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Met Office-NEMO team - 2010 actions

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Ian CulverwellMet- Office, Exeter20
Christopher HarrisMet- Office, Exeter20NEMO project Manager
Richard HillMet- Office, Exeter20
Enda O’DeaMet- Office, Exeter20
Dave StorkeyMet- Office, Exeter20

total weeks :

2 + 4 + 10 + ? + ? + ? + ? + ? + ?+ ? + ? +?+?+?+?= ???

UKMO.1 — CF compliance of all NEMO NetCDF outputs (v3.3)

Motivation: Useful for post-processing applications that assume CF-compliance
Status : Nearly done.
Main tasks : (2 wk) - v3.3
(1) Need to put CF-standard names in IOM XML file .
(2) See if we can give user control over which XML file to use.
Principal Investigator : Ian Culverwell (ian.culverwell@…)

UKMO.2 — Providing capability to run NEMO with CICE (v3.4)

Motivation: Useful for comparing sensitivity to different sea ice models
Status : Dependent on LIM3 work (see A.5 above).
Main tasks : (4 wk)
(1) Add code to allow running of NEMO-CICE stand-alone model. (2w)
(2) Allow sbccpl interface to work with CICE (particularly multi-category fields). (2w)
Principal Investigator : Chris Harris (christopher.harris@…)

UKMO.3 — Providing OBS and ASM functionality (v3.4)

Motivation: Allows NEMOVAR to be run as well as using the tools for validation
Status : Some work done; further developments on-going.
Main tasks : (10 wk)
(1) Make branches of NEMO so that the NEMOVAR version of OBS and ASM code are split up and made separate to any other changes.
(2) Update the OBS and ASM branches from vn3.0 to the latest Paris trunk version.
(3) Run the standard NVTK tests.
(4) Supply the OBS and ASM code to NEMO systems team.
(5) Develop test environments for OBS and ASM.
(6) Collate documentation for OBS and ASM and pass to systems team.
(7) Help coordinate developments to the IAU code so that the changes from Charles-Emmanuel Testut go into the NEMO base code.
(8) Add ability to ingest drifter data to the OBS for validation purposes
Principal Investigator : Matt Martin (matthew.martin@…)

UKMO.4 — Mixed laplacian-bilaplacian diffusion (v3.4)

Motivation: Addition of a mixed laplacian/bilaplacian lateral diffusion on momentum scheme. Also allowing the choice of neither scheme for testing purposes.
Status : Code written and running at vn3.0.
Main tasks : (? wk)
(1) Update to latest version of NEMO.
(2) Finalise testing of mixed scheme and return to trunk with testing and documentation.
Principal Investigator : Ed Blockley (ed.blockley@…)

UKMO.5 — Shapiro filtering (v3.4)

Motivation: Provide tool for removing gridscale noise in a more flexible/tunable way than using biharmonic diffusion.
Status : Code written and running at vn3.0.
Main tasks : (? w)
(1) Update to latest version of NEMO.
(2) Finalise testing of scheme and return to trunk with testing, NVTK and documentation (v3.4).
Principal Investigator : Ed Blockley (ed.blockley@…)

UKMO.6 — BDY updates (v3.4)

Motivation: Upgrade to include ice and complete documentation
Status : Nearly done.
Main tasks : (? w)
(1) Finalise coding and upgrade to include ice.
(2) Test, NVTK and submit documentation for v3.4.
Principal Investigator : Dave Storkey (dave.storkey@…)

UKMO.7 — Horizontal Pressure Gradient scheme (v3.4)

Motivation: Upgrade to include pressure jacobian scheme
Status : Nearly done.
Main tasks : (? w)
(1) Finalise testing in real-world configuration.
(2) NVTK + documentation for v3.4.
Principal Investigator : Hedong Liu (heua@…) Enda O'Dea (enda.odea@…)

UKMO.8 — Turbulence options based on GOTM

Motivation: Ensure NEMO includes TKE schemes suitable for shelf applications
Status : An on-going task, with some preliminary investigations already undertaken. To be done in collaboration with Mercator.
Main tasks : (? w)
(1) Test schemes implemented by Mercator and assess their suitability
(2) Update and/or add separate schemes if needed
Principal Investigator : Enda O'Dea (enda.odea@…)

UKMO.9 — Wetting and drying (POL)

Motivation: Extend the applicability of NEMO into regions with significant tidal ranges, and to improve coastal friction
Status : Not yet started. Unlikely to deliver in the short term, 2 year action.
Main tasks : (? w)
(1) ??
Principal Investigator : Enda O'Dea (enda.odea@…) Jason Holt (jholt@…)

UKMO.10 — TOP interface to HadOCC/ERSEM

Motivation: Extend the TOP interface to allow more generic ecosystem coupling
Status : ?.
Main tasks : (? w)
(1) ??
Principal Investigator : Karen Edwards (karen.edwards@…)

UKMO.12 — GODAE metrics

Motivation: Include the GODAE diagnostics code to allow more wide distribution
Status : Code working in 3.0 but still requires some tidying up.
Main tasks : (? w)
(1) In collaboration with Mercator decide on a final version of metrics for inclusion
Principal Investigator : Catherine Guiavarc'h (catherine.guiavarch@…)

UKMO.13 — Coastal/shelf modelling developments (generic)

Motivation: The present system allows sigma/S configs with VVL, but these have not been optimised for real world cases
Status : A NWS configuration is close to ready for using as a test bed.
Main tasks : (? w)
(1) Run test versions of AMM-NEMO on NWS
(2) Conduct validation and benchmarking of the system
(3) Determine principal weaknesses in the system
(4) Perform targeted R&D to improve skill
(5) Implement improvements
Principal Investigator : Enda O'Dea (enda.odea@…)

UKMO.14 — Atmospheric Pressure Forcing

Motivation: Ensure NEMO applies atm pressure changes correctly
Status : Working, needs feeding back.
Main tasks : (? w)
(1) Submit to trunk with docs
Principal Investigator : Alex Arnold (alex.arnold@…)

UKMO.15 — Atlantic Margin Model standard configuration

Motivation: Add an s-coordinate non-linear free surface configuration as a standard config for NVTK and general use
Status : Configuration being developed
Main tasks : (? w)
(1) Introduce the configuration in the trunk
(2) Add it to NVTK
Principal Investigator : Alex Arnold (alex.arnold@…)

UKMO.99 — User Assistance

Motivation: Contractual obligation.
Status :
Main tasks : (? w)
Principal Investigator :

UKMO.100 — New Way of Working

Motivation: Inertia.
Status :
Main tasks : (? w)
Principal Investigator :