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Merge branch 'ksection_partition'


15:56 Changeset [3431] by rblod

restore bld.cfg on dev_r3406_LOCEAN4_XIOS

14:49 ticket/0974 edited by rblod
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Import XIOS version 353 in dev_r3406_LOCEAN4_XIOS

14:45 Changeset [3429] by rblod

tagging XIOS r_353

14:45 Changeset [3428] by rblod

importing initial XIOS vendor drop

14:44 Changeset [3427] by rblod

suppress version 348 of the new ioserver

14:42 Changeset [3426] by rblod

suppress version 348 of the new ioserver

14:41 ticket/0974 edited by rblod


13:33 Ticket #979 (bugfixes in TOP when 3D trends diagnostics are actived) closed by cetlod
13:33 Changeset [3425] by cetlod

trunk:minor bug correction on 3D trends diagnostics for TOP, see ticket #979

13:31 Ticket #979 (bugfixes in TOP when 3D trends diagnostics are actived) created by cetlod
The 3D trends diagnostics for TOP are not take into account in trdtra.F90 …
11:36 Ticket #978 (bug in volume flux correction for BDY) closed by davestorkey
fixed: Bug fixed at revision 3424.
11:35 Changeset [3424] by davestorkey

Bug fix for bdyini.F90. See ticket #978.

11:17 Ticket #978 (bug in volume flux correction for BDY) created by davestorkey
There is a bug in the volume flux correction in BDY, specifically in the …


13:46 Changeset [3423] by cbricaud

change option for repro

10:48 Changeset [3422] by cbricaud

modifications for SETTE


16:46 Ticket #936 (bugs & reproducibility in closea) closed by charris
fixed: Changes now on the trunk in [3421].
16:44 Changeset [3421] by charris

#936 Changes as suggested by Gurvan et al (testing details in the ticket). Note that for ORCA1 results will change with either nn_closea=0 or 1 because the Caspian Sea is now coded as a closed sea.


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15:51 Ticket #977 (MPI_GROUP_MAX exceeded when running with LIM3) closed by acc
fixed: Fix committed to the trunk at revision 3420
15:50 Changeset [3420] by acc

Bugfix #977. Minor changes to lib_mpp.F90 to free mpi_group structures after use in mpp_ini_ice

15:42 Ticket #977 (MPI_GROUP_MAX exceeded when running with LIM3) created by acc
When running an ORCA2_LIM3 reference configuration on an SGI-ALITIX-ICE …
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18:16 Changeset [3419] by acc

Branch: dev_r3385_NOCS04_HAMF; #665. Stage 4 of 2012 development: Changes to get LIM3 working with embedded sea-ice. Working with a reduced (halved) timestep but exhibiting the same stability problems as LIM2_EVP with standard ORCA2 settings.

13:15 Ticket #976 (PISCES namelist correction) closed by cetlod
13:15 Changeset [3418] by cetlod

Update PISCES namelist, see ticket:976

13:14 Ticket #976 (PISCES namelist correction) created by cetlod
Some namelist parameters have changed according to new PISCES …


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