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     9||=Previewer(s) || Gurvan Madec                                               || 
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    1 Ongoing. Follwong IMMERSE WP, a branch will be created by end 2019 gathering recent works on enhanced ocean mixing due to breaking waves. 
    2 The implementation then will be finalized (by mid 2020) 
     2During 2019 the following activities have been carried out: 
     3* the NEMO-wave code development provided in the context of the WAVE2NEMO CMEMS Service Evolution Project and related to modified GLS routine (including enhanced mixing due to breaking waves in turbulent kinetic energy surface boundary conditions) has been gathered, checked and an initial work has been performed in order to align with NEMO v4.0.1 
     4* The NEMO-wave code developments provided in the context of Couvelard et al., 2019 paper (Madec developments) have been gathered and a check is ongoing on the TKE routine modifications due to the contribution of the Stokes Drift and to the injection of TKE at the surface due to a wave breaking dissipation term      
     6Due to the need of better investigate and include the work of Couvelard et al. (2019), which was not foreseen when writing IMMERSE proposal, this activity will be finalized in February 2020.