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#1200 Array out of bounds in AGRIF update Bug Jerome Chanut closed minor
#1204 AGRIF non recursive update of parent grids Bug Jerome Chanut new minor
#1241 Missing boundary conditions on vertical mixing variables Defect nemo new minor
#1503 TOP not conservative with vvl Bug Christian Ethe closed minor
#1512 Function cpl_freq not consistent with OASIS interface Bug Christian Ethe new minor
#1530 Failed compilation of AGRIF configuration in SETTE on ADA Bug nemo closed major
#1556 Call to Agrif_ParentGrid_To_ChildGrid() causes failure if no child grid Bug nemo closed trivial
#1557 Agrif sponge arrays out of bounds on small (sub)domains Bug nemo new minor
#1558 cla_init called twice Defect nemo closed minor
#1559 Uninitialized gcx and gcxb arrays with AGRIF causes eratic crash at startup Bug nemo closed major
#1560 not using key_iomput makes the model crash Bug nemo closed minor
#1561 NEMO-LIM3-BDY crashes unexpectedly after less than 150,000 time steps Bug nemo closed minor
#1562 fldread bug Bug gmainsant closed major
#1563 uninitialized variables Defect nemo new minor Miscellaneous
#1564 lines over 132 Defect nemo closed minor 2015 nemo_v3_6_STABLE
#1565 variable zfact, used to compute and output denitrification at surface is undefined in PISCES Bug nemo closed minor
#1566 ORCA1 strait corrections have the wrong indices Bug nemo closed major 2015 nemo_v3_6_STABLE
#1567 snow precipitation looks wrong in ORCA2-LIM3 Bug nemo closed minor
#1568 lbc_lnk_multi is not defined without key_mpp_mpi Bug Tim Graham closed minor
#1569 Add AGRIF SETTE tests Enhancement nemo closed minor
#1570 accidentally modified so that AGRIF is not run Bug Tim Graham closed minor
#1571 AGRIF demonstrator doesn't compile with stopar.F90 Bug nemo closed minor
#1572 diaar5 assumes inputs are on the model grid Bug nemo new minor
#1573 NEMO-AGRIF compilation with recent version of gfortran Bug nemo closed minor
#1574 Unitialised values in namobs namelist Bug Tim Graham closed minor
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