2009 Stream 2 : Developer interfaces

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It consists first in simplifying the system by removing duplicated modules and obsolete options of the model (such as advection/diffusion modules for active and passive tracers, and rigid-lid option), and second, in cleaning the mpp library which is a necessary step prior to its adaptation to next generation of parallel computers. An important benefit of this stream is to optimize the whole system and as a consequence to have more time for developments. The actions of the stream are detailed below.

S2.1 : Suppress rigid-lid

The rigid-lid option is obsolescent. It has to be removed from the system
Work :

(1) remove key_dynspg_rl from OPA (DOM, DYN, DIA, OBC, BDY)
(2) update the documentation.

Status : Done in v3.2 The documentation has been updated but not yet committed

S2.2 : Merge TRA-TRC

Merge of active and passive tracer advection/diffusion modules Work :

(1) replace T and S 3D arrays by 4D arrays throughout the code (v3.3)
(2) put the 4D traceur as input argument of advection and diffusion routines (v3.3)
(3) merge the TRC and TRA trend diagnostic module (v3.X)

Status : POSTPONED for one year (to be done in 2010)

S2.3 : MPP evolution

Preparing future evolution of mpp computing, prepare further improvement of the model performance on mpp computers by revisiting the foundations of mpp and simplifying them.

Work :

(1) Merge of inimpp and inimpp2 (v3.3)

(2) Update of a mpp_sum giving the same results in single and multi-proc. runs.
To be done for v3.3 (i.e. end of 2009).

(3) rewriting of mpp library in a clean and simplified way (v3.3)
done, release in nemov3_2

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