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2012 Stream 3: New features

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1) ocean physics & diagnostics : incorporating or developing improved ocean physics, diagnostics and numerics coming either from the NEMO community or from the NEMO team

LOCEAN 12 - output of 3D trend for tracers, momentum, Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy (see #927 and 2012/dev_r3309_LOCEAN12_Ediag )
NOCS 11- enhanced Fox-Kemper parametrisation

2) Surface forcing : upgrading the surface forcing (new bulk formulea, better SSS restoring through the spectral nudging, simple light penetration, and a full reformulation of the surface fluxes)

3) Sea-ice development : upgrading the sea-ice by embedding sea-ice inside the ocean, improving EVP rheology for both LIM2 and 3, and improving LIM3

NOCS 5 - Embedding LIM (end) and CICE inside the ocean
LOCEAN - revised coding of EVP rheology
UCL - Newly formed ice representation
UCL - Long term developments of LIM3 (snow model, ice rheology, bio-ice component) (ongoing)