The next stable release of NEMO reference will be the 3_6_STABLE including all recent developments fully validated for CMIP6.

The simplification of NEMO (suppress obsolete features, rewrite to improve reliability...) has been decided and elaborated in 2014. in 2015, a first set of actions on simplification is scheduled. It has to be done before the new 2015 developments begin, since changes related to simplification are going to be very intrusive and new developments should start from the "simplified" code.

Some of the developments done in 2014 have not been merged into the NEMO reference at the end of the year in order to focus on 3_6_STABLE for CMIP6 during first months of 2015. Those pending developments will be included in the reference in November 2015 during Merge party. Those pennding developments thus need to be updated on the NEMO trunk after the siplification process (seem 2015 simplification milestone)

List of developments scheduled in 2015 (see 2015 workplan). These developments should be done starting from the simplified version (see 2015 simplification milestone)

Pending issues in the documentation


Model Basics

* suppress rigid-lid option
* achieve z* &  s-coordinate description, §2.4 and §2.5


* suppress rigid-lid option
* modify the figure of horizontal indexation : F-point in white circle
* missing a figure to explain the way the last ocean level thickness is defined in partial step 
* Add in the  introduction a kind of flowchart in order to give the general structure of the DOM staff
* Find a place where the description of the T-S and velocity initialisation can be put
* restart:  explain that the restart staff is distributed in the module....   
              + explain which variable are required and why...


trabbl advective to be added  i.e. §4.5.2, and the associated figure can be improved
traqsr : modification associated with RGD light penetration (#459)


roughly  OK   even if a lot of §  can be improved

* dynspg_ts   :   the averaging period has been changed => add that to the doc and modify the figure
* suppress rigid-lid option


modification associated with RGD light penetration and ocean color (#459)


missing description:
* north fold   §7.2.2
* mpp   §7.3    only old staff are included
* flow relaxation scheme  §7.5  together with its introduction in NEMO


to be updated 


      new TKE to be introduced           (gurvan's TODO list)
      TKE2 improvement to be added from the the doc sended by MERCATOR
      zdftmx : tidal mixing parameterisation to be added (#459)


* un resolved straits  to be updated


* Appendix A      OK

* Appendix B      OK

* Appendix C      update the demonstration for the s-coordinate

* Appendix D     Coding rules ...    Urgently revise the naming rule  

Series of various improvements that have not been introduced in the schedule.

See Misc.Items

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