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16:06 Ticket #653 (bad test if( llprev .AND. sdjf%num == 0 ) in fldread.F90) reopened by flavoni
Bad test ALSO for last year (if next year does not exist) change IF( …
15:26 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
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13:48 Changeset [1824] by cbricaud

correction for the case monthly file and fre=-1


12:05 Changeset [1823] by flavoni

corrected bug of cut&paste: yp1 instead of ym1 in opa9.driver, see ticket: #654


16:56 Ticket #593 (mpp bug in freshwater budget control only option nn_fwb=3) closed by ctlod
16:54 Changeset [1822] by ctlod

correct the mpp bug in freshwater budget control option nn_fwb=3, see ticket: #593

13:46 Changeset [1821] by rblod

Restore the tag as it was

13:46 Changeset [1820] by rblod

Restore previous version


15:42 Ticket #657 (Proposition to declare a variable for character size) created by olegallou
In Nemo, we declare the character with : example : sbcrnf.F90: …
15:19 Changeset [1819] by rblod

Restore the tag as it was

15:13 Changeset [1818] by rblod

Do the fixes on the right place e.g. the trunk

12:54 Ticket #653 (bad test if( llprev .AND. sdjf%num == 0 ) in fldread.F90) closed by rblod
12:53 Changeset [1817] by rblod

Correct pathologic case in fld_init, see ticket #653

12:44 Ticket #652 (obcrst.F90: not working in mpp) closed by rblod
12:44 Changeset [1816] by rblod

Restart for obc, see ticket #652

12:32 Ticket #651 (Bug in diadimg.F90) closed by rblod
12:31 Changeset [1815] by rblod

Diadimg with fixes and improvement, see ticket #651

12:26 Changeset [1814] by cetlod

Correction of bug when restoring passive tracers on closed seas. The
date was badly re-initialized in PISCES when restarting

12:23 Ticket #648 (missing east and north bmask in obcini) closed by rblod
12:22 Changeset [1813] by rblod

Fixes for OBC, see ticket #648

11:31 Ticket #628 (dummy function for agrif_root) closed by rblod
11:30 Ticket #623 (mislabelled ice velocity fields in output.abort files) closed by rblod
11:30 Changeset [1812] by rblod

Syntax error for abort files in limwri_2, see ticket #623

11:21 Ticket #630 (iomput with AGRIF) closed by rblod


16:11 Ticket #656 (trc_oce.F90 : wrong tabulated R-G-B attenuation coef) created by cetlod
There is an error when the optical lookup table ( to set attenuation …
15:36 Ticket #655 (domwri.F90: files are not closed if nmsh > 3) created by molines
* since 3.2, nn_msh (aka nmsh) can be greater than 3, since the way to …


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15:37 Ticket #654 (change opa9.driver and opa9.card to do Interannual run with PeriodLength ...) closed by flavoni
15:35 Changeset [1811] by flavoni

change of opa9.driver and opa9.card to do Interannual run with Period Length? != 1, see ticket: #654

15:33 Ticket #654 (change opa9.driver and opa9.card to do Interannual run with PeriodLength ...) created by flavoni
Change of opa9.card and opa9.driver to have possibility to do interannual …
13:04 Ticket #653 (bad test if( llprev .AND. sdjf%num == 0 ) in fldread.F90) created by flavoni
in fldread.F90 there is bad test in fld_init SUBROUTINE: "IF( llprev …


14:03 Changeset [1810] by mafoipsl

Use compilation options working with or without PSMILE library (flush routine).


10:26 Changeset [1809] by cetlod

update PISCES namelist and BB_make files on CMIP5_IPSL branch

10:20 IS-ENES/core2_cmip edited by flavoni
10:17 Changeset [1808] by cetlod

update TOP_SRC component on CMIP5_IPSL branch to take into account bugfixes (ie vertical diffusion routines), re-organization of restart part, damping of passive tracers on closed seas for PISCES


10:58 2010WP/2010Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by JohnSiddorn
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15:53 Working Groups/TAM/Reference Manual/Hand Coding edited by vigilant
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15:32 Ticket #652 (obcrst.F90: not working in mpp) created by molines
Very similar to ticket #651 I posted yesterday, the status for opening the …


19:49 Ticket #651 (Bug in diadimg.F90) created by molines
In diadimg, the status for opening the binary files has been changed from …
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