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ORCA2_OFF_PISCES sette test

Reported by: andmirek Owned by: systeam
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Component: OFF Version: trunk
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There is a problem with sette test for ORCA2_OFF_PISCES case.


In src/OFF/nemogcm.F90 (nemo_init) there is a call to dia_ptr_init. This call is made before initializing XIOS, yet dia_ptr_init uses iom_use to check if variable is used by XIOS. In src/OCE/nemogcm.F90 this call is commented out.


Remove call to dia_ptr_init from src/OFF/nemogcm.F90.

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comment:1 Changed 5 months ago by acc

I agree the call to dia_ptr_init is no longer needed in nemogcm.F90 but this doesn't seem to have caused any problems with the SETTE test? The namelists and diaptr.F90 still contain references to namptr which no longer exists. May as well tidy that up at the same time.

comment:2 Changed 5 months ago by andmirek

I found it after trying to read configuration file with XIOS. It was after I closed different XIOS context I was using when this call was made and caused a failure.

Should I fix it? If yes assign this ticket to me.

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