2010 Stream 2 (developer interface)

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The stream 2 work will consist in:

(1) system simplification : removing duplicatation of advection/diffusion modules between active and passive tracers (merge of TRC and TRA),


(2) MPP improvement : Improving the mpp behaviour of NEMO by playing with width of the overlap area, the number of communication, the dynamical allocation and the suppression of the solvers

LOCEAN.3 - MPP evolution (continuation)

(3) coupled interface : achieving the development of the coupled interface (interface with LIM3 and CICE, use of OASIS 3 and OASIS 4) and the interface NEMO-CICE.

LOCEAN.5 - Coupled interface (continuation)
UKMO.2 - Interface NEMO-CICE (continuation)
UKMO.10 & 11 - TOP interface to HadOCCERSEM

(4) Data assimilation interface

UKMO.3 - Providing OBS and ASM functionality
*CMCC.1 - Ocean-Var Interface
LOCEAN.11 - Development of TAM (continuation)

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