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Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Priority Milestone
#1569 Add AGRIF SETTE tests Enhancement nemo closed minor
#1939 Add sorting of cfg.txt to makenemo Enhancement Nicolas MARTIN assigned minor
#1571 AGRIF demonstrator doesn't compile with stopar.F90 Bug nemo closed minor
#1204 AGRIF non recursive update of parent grids Bug Jerome Chanut new minor
#1855 AGRIF reproducibility Bug nemo closed major
#1557 Agrif sponge arrays out of bounds on small (sub)domains Bug nemo new minor
#1892 AGRIF time step fixer Bug Jerome Chanut new minor
#1668 Argument var_nodims when calling oasis3-mct_3.0 oasis_def_var routine Enhancement nemo new minor
#1200 Array out of bounds in AGRIF update Bug Jerome Chanut closed minor
#1905 Asselin filtering of tracers in tranxt.F90 with VVL and lk_dynspg_ts.AND.ln_bt_fw==.true. incorrectly assumes that e3t will be Asselin filtered Bug nemo new major
#1621 Avoid receiving the surface stress wind from UM by default whtn in coupled mode Enhancement nemo closed minor 2015 nemo_v3_6_STABLE
#1657 Bibliography corrections Bug nemo closed minor
#1651 Bibliography file syntax corrections Defect nemo closed minor
#1793 Bibliography style enhancement Enhancement nemo closed minor Documentation
#1795 Boundary files for LIM3 are not found in a subdirectory Bug nemo closed minor
#1598 bug fix in fld_clopn for week case Bug nemo closed minor
#1592 bug if nn_isf > 0 and key_vvl (ISF related) Bug Pierre Mathiot closed minor
#1606 Bug in analytical initial temperature profile Bug Simona Flavoni new minor
#1734 bug in bdyini : straight BDY only works with rim width of 1 Bug James Harle new minor
#1884 Bug in diaar5.F90 (v3.6_STABLE & trunk) Bug Tim Graham closed minor
#1906 bug in diadct Bug nemo closed minor
#1934 Bug in diawri.F90:dia_wri() for kinetic energy (eken) Bug nemo closed minor
#1890 bug in fwfisf output if nn_isf = 1 Bug Pierre Mathiot closed minor
#1708 bug in Bug Dave Storkey closed minor Miscellaneous
#1774 Bug in PISCES carbon chemistry and when using vvl Bug nemo closed minor
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