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#1374 filename "" hard-wired in diaar5 Bug diovino closed low 3 years
#1366 Unitialised values outputted to ocean.ouptut in bdytide_init Bug davestorkey ?? closed low 3 years
#1364 XIOS online weighted average not working properly Bug nemo closed low 3 years
#1347 Modifications (WorkPlan action Met_Office-11) Enhancement nemo closed low 3 years
#1345 Bug sbcblk_core.F90: routines TURB_CORE_*Z in version 3.6 and earlier Bug nemo closed normal 3 years
#1343 Allow coupling fieldnames to be arbitrary length Bug timgraham closed low 3 years
#1339 dynadv_ubs.F90 : problem with lateral boundary condition in version 3.6 (with bugfix) Bug gm closed normal 3 years
#1320 limistate.F90: i_fill is used out of the loop on i_fill Bug nemo closed low 3 years
#1318 out of bound for array hi_max in limistate.F90 Bug nemo closed low 3 years
#1308 Gstar is used inlim_itd_me_icestrength before its initialization in LIM3 in CALL lim_itd_me_init Bug vancop closed low 3 years
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