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17:54 Changeset [2838] by hliu

New branch for the PPM vertical advection scheme, NOCL

17:53 Changeset [2837] by hliu

New branch for the implicit bottom friction, NOCL

17:49 Changeset [2836] by hliu

New branch for the pressure Jacobian horizontal pressure gradient, NOCL

16:13 ticket/0859 created by cbricaud
16:11 Changeset [2835] by cbricaud

create branch for 2011 development: MERCATOR 9 - Lagrangian Floats Module improvments

14:38 Ticket #859 (new branch for 2011 development: MERCATOR 9 - Lagrangian Floats Module ...) created by cbricaud


13:19 Changeset [2834] by charris

#662 Tidying of sbc_cpl_ice_flx (mainly related to LIM2). There is still scope for cleaning up the use of ice fraction and lead fraction in the sbccpl routines, but best to wait until the LIM3 functionality is properly sorted.

11:37 Changeset [2833] by cetlod

dev_r2787_LOCEAN3_TRA_TRP:correct minor bug to avoid compilation error


15:30 ticket/0846 edited by cetlod
15:23 ticket/0846 edited by cetlod
15:12 ticket/0846 edited by cetlod
12:16 Ticket #858 (Bug in thermal conductivity computation for Pringle version) created by vancop
In the computation of thermal conductivity using Pringle formula, the …


15:33 Changeset [2832] by charris

#662 Latest code changes for sbccpl. These include bug-fixes, control of topmelt and botmelt coupling fields for running CICE with the UM, some more steps towards being able to run with multiple categories for LIM3 and a change in the arguments passed to sbc_cpl_ice_flx.


11:19 Ticket #857 (Restarting when using BDY in 3.3.1) created by nemo_user
Nemo crashes after one time step, if one does a restart with key_bdy …


15:12 Ticket #856 (Enhanced initialization for LIM3) created by vancop
Current initialization for LIM3 generates negative concentrations, which …
13:50 ticket/0846 edited by momme


12:59 2011WP/2011Action_institutions_Met_Office edited by charris


18:24 Changeset [2831] by davestorkey

Change to allow the choice of initial fields as boundary data for
each group of variables (TRA, U2D, U3D) independently.


12:20 Changeset [2830] by kpedwards

Updates to average physics variables for TOP substepping.


11:10 Changeset [2829] by kpedwards

ticket #855: TOP substepping

10:12 Ticket #855 (Update substepping for TOP routines to VN 3.3.1) created by kpedwards
Need to update the substepping option (using nn_dttrc) to work in the new …
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