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19:54 Changeset [4064] by cetlod

branch dev_r3940_CNRS4_IOCRS: some improvments+ minor bug corrections

18:49 ticket/1148 edited by djlea
18:45 ticket/1148 edited by djlea
18:35 Changeset [4063] by djlea

Include offline observation operator documentation.

18:14 Changeset [4062] by djlea

Bug fix to allow CICE versions with assimilation to build.

13:06 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_CMCC edited by vichi
12:39 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_CMCC edited by vichi


19:00 ticket/1148/Review created by cbricaud
17:06 Changeset [4061] by flavoni

small modification in IDL_scripts for ORCA2_LIM, see ticket #724


13:24 Changeset [4060] by vichi

Update the README file in CONFIG/GYRE_BFM


16:17 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_Mercator edited by cbricaud
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15:47 Changeset [4059] by vichi

Prepare new changed file to the merge with config setting

The modified files that include the reading of a namelist
now contain a commented piece of code that is
compliant with the development branch on config settings
Older reading of namelist is maintained for running tests
before the merge party

15:43 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_Mercator edited by cbricaud
15:43 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_Mercator edited by cbricaud
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11:51 Changeset [4058] by vichi

Finalize the structure of generic boundary conditions for trc

Include the subroutine trcbc.F90 that implements a structure
similar to trcdta for reading surface, coastal (river) and
open boundary conditions for tracers.
A new namelist trc_bc can be included in namelist_top
where the files to be read during stepping are specified.
At the moment this structure is only used by the BFM but it
is harmless for PISCES as this model still reads those
data internally.
NOTE: OBC reading has not been implementetested as it will be made
available only for BDY.
—This line, and th se below, will be ignored—

M trcdta.F90
A trcbc.F90
M par_trc.F90


17:57 Changeset [4057] by cbricaud

Fixed some compilation bugs

10:32 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_Mercator edited by cbricaud
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16:51 Changeset [4056] by cetlod

2013/dev_r3411_CNRS4_IOCRS :Add new configuration

16:39 Changeset [4055] by clem

correction for LIM2, see ticket:#1154

16:38 Changeset [4054] by clem

correction for LIM2, see ticket:#1154

14:50 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_Mercator edited by cbricaud


19:15 Working Groups/Configuration Manager edited by jpaul
19:14 Working Groups/Configuration Manager edited by jpaul


15:40 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_Met Office edited by rfurner
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18:08 Changeset [4053] by djlea

Add a key to protect code for the offline observation operator

13:27 Ticket #1159 (NOC new development branch: Loglayer Bottom friction Limiter) created by hliu
Add a limiter for loglayer bottom friction
13:25 Changeset [4052] by hliu

Creation of a new branch for NOC development work which add a limiter for Loglayer bottom friction setup

13:19 Changeset [4051] by hliu

New branch for NOC development of Wetting and Drying. See ticket 1158

13:09 Ticket #1158 (NOC Development branch: Wetting and Drying) created by hliu
Creation of a new branch for Wetting/Drying? (only for sigma coordinate + …


16:05 Changeset [4050] by rfurner

Move Met Office Arch file to ARCH directory and update to work with NetCDF4 and XIOS

11:07 Changeset [4049] by clevy

Configuration setting/bugfixes for SETTE see ticket:#1074


18:32 Changeset [4048] by djlea

Cleaning and debugging of the observation operator. Turn off the night time averaging of SST data by default, but add a namelist option to switch it on.

12:27 Ticket #1157 (Changes to allow C1D configuration to be run with detached XIOS) created by hadcv
* Undo a previous fix for xios_context_initialize I suggested in #1096


10:32 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_Mercator edited by cbricaud
09:55 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_Mercator edited by cbricaud
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06:59 Changeset [4047] by epico

bug fix in mppobc. ticket #1121


11:57 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_NOC edited by clevy
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18:18 Changeset [4046] by davestorkey
  1. Minor bug fix involving scale factors.
  2. Comment out limit on radiation velocities for now.


11:59 Ticket #1156 (a_i not always defined in sbcice_if) created by marti
sbcice_if initializes a_i in the coupled case : […] …
11:45 Ticket #1155 (Black Sea in closea.F90) created by marti
Outflow of Black Sea into Aegean Sea can drive to anomalous salinity and …


17:55 ticket/1154 edited by clem
17:54 ticket/1154 created by clem
17:38 Ticket #1154 (LOCEAN: new LIM3 implemented in NEMO3.5 + related routines) created by clem
Purpose: * implement the new LIM3 into NEMO3.5 * add some useful …
16:38 Changeset [4045] by clem

new LIM3

16:33 Changeset [4044] by clevy

Configuration setting/add SETTE compatibility, see ticket:#1074

15:50 Changeset [4043] by clem

remove bdy from this routine

15:40 Changeset [4042] by clem

new LIM3

15:39 Changeset [4041] by clem

few rewriting

15:38 Changeset [4040] by clem

namelist parameter efac and vfac for modulating evaporation and setting absolute or relative winds

15:36 Changeset [4039] by clem

penetration of solar flux coefficents

15:32 Changeset [4038] by clem

add solar flux penetration of ice and ocean

15:31 Changeset [4037] by clem

add call dia_hsb_rst

15:30 Changeset [4036] by clem

add glob_max and glob_min

14:21 Changeset [4035] by clem

Create a specific branch to integrate LIM3 developments in NEMO3.5

14:02 Changeset [4034] by clem

bug fix on the max ice concentration resulting from limitd_me (1 instead of amax),see ticket:#1116


20:02 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_CMCC edited by epico
20:00 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_CMCC edited by epico
19:53 2013WP/2013Action_institutions_CMCC edited by epico
16:00 Ticket #1106 (bugs in BDY module at NEMO 3.5 alpha) closed by davestorkey
12:25 Changeset [4033] by davestorkey

Bug fixes for Orlanski routines:

  1. Correct formulation of relaxation term.
  2. Add spatial scale factors to calculation of radiation term.


16:15 Changeset [4032] by epico

The hybrid parallel version OpenMP+MPI has been introduced for the GYRE configuration. A further refinement is needed to remove dependencies in those loops not parallelized yet (whenever possible)


18:21 Changeset [4031] by djlea

Updates to fix a reading bug and removal of debug print statements from Andy Ryan.

16:40 Changeset [4030] by djlea

Initial version of the offline observation operator and the required (online) observation operator changes.


10:01 Changeset [4029] by cetlod

Branch 2013/dev_r3940_CNRS4_IOCRS : minor improvments

09:57 Ticket #1153 (bad initialisation of sea surface mean fields when restarting) closed by cetlod
09:54 Changeset [4028] by cetlod

trunk:correction of uninitialised sea surface mean fields, see ticket #1153

09:48 Ticket #1153 (bad initialisation of sea surface mean fields when restarting) created by cetlod
the call of sbc_ssm_init is missing in sbcmod.F90. This subroutine reads …


13:19 Changeset [4027] by epico

bug fix to support also decompositions without land-only processes

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