2012 Stream 1: user interface

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1) CFG tool : The creation of a configuration manager (CFG tool) to easily define regional configurations (grid, bathy, surface and boundary conditions) (action also related to Stream 0)

LOCEAN-17 - Configuration manager (continuation)

2) I/O manager : The improvement of the I/O server (IOM) (mpp optimisation, user xml interface, creation and use of IOM internal operators, CF compliance, and NetCDF for Float trajectories)

UKMO 2 - GODAE metrics
UKMO 3 Rewriting "rebuild"

3) documentation and user support

LOCEAN 4 - reference manuels (continuation): coupling
UCL - : LIM3 documentation
NOCS - Review of new documentation(continuation)

4) ORCA configurations : support of ORCA 1° and 1/12° with various vertical levels

UCL : Optimal LIM3 parameters
NOCS 7 - Rationalisation of support for ORCA configurations
NOCS 7 - Independent vertical grid configuration
LOCEAN-16 - ORCA2_LIM in NEMO (continuation), in particular use of LIM3

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