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2010: from merge party to 3_3 release

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This page is intended to facilitate the work of the next few weeks, i.e. beween the merge party and the release of 3_3. Feel free to edit it to add your information, comments, suggestions….

19 october 2010: branch nemo_v3_3_beta created

After the merge party, the branch with all developments from the year has been built:
This beta version is available using :
svn co (read only)
svn+ssh://"your_login" (read/write).

List of tests done and results:

Add here test description (Branch nemo_v3_3_beta, Revision2298 (now) , configuration, computer, restartability, …)

DescriptionRevision noConfigurationComputerPerf. memoryPerf. CPURestartabilityOthers

List of problems, solutions…

Before releasing it to developer's for beta testing, the following weaknesses should be solved: (please update the information)

DateRevision noProblem descriptionTo be solved by:StateDateVersion
with AGRIFLOCEAN and LJKCompilation now OK but not execution
new EVP rheology got lost during the mergeMERCATOR & LOCEANroutines and namelist commited, some tests still ongoing??27 Oct 20102320
Atmospheric pressureMERCATOR & LOCEAN
Suppress TKE old optionLOCEANdone, ticket #74222 Oct 2010
add LibIGCM as externalLOCEANtbd
choose between key_mpp_rep1 and key_mpp_rep2, rename it key_mpp_rep and clean the codeLOCEANdone, ticket #74322 Oct 2010
add surface pressure forcingMERCATORtbd
correct input files, in ORCA2_LIM tar file, suppress duplicated files, rename chlorophyll file to be consistent with the namelist, add a sample of observation fileLOCEANtbd
bottom condition for GLS should be checkedMERCATORdone20 Oct 2010rev 2309 in zdfbfr.F90
execution fails after 2 time step using time splitting and VVLUKMO and LOCEANmodifications sent by LOCEAN and checked by UKMO
Compilation errors to be fixed while using netcdf4NOCunder test9 November
Modifications on Griffies operator to be addedNOC

Rules to follow:

  • all corrections to the developments done in 2010 should be made on the beta branch, not on the original branch
    - contributions to the documentation should be send directly to Gurvan, with Rachid on copy
    - between now and the end of the tag nemo_v3_2_2, correction of bugs has to be done on both the trunk and the beta branch when the bugs are in both versions


  • distribution to the developers at the beginning of november
    - tag a last stable version of nemo_v_3_2 (nemo_v3_2_2) at the end of december
    - put back the beta version on the trunk just after
    - tag and release of nemo_v3_3
    - delete the development branches for 2010 (if they went back to the new version of course)

Announcement of 3_3 to users (To be improved, in particular by adding the ticket number to find more details of the development)

Main features:

Scientific and numeric Developments

  • Lateral ocean physics: Griffies operator added
  • Vertical mixing scheme Generic Length Scale (GLS) added
  • Changes in bottom boundary layer (bbl)
  • Develop mixed laplacian-bilaplacian diffusion
  • Time stepping : modified Leap-Frog Asselin filter (MLF) implemented
  • Sea-ice: the Elasto-Visco Plastic (EVP) rheology has been added in LIM2 (the oldest version of the sea-ice component)
  • Atmospheric pressure forcing added
  • Change formulation of the fluxes between ocean, ice and atmosphere : an exchange of water (mass exchange) is now explicitly associated with an exchange of heat and salt content.
  • New implementation of river runoffs
  • Diurnal cycle added
  • Coupling interface for WRF atmospheric model added
  • Development of data assimilation modules OBS and ASM
  • Linear-tangent and Adjoint component (TAM) added, phased on tag 3.0

Computing Developments

  • Performance improvements in parallel (MPI)
  • Reorganisation in tracers transport computation (merge of TRA and TRC modules)
  • Biogeochemistry offline (TOP) reorganised (avoid duplication of routines between on-line and offline use of TOP)
  • "On the fly" interpolation tool added for input (forcing) files
  • Use of FCM (Flexible Configuration Manager) to build the chosen configuration, generate Makefile and run it to produce the executable)


  • Major updates in the reference manual, which is now more in phase with the code
  • Smaller updates on the web pages documentation (but FAQ page more active from now on)
  • Detailed documentation and results of the reference configuration ORCA2_LIM forced by CORE II

Major changes

  • In MPP, number of processors is now specified by cpp keys: -Dkey_nproci=2 -Dkey_nprocj=2 for instance'
  • use of FCM changes the directory hierarchy and the way to set up a configuration and create an executable