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AGRIF non recursive update of parent grids

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Component: AGRIF Version: release-3.6
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In case of several levels of embedding (1 parent grid and at least two successively nested sub-domains), update is only performed on parent subdomain. It should be recursively performed on all domains down to the root grid.
No error if only one nested grid.

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comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by jchanut

Possible solution (Proposed changes in step.F90 and agrif_opa_update.F90 modules are given below for tracers):
1) Call update in stp from the finest child grid
2) Do update if last internal time step (i.e. Agrif_NbStepint() = Agrif_irhot()-1 )
3) Then recursively call update routine on parent grid domains thanks to Agrif_ChildGrid_To_ParentGrid procedure.
4) Go to 2)

   INTEGER             ::   kstp   ! ocean time-step index
   kstp = nit000 + Agrif_Nb_Step()
   ! Lots of stuff here
   IF ( Agrif_Level().EQ.Agrif_MaxLevel() ) THEN   ! agrif update from finest grid only
      CALL Agrif_Update_Tra( kstp )
SUBROUTINE Agrif_Update_Tra( kt )
   INTEGER, INTENT(in) :: kt
   IF ( Agrif_Root() ) Return
   IF ( Agrif_NbStepint() .EQ. (Agrif_irhot()-1) ) THEN
      ! update parent here
      ! Then recursive update:
      CALL Agrif_ChildGrid_To_ParentGrid()
      CALL Agrif_Update_Tra( 0 ) 
      CALL Agrif_ParentGrid_To_ChildGrid()
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comment:5 in reply to: ↑ 4 Changed 3 years ago by jchanut

Recursive update is now partially implemented: for active tracers and momentum, e.g. for the most critical part of the nesting procedure (in NEMO_3_6-STABLE). It still has to be implemented for passive tracers, sea ice and prognostic TKE schemes.

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