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#2009 HPC-02_Epicoco_Single Core Performance francesca closed high OCE trunk
#2040 HPC-04_Mixed_precision_study-13.2_Implementation mcastril closed normal OCE trunk
#2112 CMCC-02_sciliberti_BDYTool sciliberti assigned high tools 4.0-HEAD
#2131 ASINTER-01_Guillaume_ABL1D gsamson closed high SBC trunk
#2153 HPC-03_HPDAonlineDiag epico new high DIA trunk
#2157 ASINTER-04_Madec_waves gm closed high SBC trunk
#2160 HPC-04_MCastrillo_HPDAonlineDiagGPU mcastril closed low DIA trunk
#2162 Tiling for TRA and ZDF routines mikebell new normal TRA trunk
#2196 HPC-07_XXX_agrif_HPC_review closed high AGRIF trunk
#2209 PUBS-02_Nicolas-DemoCases_Implementation (WP2 - MS2.1) nicolasmartin closed high env trunk
#2258 KERNEL-02_Storkey_Coward_IMMERSE_first_steps davestorkey closed high DYN trunk
#2285 Optimization of the communications in BDY girrmann closed low BDY trunk
#2308 Optimization of the communications in DYN girrmann closed low DYN trunk
#2323 read/write SI3 restart with XIOS andmirek closed normal SI3 trunk
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