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LOCEAN-NEMO team - 2010 actions

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Rachid BenshilaLOCEAN-IPSL, Paris100CNRS
Laurent DebreuLJK, Grenoble10INRIA
Christian EthéIPSL, Paris50CNRS
Simona FlavoniLOCEAN-IPSL, Paris100CNRS-INSU 9 months + IS-ENES 3 months contracts
Claire LévyLOCEAN-IPSL, Paris100NEMO project Manager
Matthieu LeclairLOCEAN-IPSL, Paris70IS-ENES 9 months contract
Brice LemaireLOCEAN-IPSL, Paris100My_Ocean 2 years contract (Arrived in Sept. 2009)
Bénédicte LemieuxLEGI - Grenoble50CNRS 2 years contract (Arrived in Oct. 2009)
Sébastien MassonLOCEAN-IPSL, Paris50CNAP
Marie-Alice FoujolsIPSL, Paris5CNRS
Marina LévyLOCEAN-IPSL, Paris5CNRS
Gurvan MadecLOCEAN-IPSL, Paris30NEMO Scientific Leader (CNRS)

total weeks :
30 + 50 + 26 + 22 + 15 + 6 + 24 + 6 + 16 + 25 + 20 = 229 wk

LOCEAN.1 — resolving the 2 versions of time-stepping

Motivation: The NEMO former time stepping did not conserve the tracer when vvl were used (i.e. non linear free surface). Two time-stepping strategies have been implemented, one in Paris and one in Toulouse. The former is described in Leclair and Madec (OM 2009), the latter is based on Shchepetkin and Mc Williams? (OM 2005) work. The objective here is to intercompare the two solutions and either chose the best or improve the co-existence of the two time stepping (more readability and reduce the number of modules)
Status : Paris time stepping already in the trunk (v3.2), Toulouse' one will be committed early 2010 (cf C.4, v3.3)
main tasks : (30 wk)
(1) intercomparison of the 2 time stepping strategies in ORCA and facade configurations (12wk)
(2) either chose one time stepping strategy or improve the co-existence of the two (12wk) (v3.4)
Principal Investigator : Rachid Benshila (rachid.benshila@…)

LOCEAN.2 — Configuration manager

Motivation: Create the configuration tools (CFG-tools): user-friendly interface, the tools, and the documentation associated to the creation of a new model configuration, and especially configurations defined as a zoom of an ORCA configuration. The tools include the generation of a grid, a bathymetry, an initial state, a forcing data set, and open boundary conditions. Status : Start in August 2009, within My_Ocean (Brice Lemaire position). Work done in collaboration with IFREMER.
main tasks : (50wk)
(1) revisit the grid generation of the AGRIF tools (6 wk) (v3.3)
(2) create a automatic OBC data generation (20 wk) (v3.4)
(3) Hand changes of the bathymetry through the Java interface developed at IFREMER (16 wk) (v3.4)
(4) First full version of the configuration manager (8 wk) (v3.5)
Principal Investigator : Rachid Benshila (rachid.benshila@…)

LOCEAN.3 — MPP evolution (continuation)

Motivation: Improve the mpp behaviour of NEMO by playing with width of the overlap area, the number of communication, the dynamical allocation and the suppression of the solvers.
Status : the mpp library has been rewritten in 2009
main tasks : (26wk)
(1) Implementation of the mpp_sum giving the same results in single and multi-proc. runs developed at DFO (2 wk) (v3.3)
(2) introduce and test a 2 points overlap area ( 6 wk) (v3.4)
(3) minimize the number of communication in the baroclinic loop (regroup and suppress useless one) (6 wk) (v3.4)
(4) introduce dynamical allocation as developed by Andrew Porter (6 wk) (v3.4)
(5) try to merge the filtered and time splitting free surface in order to suppress the solvers and increase the model scalability (flt and rs options) (6 wk) (v3.4)
Principal Investigator : Rachid Benshila (rachid.benshila@…)

LOCEAN.4 — IOM for outputs (continuation)

Motivation: Further developments will be made to impove/add functionality in IOM server. Coll. Yann Meurdesoif
Status : the IOM library interface has been written and implemented in v3.2.
main tasks : (22 wk)
(1) minimise the number of mpi communication between the IOM server and NEMO (6 wk)
(2) benefit from the use of IOM internal elementary operators (10 wk)
(3) Further improve the IOM user interface (4 wk)
(4) documentation (2 wk) (v3.4)
Principal Investigator : Sebastien Masson (smasson@…)

LOCEAN.5 — Coupled interface (end)

