-02_nicolas_Project_Bibliography nicolasmartin normal failed no Unspecified
#2147 VALID-12_CLEVY_CoupledInterface clevy high passed yes Unspecified
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