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#2472 new Bug

bug in the drags (with ln_wave and ln_Cd_L15)

Reported by: clem Owned by: systeam
Priority: normal Milestone:
Component: SBC Version: 4.0-HEAD
Severity: major Keywords:



There is a floating point exception while ln_wave is activated (and waves are read in a file as for orca2) in addition with the modified ice-atm. drags from Lupkes 2015 (ln_Cd_L15).


This is due to ill defined neutral drags that are used in the subroutine Cdn10_Lupkes2015 (in sbcblk.F90). I did not go further because many people know better than me about the drags but it looks like Lupkes2015 needs Cdn and Chn that are not properly defined when waves are activated.
It affects v4.0 for sure and maybe the trunk also (though I did not check)


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