Motivation: The current coupled surface module only work with LIM2. Its functionality should be extended to the cases where sea ice is not used (for example with region coupled configuration), and where a multi category sea-ice component is used (LIM3 or CICE). Furthermore, the module is interfaced to OASIS-3 not 4, the latest version which allows parallel coupling.
Status : The coupled interface with LIM3 is currently developed in the framework of EC-earth project.
main tasks : (15 wk)
(1) coupled interface without sea-ice component v3.4 (3 wk)
(2) integration of the LIM3 coupled interface in NEMO v3.4 (6 wk)
(3) Possibly CICE coupled interface =⇒ Met Office
(4) implementation and validation of an OASIS-4 interface in collaboration with E. Maisonnave (CERFACS) (4 wk)
(5) documentation of the coupled surface module (2 wk)
Principal Investigator : Sebastien Masson (smasson@…)

LOCEAN.6 — vvl compatibility with TRC

Motivation: The changes introduced in T and S equation for both vvl and the two time stepping strategies should be introduced for the passive tracers (TRC).
main task : (6 wk)
(1) vvl compatibility (Paris team, 3 wk) (v3.3)
(2) time stepping compatibility (Paris team, 3 wk) (v3.3)
Principal Investigator : Christian Ethé (cetlod@…)


Motivation: Merge of active and passive tracer advection/diffusion modules to avoid duplication of almost identical modules
main tasks : (24 wk)
(1) replace T and S 3D arrays by 4D arrays throughout the code (2 wk) (v3.4)
(2) put the 4D traceur as input argument of advection and diffusion routines (4 wk) (v3.4)
(3) merge the TRC and TRA trend diagnostic module (6 wk) (v3.4)
Principal Investigator : Christian Ethé (cetlod@…)

LOCEAN.8 — reference manuels (continuation)

Motivation: paper documentation a never-ending story.
main task : (6 wk)
(1) Create the TRP documentation using Latex (similar to the NEMO ocean engine documentation) (Paris team, 2 wk) (v3.3)
(2) update NEMO/OPA documentation in order to better match what is actually in the reference version (Paris team, 4 wk) (v3.3 and followings)
(3) review of the written documentation (NOCS team, 1 wk) (v3.3)
Principal Investigator : Christian Ethé (cetlod@…)

LOCEAN.9 — Update of the ocean physics

Motivation: Some aspects of the ocean physics and numeric require
Status : Item (1) and (2) have been developed but not implemented in the reference. Item (3) and (4) have not started.
main tasks : (16 wk)
(1) Remove the forcing term from the Asselin filter to exactly conserve T & S (Leclair & Madec 2009) (2 wk).
(2) distibute a daily solar radiation on diurnal cycle over the model time step (2 wk) (v3.3)
(3) revisite the bottom boundary layer implementation (merge of advective and diffusive bbl modules) and improve the advective case (8 wk) (v3.4)
(4) develop and validate the Fox-Kemper parameterisation (restratification of the mixed layer by sub-meso-scale eddies) (4 wk) (v3.3)
Principal Investigator : Gurvan Madec (gm@…)

LOCEAN.10 — ORCA2-LIM based on NEMO (continuation)

Motivation: Provide to all groups using NEMO in coupled O/I/A simulations a reference set of forced experiments that document the effect of various physical package as well as the changes from the OPA8 to NEMO with respect to the ocean and ice components (and possibly PISCES). This is part of the IsENES EU project.
Status : ORCA2-LIM2 configuration (bathy, physics) has been updated, and Standard output for IPCC runs using IOM(v3.2). An environment has been developed to run long forced and coupled experiments together with the creation of standard control plots.
main tasks : (< 25 wk)
(1) ORCA2-LIM3 configuration, coll. with UCL (5 wk) (v3.4).
(2) reference CORE2 normal year and interannual simulations (6 wk) (v3.2)
(3) A series of runs (starting from the NEMO physics down to OPA8 physics not necessary all with both mean seasonal and interannual forcing. (v3.4) (8 wk)
(4) Web and paper documentations of the behaviour found (v3.4) (6 wk) (v3.4)
(5) Possibly reference experiment with other resolution (ORCA1, 05, 025…) (v3.X)
(6) Possibly reference experiment with ORCA2-LIM-PISCES (v3.X)
Principal Investigator : Gurvan Madec (gm@…)

LOCEAN.11 — Development of TAM (continuation)

Motivation: development of the Tangent and Adjoint Model (TAM) of NEMO.
Status : Grenoble acion (LJK, LEGI, ANR VODA), a 3 years, started in 2008, and well engaged.
main tasks : (20 wk)
(1) write the linear tangent model of NEMO/OPA and the validation tools. (v3.4 or v3.5)
(2) write the Adjoint model of NEMO/OPA and the validation tools. (v3.5)
(3) create tutorial, test cases and reference experiment (v3.5)
Principal Investigator : name (email adress)