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#1879 lbclnk.F90 : Minor bug in trunk/v3.6 in mono-processor only. Bug mchekki closed low 3 years
#1845 iceberg trajectory file name Bug mathiot closed low 3 years
#1303 Sea ice (melting/freezing) water flux for biogeochemical tracers in trcsbc.F90 Defect cetlod closed normal 3 years
#1835 Uninitialized variable nn_dttrc used in iom.F90 Bug lovato closed low 3 years
#1610 Problems with the trends in TOP Bug cetlod closed low 3 years
#1834 Missing features in 3.6 stable Defect nemo closed normal 3 years
#1678 New ( and last ) improvments in 3.6 stable Enhancement cethe closed low 3 years
#1789 Support coupling without atmosphere model Enhancement nemo closed low 3 years
#1798 namtsd and namsbc_ssr blocks can't read weight files with the same name Bug nemo closed low 3 years
#1686 Computed bbl diffusive coefficients & tracer conservation Bug nemo closed normal 3 years
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