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    36 === '''!MetOffice-1 - '''Include radiation conditions in BDY === 
     36=== '''!MetOffice-1 -''' Include radiation conditions in BDY === 
    3737  '''Description:''' The OBC radiation condition needs to be implemented in BDY   [[BR]]   '''Motivation:''' To enable the merge of OBC and BDY   [[BR]] '''Status :''' Preparatory work done   [[BR]] '''Main tasks :'''   Implement implicit version of Orlanski radiation condition.[[BR]] '''System Reviewer:''' Rachid Benshila?   [[BR]] '''Science Reviewer:''' Jerome Chanut   [[BR]] '''Deadline:''' September 2013   [[BR]] '''Priority:''' Medium   [[BR]]          '''Depends on:'''      [[BR]]          '''Principal Investigator:''' Dave Storkey ( [[BR]] 
    39 === '''!MetOffice-2 -'''Develop a capability to allow OBC users to use BDY === 
     39=== '''!MetOffice-2 -''' Develop a capability to allow OBC users to use BDY === 
    4040  '''Description:'''Develop tools or code to allow OBC-style boundary data files to be used with BDY    [[BR]]   '''Motivation:''' It is planned to suppress OBC in the long term and use BDY for open boundary conditions, this work is needed to enable users to switch easily   [[BR]] '''Status :'''   [[BR]] '''Main tasks :'''   Provide tools for generation of open boundary coordinates files and external data files.[[BR]] '''System Reviewer:''' Rachid Benshila?   [[BR]] '''Science Reviewer:''' Guillaume Reffray (and Paolo?) [[BR]] '''Deadline:''' September 2013   [[BR]] '''Priority:''' Medium   [[BR]] '''Depends on:'''   [[BR]] '''Principal Investigator:''' Dave Storkey ( [[BR]] 
    4343  '''Description:''' Add code to calculate and output (to ocean.output) the maximum CFL parameter during a run    [[BR]]   '''Motivation:''' To inform users of stability constraints.     [[BR]] '''Status:'''    [[BR]] '''Main tasks:'''   [[BR]] '''System Reviewer:'''   [[BR]] '''Science Reviewer:'''   [[BR]] '''Deadline:'''   [[BR]] '''Priority:''' Low[[BR]]'''         Depends on:''' [[BR]] '''Principal Investigator:''' Ed Blockley ( 
    45 === '''!MetOffice-4 - ''' Improvements to OBS and ASM === 
     45=== '''!MetOffice-4 -''' Improvements to OBS and ASM === 
    4646  '''Description:''' Enable OBS and ASM code to work with generalised vertical coordinates (i.e. s-coordinates) and add OBS and ASM options to a reference configuration  [[BR]] '''Motivation:''' Extend use of OSB and ASM for all vertical coordinate options.  Also to allow easy use and testing by adding to reference configuration. [[BR]]  '''Status :''' [[BR]] '''Main tasks :''' [[BR]] '''Science Reviewer:''' [[BR]] '''System Reviewer:''' [[BR]] '''Deadline:''' [[BR]] '''Priority:''' [[BR]] '''Depends on:''' [[BR]] '''Principal Investigator :''' Dan Lea ( 
    48 === '''!MetOffice-5 - Inclusion of extra diagnostics''' === 
     48=== '''!MetOffice-5 -''' Inclusion of extra diagnostics === 
    4949  '''Description:''' Inclusion of diagnostics for meridional heat transport and model values at moorings. [[BR]] '''Motivation:''' Inclusion of these additional GODAE metrics will allow useful model assessments and inter-model comparisons [[BR]] '''Status :''' [[BR]] '''Main tasks :''' Add diamoor routine to allow output to an ASCII file of model values at a mooring site for all required time steps [[BR]] Add diamht routine to compute and output the meridional heat transport and the meridional stream function [[BR]] '''Science Reviewer:''' [[BR]] '''System Reviewer:''' [[BR]] '''Deadline:''' [[BR]] '''Priority:''' [[BR]] '''Depends on:''' [[BR]] '''Principal Investigator :''' Rachel Furner ( 
    51 === '''!MetOffice-6 - Updates to 1-d model configuration''' === 
     51=== '''!MetOffice-6 -''' Updates to 1-d model configuration === 
    5252  '''Description:''' Updates to 1-d Model configuration to include more options and improve usability [[BR]] '''Motivation:''' To make this configuration more useful to users by expanding the options available, and to make it easier to run. [[BR]] '''Status :''' [[BR]] '''Main tasks :''' Add BDY, OBS and ASM option [[BR]] '''Science Reviewer:''' [[BR]] '''System Reviewer:''' [[BR]] '''Deadline:''' [[BR]] '''Priority:''' [[BR]] '''Depends on:''' [[BR]] '''Principal Investigator :''' Daley Calvert ( 
    54 === '''!MetOffice-7 - Improvements to coupling''' === 
     54=== '''!MetOffice-7 -''' Improvements to coupling === 
    5555  '''Description:''' Address general issues surrounding coupling to CICE and atmosphere models, and investigate use of OASIS-MCT  [[BR]] '''Motivation:''' To enable coupling to CICE and the Met Office UM atmosphere model [[BR]] '''Status :''' [[BR]] '''Main tasks :''' Update NEMO to cope with modified treatment of ice categories in the UM (which means some more of the coupling fields from the atmosphere are category rather than aggregate) [[BR]] Update NEMO to deal with Multilayer ice in the coupled model (additional CICE->NEMO and NEMO->atmos coupling fields) [[BR]] Implement new SST coupling method to possibly improve diurnal cycle (may require extra NEMO->atmos coupling fields) [[BR]] Include use of salinity dependence for freezing temperature even in the coupled model (requires an extra NEMO->atmos coupling field) [[BR]] '''Science Reviewer:''' [[BR]] '''System Reviewer:''' [[BR]] '''Deadline:''' [[BR]] '''Priority:''' [[BR]] '''Depends on:''' [[BR]] '''Principal Investigator :''' Chris Harris ( 
    57 === '''!MetOffice-8 - Assess use of Met Office UM testing systems for NEMO''' === 
     57=== '''!MetOffice-8 -''' Assess use of Met Office UM testing systems for NEMO === 
    5858  '''Description:''' Configure UM testing facilities to allow their use with NEMO  [[BR]] '''Motivation:''' Enable standard tests to be easily carried out at UKMO for coupled runs.  Possibility of submitting this testing function back to the community  [[BR]] '''Status :''' [[BR]] '''Main tasks :''' [[BR]] '''Science Reviewer:''' [[BR]] '''System Reviewer:''' [[BR]] '''Deadline:''' [[BR]] '''Priority:''' [[BR]] '''Depends on:''' [[BR]] '''Principal Investigator :''' Richard Hill (