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2011 Stream 2 (developer interface)

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The stream 2 work will consist in:

(1) system simplification :

LOCEAN - Merge TRA-TRP (BDY compatibility, remove 3D T & S) 
UKMO - Include radiation conditions in BDY.
UKMO - Develop a capability to allow OBC users to use BDY
UKMO - Adapt BDY to use fldread
MERCATOR - Tidal harmonics package 
MERCATOR -  Freeze OBC developments
LOCEAN - Suppress LOBSTER (avoid duplication)
LOCEAN - Improve template capability for TOP biochem. models
LOCEAN - AGRIF on the vertical
LOCEAN - AGRIF with sea-ice
LOCEAN - Validation toolkit rewriting (in collaboration with UKMO)
LOCEAN - Variable Volume Layer option by default 

(2) MPP improvement : Improving the mpp behaviour of NEMO by playing with width of the overlap area, the number of communication, the dynamical allocation and the suppression of the solvers

NOC & STFC - Develop dynamical allocation 2011 Stream 2 DynamicMemory
CMCC Tests on dynamical allocation with different configurations
LOCEAN - MPP evolutions (continuation: width of overlap area, nb of comms…)
NOCS - MPP scalability. Implementation and testing of PRACE-type solution to increase scalability of the north-fold exchanges.
MERCATOR - configuration of NEMO code to the RAPS consortium

(3) coupled interface : achieving the development of the coupled interface (interface with LIM3 and CICE, use of OASIS 3 and OASIS 4) and the interface NEMO-CICE.

UKMO & LOCEAN - Interface between NEMO & multicategory sea-ice (CICE and LIM3) (continuation)
LOCEAN - Add toy atmospheric model to facilitate coupling tests  
(UKMO  CMCC - TOP generic interface suitable to HadOC , BFM… (mv with TOP work, led by LOCEAN, in Sec 1)) 
UKMO - Subtimestepping in TOP? 

(4) Data assimilation interface

LOCEAN.11 - Development of a standard configuration using TAM (continuation)
CMCC - Hands on the new OBS and ASM modules in order to check it for their projects and eventually develop
UKMO - OBS and ASM improvements

Future ideas

UKMO - NEMO-WAVE coupling interface via OASIS? in the future 
UKMO - Sub ice-shelf modelling NEW