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15:12 Ticket #856 (Enhanced initialization for LIM3) created by vancop
Current initialization for LIM3 generates negative concentrations, which …
13:50 ticket/0846 edited by momme


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18:24 Changeset [2831] by davestorkey

Change to allow the choice of initial fields as boundary data for
each group of variables (TRA, U2D, U3D) independently.


12:20 Changeset [2830] by kpedwards

Updates to average physics variables for TOP substepping.


11:10 Changeset [2829] by kpedwards

ticket #855: TOP substepping

10:12 Ticket #855 (Update substepping for TOP routines to VN 3.3.1) created by kpedwards
Need to update the substepping option (using nn_dttrc) to work in the new …


17:36 Changeset [2828] by acc

Branch: dev_r2802_NOCS_vvlfix. Bugfix to vvl code when using modified metrics in key straits (ORCA 2, 1 and 05 configurations). Calculations of e3u,v metrics in domvvl_2 now ignore any modified metrics when area averaging. This fixes castrophic errors that were occurring at the modified Straits. The energetic consistency is already broken by the modification of the metric and this change does not introduce any addition error.


18:50 Changeset [2827] by acc

Branch: dev_r2802_NOCS_vvlfix, minor correction to allow domvvl.F90 to be compiled without key_vvl


11:12 Changeset [2826] by vichi

dev_r2784_CMCC1_topbfm: Added missing files for the BFM coupling.
This is still the temporary coupling solution.


16:35 Changeset [2825] by acc

Branch NOCS_NEPTUNE improved handling of shallow topography #843

16:05 Changeset [2824] by acc

Branch: dev_r2802_NOCS_vvlfix. Changes in dynspg_ts.F90 to make correct use of fse3u_b and to replace unnecessary division operations

13:11 Changeset [2823] by cetlod

Add new parameterisation in PISCES, see ticket #854

12:20 Changeset [2822] by cetlod

Create a specific branch for PISCES improvment, see ticket #854

12:13 Ticket #854 (Create a branch for 2011 developments on PISCES improvment) created by cetlod
New branch to implement new parameterisation in PISCES : * New …
11:37 Changeset [2821] by cetlod

Use of fldread for offline, see ticket #853

11:18 Changeset [2820] by cetlod

Create a specific branch for the use of fldread with offline

11:14 Ticket #853 (Create a branch for 2011 developments on OFFLINE data read with fldread) created by cetlod
New branch to implement the use of fldread to read/interpolate dynamical …
10:29 Changeset [2819] by cetlod

Improvment of branch dev_r2787_LOCEAN3_TRA_TRP

10:27 ticket/0842_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod
10:25 ticket/0842_TRA_TRP edited by cetlod


10:16 Changeset [2818] by davestorkey

Bug fixes for the dynspg_ts case.

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