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Release 3.4

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Current status

Version 3.4 is currently a beta release (since 2011/12/22), so any feedback is welcome. The trunk version stil contains a stable version of 3.3.1
An extensive review of the changes included in the 3.4_beta can be found here Documentation has been updated accordingly and is available there

Practical informations

The beta version doesn't correspond to a given tag but is located on a svn branch dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011 which can be browsed there[[BR]]

In practice, the initial version of the beta was revision 3237 on this branch. You will be able to update the beta by performing svn update under the root repository.

Major improvements

New physics and numerics

  • new pressure gradient suitable for s-coordinate (namelist ln_hpg_djc)
  • completion of Griffies iso-neutral diffusion (ln_traldf_grif)
  • back to a semi-implicit bottom friction (bugfree) #867 (namelist ln_bfrimp)
  • add Pacanowski-Philander scheme for computation of Ekman depth in zdfri wiki:ticket851?
  • add a new bulk formulae wiki:ticket/850? (namelist ln_blk_mfs and namsbc_mfs)
  • introduce a drag coefficient compute by wave model (new namelist &namsbc_wave)
  • add tidal potential forcing (new &namelist nam_tide)
  • Netpune effect parametrization #843
  • point to point MPI communication for north fold (namelist ln_nnogather)
  • allow sub timestepping for biogeochemistry models when using non-linear free surface wiki:ticket/855?

Configurations, diagnostics and tools

System simplification

  • simplification of dynamic allocation
  • end of merge TRA/TRA (no more separate 3d arrays for tracers, only 4d)
  • suppression of obsolete hpg options
  • more flexible definition of BDY input data wiki:2011WP/2011Stream2/OpenBoundaryProgress2011
  • simplification of interfaces toward biogeochemical models wiki:ticket/846?
  • interface with CICE in coupled mode wiki:ticket/662?
  • Use of fldread to read/interpolate data for passive tracers and dynamical input data for OFFLINE configurations

Minor fixes / enhancements

#812major corrections for non-linear free surface
#894new options in makenemo
#882 bug in ldfslp
#800 razdf_imp without rotation
#821correction for sediment model
#823 bug in bbl for offline