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    1212 * John Siddorn and/or Richard Wood, Met Office representative 
    1313 * Anne-Marie Tréguier 
     16= Second videoconference: 5 July 2013 = 
     17Present: Srdjan  Dobricic, Julien Le Sommer, John Siddorn, Andrew Coward, Gurvan Madec,  Paolo Oddo, Yann Drillet, Claire Lévy 
     21'''Detailed summary of the NEMO Consortium white paper '''has been discussed and approved: 
     231 - Introduction        '''-> Claire Lévy'''[[BR]]Includes:[[BR]]-        Brief history[[BR]]-        Motivations for this prospective work[[BR]]-        What is this document?[[BR]]-        How has it been elaborated written and reviewed? How will it be used? How will it be updated? 
     252 - Target applications in about 10 years      '''-> Julien Le Sommer''' 
     273 –  NEMO kernel         '''-> Julien Le Sommer'''[[BR]]Includes:[[BR]]-        Contours (seamless to what extent ?) and components of NEMO[[BR]]-        no strong case for moving toward unstructured grid yet[[BR]]-        AGRIF is an essential tool for NEMO, but ressources are needed.[[BR]]-        HPC and the question of scalability should be addressed (now and in the future). how can we keep an eye on the evolution of unstructured discretization methods? 
     294 – The ocean dynamics component of NEMO : NEMO-OPA       '''->Anne-Marie Tréguier, John Siddorn'''[[BR]]-        Evolutions of ocean physics: what has reached consensus, wave and wave coupling,  and also non-hydrostatic, non-Bousinesq[[BR]]-        What rationale/process for simplifying the code ? A need for simplifying the code for both maintenance and futur evolutions (fewer options) 
     315 – Towards locally higher effective resolution : AGRIF      '''-> Yann Drillet'''[[BR]]-        Today and what is expected in the future (when?) 
     336 – The assimilation component of NEMO       '''->Srdjan Dobricic'''[[BR]]-        Evolution of the component (NEMO-TAM, NEMO-OBS, NEMO-ASM)[[BR]]-        Shall we develop together tools for ensemble runs? (multi-NEMO, metrics) 
     357 – The sea-ice component of NEMO : NEMO-LIM and its interface      '''-> Gurvan Madec'''[[BR]]-        Evolution of the component and of its interface with NEMO-OPA considering the diversity of components in use. 
     378 – The biogeochemical component of NEMO: NEMO-TOP and its interface     '''-> Gurvan Madec'''[[BR]]-        Evolution of the component and of its interface with NEMO-OPA considering the diversity of components in use. 
     399 - NEMO validation and contours of user support     '''->Paolo Oddo, Andrew Coward'''[[BR]]-        Includes:[[BR]]-        NEMO : a community model or a consortium model ?[[BR]]-        What should be the list of reference configurations?[[BR]]-        Improve users experience, facilitate the first steps with NEMO (tutorial, config tools) - enabling external users to make available their configurations ?[[BR]]-        Diagnostic tools have not been discussed much 
     4110 – Drivers and organisation to prioritise developments and ensure the mid-term goals     '''->Claire Lévy''' 
     43''Sections 2 to 9 should include:[[BR]]Some details on what has been discussed[[BR]]What makes full consensus[[BR]]What remains in discussion, the list of opinions/advices, and how to proceed (including a proposed agenda, before and/or after December 2013)[[BR]]What has not been discussed but could/should be in the future[[BR]]A list of actions[[BR]]Identification of existing manpower or of the needed one, eventually with 2 possible plans  ''